Money Mon$ter


Money Monster sees George Clooney as Lee Gates, the Wall Street newsman who gets held hostage onscreen by an irate investor (Unbroken‘s Jack O’Connell) after one of his tips turns out badly. The film, directed by Jodie Foster, unfolds in real time as Gates and his producer, played by Julia Roberts, have to figure out how to deal with their captor and Wall Street’s lies. “I might be the one with a gun here, but I am not the criminal,” explains O’Connell‘s character.

“Follow the money, find the fraud.” – Lee Gates.

Not Every Conspiracy is a Theory =142/178/2202. Decipher Gematria =142. The Hidden Gematria Code =178. Alphanumeric System =222. Mind Control Matrix =222.


As our man Dan at The Mindless Freaks sniped, this movie is super stacked with some very intriguing coding. When I saw the name Lee Gates I guessed the connection: Lee =30. Golden =30. Lee Gates =233, the 51st prime number and 13th in the Fibonacci sequence. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. The movie comes out 233 days (33 weeks 2 days) after 23/9, the start of the Golden Jubilee according to the ‘Torah’ =239. Golden Gate =239, through which the Messiah will enter, in the Jewish faith. Two Three Nine =156.

  • MONEY MONSTER =1056. God =156. Saturn Broadcast =1056. Nightly News =156. Six Six Six =156. Thirty-Three =156. Global Curency =156. Saturn is Satan =1056/68.
  • MONEY MONSTER =920/68. The Powers That Be =68. Ein Sof =68. Marduk =68. Amun-Ra =68. Saturn-Chronos =68. Jewish Empire =68. Mossasd Conspiracy =68. Programming =68. Numbers =92. Saturn the All-Seeing Eye =92. Flipping the Bird =92.

Clooney’s flipping the bird at a bird in a cage, symbolic of both the programmed presstitutes parroting the script and the mind-controlled public. The show’s producer/director is Fenn =39, the reflection of #93. Knesset =39/93, the Israeli parliament. Fuck You =39. Fenn =91. Deception =91. Gentile Manipulation =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91.

  • Producer Director =93. Propaganda =93. Hebrew Media =93.
  • Clooney’s show is called ‘Lee Gates Presents Money Monster’ =366/159. Jehovah =366. Hebrew =366. News =366. Trance =366. Economic Armageddon =159. The Psychological Warfare Machine =159. Money Monster =59 and the building is #59. Brainwashed =59.

Directed by ‘Jodie Foster’ =54, with her connections to political assassinations by way of her debut film ‘Taxi Driver’ =54 and the man who shot Reagan, John Hinckley Jr =162, who was obsessed with ‘Jodie Foster’ =126. Her birth name was ‘Alicia Christian Foster’ =219 like his full name ‘John Warnock Hinckley =216. Reagan was allegedly shot at 2:27 pm and filming for Money Monster began on 2/27 of ’15 — the release coming 1 year 2 months 16 days later (441 days). Tribute to the Beast System of Illusions, as 6x6x6 =216 and the first 144 decimal points of pi sum to 666.

As 227 is code for Pi, the date 3/14 (Curry’s b-day) comes 60 days before the release of Money Monster. Kobe aka ‘The Black Mamba’ =213 ended his career with the 60-point game exactly 60 weeks after 2/13, Lupercalia, and 213 days after the death of Moses ‘Malone’ =60. Sixty =34. Follow the Money Find the Fraud =304.

  • Money Monster out on the 134th day like the Kansas trainwreck on 13/4. Curry’s big 400 three-pointers: Four Hundred =134. Kobe’s final game was his 431st with 30+ points and mentioned the referee Joey Crawford =143, who retired 34 days before 4/13. The Chester trainwreck had 341 passengers, the Virginia basketball coach collapsed with 34.1 seconds left in the half, and Kobe’s retirement letter: Dear Basketball =341 (JG).
  • Kobe tore his Achilles at age 34 in a game where he scored 34 points to give the Lakers their 43rd win and came back 34 weeks later.

THIRTY-FOUR =61. God =61. Programmer =61. Saturn Matrix =61. Masonic Media =61. News =61. THIRTY-FOUR =1033. Zionists and Freemasons =1330. Psychological Operations =133. Government =133. Get Ready For A World Currency =133. Balls =133. 

“I might be the one with the gun here but I’m not the real criminal. It’s people like these guys. I’m telling you it’s rigged, the whole damn thing! They’re stealing everything from us and they’re getting away with it, too. How’s that even fair? They literally control the information. They like how the math adds up so they gotta keep rewriting the equation.” – Kyle Budwell =42 (Freemason / Zionism / Elitism)

5 thoughts on “Money Mon$ter

      • Cool lad!
        Don’t forget the Irish were robbed of a place in 2010 World Cup because of France player Thierry Henry who handled ball twice and then scored winning goal in the playoff to send France through and Ireland out.
        Euro 16 is in France this year!!!


  1. I hear ya lad.
    The 131 is there though.
    The sacrifice is there too, (Bill O’Herlihy, RTÉ Irish sports TV ommentator died last year).
    I know if u look into it, you’ll find more stuff!


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