Mamba Day and the Ritual Retirement of Kobe Bryant


Kobe’s farewell was called MAMBA DAY =24/60. Kobe =24, wears #24, and scored 60 points in his last career game. How about that. Black Mamba =59, the number branded on black celebrities. Michael Jordan =59. Slave =59. Negro =59. Blues =59, who won the first game of the NHL playoffs in OT. Kobe’s last game was against the Jazz, think about that musical connection. The banners at “Staples Center” =67, read “Thank You Kobe “=67. Kobe =67 (JG). North Carolina =67, through which both Kobe and MJ entered the Show.

2016-04-14 (1).png

Now get this: the duration from Jordan’s last career to game to Kobe’s last career game against the Utah Jazz =678 is exactly 678 weeks. Michael Jordan =678. Kobe Bryant =678. And notice the 1300%, as the 13th prime number is 41: Kobe Bryant =41 and was drafted 13th overall. Golden State =41, who just beat Jordan’s old Bulls’ record with 73 wins on this same date. Kobe’s dad, Joe Jellybean Bryant, was drafted by Golden State, 14th overall, 41 years ago. Fourteen =41. Kobe eclipsed the previously held career finale record of 41 points and was benched with 4.1 seconds left on the clock.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.03.00 PM.png

Bryant =480. Sports Actors =48. Illuminati =48. April Thirteenth =84. Kobe Bryant’s Last Game =84/66. Lower Merion =66, his high school where he wore #33. Kobe =33. NBA Finals =33. Golden St =33. Kobe’s last game on a date with 33 numerology [4+13+16]. His prior season high came on the 33rd day of the year. Thirty-Three =66/156. This was his 6th 60-point game and his 1556th game overall. Lakers =66. LA  Lakers Kobe Bryant =66. Jellybean Bryant =166.

  • Kobe Bryant =690. Joe Jellybean =696. Kobe was drafted in ’96, the year of MJ’s former record-holding Bulls, as the NHL will be presenting its 96th Stanley Cup ceremony this year. Stanley =96. National Hockey League =96. And Lakers just happened to hold the Jazz to 96 points as they scored 101.

Kobe’s from Philadelphia =101 (as are the Warriors), in particular a town called Ardmore =250. He played 20 years and won 5 championships. 205 in Sumerian Gematria is 1230, like the 123 years of the Stanley Cup’s existence. Sixteen Stanley Cup Champions =123. Conspiracy =123, which all these synthetic synchronicities prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. Kobe Black Mamba Bryant =1032/73. Sixty Points =73. While further upstate, Warriors broke the record with 73 wins in a season. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrificial Lamb =73. Sacrifice =73. Clues for what’s to come.


4 thoughts on “Mamba Day and the Ritual Retirement of Kobe Bryant

  1. That 1230 could be a 12-30 or LeBrons birthday. I only know that because he shares that day with my wife…and Tiget Woods.


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