Colt 45 Subconscious Progamming: Works Every Time


Giddying-up on the Houston Colt .45s and the Broncos theme of horses galloping into championships, like the four badboys of the Apocalypse: Indianapolis Colts =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Colts’ QB Andrew Luck was born on 9/12. Colt Forty-Five Malt Liquor =2109. Subliminal Programs =219. (Shoutout to Maestro for the lead.)

Like the Indianapolis Colts, the Colt 45 brand uses a horseshoe as their logo, and it’s gold: Golden Horseshoe =1014. Merge that with Andrew Luck and we get: Lucky Horseshoe =1104. Major League Baseball =1140. Colt Forty-Five Works Every Time =141. Genesis 1:14 cites the Jubilee and we’re in the year of the Golden Jubilee.

  • Luck wears #12: Luck Twelve =1963. The Colt 45 beer company started in 1963, the Houston Colt 45s’ second season, and the Indianapolis Colts are 63 years old.
  • Works Every Time =73. Billy Dee Williams =73. Billy Dee is currently 79 (birth name William =79) and his Star Wars character, ‘Lando Calrissian’ =79/151. Houston Astros =51. Billy Dee =38/74. Masonic =38/74. Williams =44. Forty Oz =44. Rolling Stones’ song Wild Horses came out 44 years ago.
  • Works Every Time =208. This would be the Colts’ 28th playoff appearance.

Billy Dee born on April 6th, the 96th day of 1937. Colt 45 Works Every Time =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96.


A horse is only considered a colt for its first 4 years; starting at age 5 the Colt is considered an adult and called a ‘Stallion’ =330. A Stallion =103. Andrew =1030. This will be Luck’s 5th season – his 1st season as a Stallion, as it were. Houston Astros =51. Houston Texans =51. This will be Super Bowl 51.

Wild Horses =132. Blue & White Horseshoe =1302. Superbowl Fifty One =231. Indiana =312. The Indianapolis Colts have the same colors as Israel, but with a Horseshoe in the middle instead of a ‘Star Of David’ =119. Lucky Horseshoe =1019 (in jewish gematria no less), just like the 1019 on the billboard above. Billy Dee’s birth name ‘William December Williams Jr.’ =116, the reflection.

Colors Of Israel =1002. Stallion =102. Look closely: Stallion itself is the code – Stallion is an anagram of “Last Lion”.  But what does that mean?

  • Last =211. Lion =119. Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Lion =50. Colt =50. Zionist =112. Mason =211. The Power of Colt Forty-Five It Works Every Time =211.
  • Last =52. The Colts are from ‘Indiana’ =52. Super Bowl LI =152. MLB =52. Israel =205, or 52, read in reverse like one reads Hebrew, and SB 51 is on the date of 2/5.


And just to further solidify this historic connection with the present, Billy Dee Williams has recently returned as Colt 45 spokesman as of 3/27/16. That’s exactly 27 weeks before the start of the MLB playoffs, with the old Houston Colt 45s as AL favourites. MLB =27. Base =27. Ball =27. It’s also 2 weeks 7 days before the start of the NBA Playoffs, with our other favourite horse-themed team, the Cavaliers. And from his Colt 45 return to Super Bowl 51? Any vibe for Indy? Exactly 45 weeks. Major vibe. 

14 thoughts on “Colt 45 Subconscious Progamming: Works Every Time

  1. I think references to horses and golden jubilee are right on.
    Golden jubilee fifty years = 111
    A lot of gold = 111
    Fiftieth = 47
    Pot of gold = 47
    Forty seven = 50
    Jubilee year = 50
    Fifty = 66
    At the end of the rainbow lies ‘a pot of gold’. Are these player/s / teams guaranteed ‘a pot of gold’ after their efforts.


  2. The phillies played the nationals last night.
    Final score 8-1 Washington for a total of 9.

    Media pointed out a man with a sign.–bruce–harper-sign-005335039.html

    Instead of Bryce Harper, He spelled ‘Bruce Harper’ 690/115

    I think this could be a stanley cup clue, unfortunately. The Flyers former owner Dan Snider was from Washington, amazing they play each other in the NHL playoffs and MLB at the same time.

    Remember birth good
    Death bad
    Lol.. Pretty simple
    I thought maybe his death was a Flyers sign but it’s clear I was wrong on that one. Where he’s from he’s to trump where he is. The old saying, never forget where you come from. So maybe.. Washington finally gets to the final?


    • I think so dude. Search my blog for Cubs + Back to the Future, I did a bunch of decoding last World Series when I first started Gematria. It had the Broncos clock too in the opening scene.


    • I’m on the Cavs over Warriors bandwagon and liking Penguins-Stars for the Cup. Horse racing can definitely be scripted and rigged – or there’s some sort of legit fortune-telling going on with this decoding – because Zach called American Pharaoh for the Triple Crown last year and he was all jacked up with the synchs, as is Nyquist this year. Worth the wager I’d say!


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