Stay Gold: Synching NBA Masters and Toy Trains


Danny Willett Masters Champion =333. Thomas and the Great Railway Show =333. Wardell Stephen Steph Curry II =333. This NBA season opened on the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. In the universe of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends’ =303, there’s a backhoe called Jack – like the Amtrak train hoax in Chester =33, that hit a Backhoe =89, the day before the college basketball final. Danny Willett’s caddy wore #89 – just like Jack Nicklaus’s son/caddy wore #89 in Jack’s historic sixth win in ’86 at the 50th Masters. Jack =150. Golden State =50. And according to the Torah, we’re currently in the year of the Golden Jubilee.

  • Nicklaus goes by the nickname The Golden Bear and Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains were produced by ‘Golden Bear Toys’ =162. Steph Curry =1026. Steph =308. Thomas the Tank Engine =83. Golden Bear =83/47. Thomas the Tank =47 (first season of the NBA was ’47).
  • Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends =122. Golden State =122/41. Talking James =122/41, the name of the James train toy (sounds like Tall King James…) There’s also a golden yellow train called Stephen the Rocket. The Rocket =51. Curry =510. Cleveland =51, the city that hasn’t won a championship in 51 years. Cleveland Cavs =51.

In the show, Stephen’s builder is a chap called “Robert Stephenson” =87/213. Stephen =87 and was built 187 years ago. Kobe’s nickname ‘The Black Mamba’ =213, connected to Lupercalia on 2/13 and the 213 days between Kobe’s final 60-point game and the death of Moses ‘Malone’ =60. There’s an episode in the 19th season where Stephen the Rocket rescues passengers from a collapsing suspension bridge in season 19 of the TV series. With all this golden theme, that remind you of anything? Golden Gate =90. Golden State Warriors =90.

Back to the Masters, Jordan Spieth was the first defending champion to lead after Day 1 since Nicklaus, 66 years earlier and they both shot 66’s (33-33). Thirty-Three =66. Yet instead of back-to-back titles, Spieth went back-to-back into the drink on #12, a hole called Golden Bell. The course summary on even uses the word Bear to describe the hole. And get this, before it was Golden Bell it was called ‘Three Pines’ =402. Curry ended the season with a record-smashing 402 three-pointers. Also, the water trap is called ‘Raes Creek’ =85. Curry =85.

  • Golden Bell =173. Golden Bell at Augusta =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Stephen Curry =73. The Warriors =73. Warriors Back-t0-Back =73. Steph & Spieth =73 (notice there’s only an i’s difference between Spieth and Steph). Thomas & Friends King of the Railway =173.
  • If Cavs win the Finals they’ll have 73 total wins; if Warriors win they’ll have 89.
  • Warriors beat the Bulls record to end the season 73-9. The 131st prime is 739, Championship =131. Moses Malone =131. Warriors got their 73rd win against the ‘Grizzlies’ =131, scoring 125 points. Warriors Win Back-to-Back Championships =125/314. The last time they scored 125 points was on 3/14, Curry’s birthday and the day of the Kansas train derailment. That’s 2 months 19 days before The Finals: Back-to-Back Championships =219. The first time Warriors scored 125 points this season was against the Bulls with a combined score of 219.


FUN FACT: Willett was the first Englishman to win the Masters since Nick Faldo in 1996, Kobe Bryant’s first year in the NBA. From Kobe’s first game (11/3) (Kobe Bryant =113) to his last game is a span of 1014 weeks 3 days (1143). From Faldo’s win to Willett’s is 1043 weeks. NICK FALDO =143, in Jewish Gematria. And if we spell out ‘One Hundred Forty-Three’ =113, full-circle. Steph Curry Golden State =113. 

Another confirmation of British connections to American pro sports, perhaps tributes to ‘King James and the Cavaliers’ =231/132. Cleveland Cavs =123. 

15 thoughts on “Stay Gold: Synching NBA Masters and Toy Trains

  1. Brother Berg, thanks for doing this, case closed. I can just hear his acceptance speech when he is presented with the annual ‘b b c sports personality’ trophy at the end of the year …… Host question – What makes the HALLMARK of a master’s winner? Willett answer – Being helped by others around you, so that you don’t fall of the RAILS. Lol
    I only wish I had studied the field (not being a golf fan) before the tourney, with the clues given, so that I may have discovered back then, the link between Chester and Sheffield.
    No wonder he is being called ‘king’ in the media.


  2. And wasn’t Faldos Masters win the same year as the Bulls 72-10 season? Not sure if you noted that, Im reading pre-coffee.


    • Time to look into Money Train

      Released 11-22(33)-1995

      110 Minutes long

      7111 Days before the Philly train wreck. You can get a 228 out of the date numerology(33+1995=2028) which is fun cause 228 is Diamonds in Jewish. Also the Death number in simple and english(38), like Jew, Gold, etc. Just interesting for Money Train.

      Its 110 min run time lines up with 101 Philadelphia.


  3. Brother Berg as you mentioned, Danny Willett is the first englishman to win the Masters since Nick Faldo in 1996.
    He is also the first European to win the Masters since JOSE Maria Olazabal in 1999 (inversion of 66).
    The Masters of ’86 (Jack Nicklaus), ’96 and ’99 have one thing in common, the bridesmaid being Greg Norman aka ‘The Great White Shark’.
    ’86 runner up to Jack Nicklaus.
    ’96 runner up to Nick Faldo.
    ’99 third to Jose Maria Olazabal (paired in final round).
    During the ’96 masters, Jose had rheumatoid arthritis. He was supported by the kindness of ‘The Great White Shark’, who called and wrote letters to Jose with his trademark shark logo at the top. Jose won the ’99 masters paired with ‘The Great White Shark’ on the final round – augusta dot com.
    With this Jose and Shark info, it kinda reminds me of San Jose Sharks possibly?
    Also, there was the Katy Perry ‘Shark’ half time show during super bowl 49. (Hashtag left shark).
    Don’t know what you make of it?


    • That’s good. I like the connection. Interesting that Blues and Sharks both had a 5-0 score here in the jubilee year. It reminds me of when surfer Mick Fanning got hit by a great white during a comp, I’d looked into that when it happened since it seemed staged and there were some nice synchs with his birthday and event name I think. We should add it to the triangulation and see what comes up. I’m liking Sharks Penguins. Natural competition.


  4. With the NBA running in sync with the NHL I’m wondering –
    ‘Thunder Lightning’ = 91/190
    Maybe too obvious though?
    Here’s an interesting 88 I’ve found –
    ‘Never-ending story’ = 88 (as in the esoteric 80’s film of the same name).


  5. Brother Berg,
    San Jose Sharks to win the stanley cup as a tribute to pope francis’ visit to usa 23/9, as well as a tribute to the California Golden Seals?
    California Golden Seals – 1206/201
    Jorge Mario Bergoglio -1206/201
    Between 1967 and 1970 Bergoglio studied theology at the university of Saint Joseph (Saint Joseph is english translation of San Jose).
    Between 1980 and 1986 he was appointed rector of the college of San Jose.
    There is the roman catholic Saint Joseph Basilica in San Jose, California.
    San Jose Sharks have an historical connection to the California Golden Seals – ref / see wiki.
    California Golden Seals in there we have the ‘Golden’ connection.
    Wish i had this info at tourney start!


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