Houston Astros: A History Aligned

We open with the recent death (or consciousness transfer) of former Houston Astros GM, Spec Richardson, on 4/12/16. HB Spec Richardson =162. MLB =162. Major League Baseball =162 and 162 games in a season. Astros established in ’62. Powers That Be =62. Programmers =62. Code =62.

  • Spec Richardson =71, 523. From his death to 5/23 it’s 42 days. Andrew Jay Hinch =71, the current Astros manager, turns 42 exactly 42 days after opening day. Nolan Ryan =42. Hinch =42. That’s also 1 month 12 days in the season of the 112th World Series: Houston =112. And Nolan Ryan’s son is Astros President.

Spec died exactly 4 years 4 months 4 days after Jeff Luhnow, the new GM started. Luhnow =93, Spec died at 93, and Hinch was named manager with 93 days remaining in 2014. AJ Hinch is born May 15th (a year to the day after Nolan Ryan threw his first career no-hitter) and Reid Ryan was announced as new team president on May 16th, officially introduced on May 17th. Aged 44, Reid Ryan is born in ’71. His dad’s nickname ‘Ryan Express’ =71.


From Reid Ryan‘s first full day in office on 5/18 to the death of Spec Richardson is a span of 1060 days. Opening Day for Astros, the starting pitcher threw 106 pitches against the Yankees. Prophecy =106. Divine Plan =106. Astros won that game 5-3, perhaps in tribute to ‘AJ Hinch’ =53.

  • Nolan Ryan =114. Astros =411. Ryan born 1/31/47 and had his MLB debut on 9/11/66. He’s currently 69 and the Astros used to be the ‘Colt Forty-Fives’ =69. Colts =69. Houston Astros =69. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96.
  • Spec died 73 days (2 months 13 days) after Ryan turned 69 – all numbers connected to sacrifice – and exactly 42 weeks before Ryan’s next birthday. Nolan Ryan =42.
  • Reid Ryan =94. Nolan accumulated a total of 94 strikeouts in his record seven no-hitters, three more than any other pitcher. Was his son named after his record? Umbricht =94, or was he named after the original blood sacrifice for the Astros?

Houston Astros VS Chicago Cubs =2016. Astros VS Cubs =88. Curse of the Billy Goat =223/88. The Curse of the Billy Goat =112. Houston =112 in the time of the 112th WS. Astros VS Cubs =34. Nolan Ryan’s jersey #34 retired (he played with the Astros until ’88). Jim Umbricht played 88 games with Astros. The first Houston baseball team was founded in 1888, the Houston Buffaloes =64/199. Buffaloes =33/42/87. The Gun That Won the West =87/96, the backstory of the Colt .45. Contrary to popular belief, the malt liquor did not come first.

Colt .45s started their inaugural ’62 season sweeping the Cubs. The ’63 season they finished 66-96. Astros pitcher Jim Umbricht died at age 33 (with 133 Ks) on 4/8, the eve of Opening Day in 1964.

  • He was the only Colt .45 to post a winning record in Houston’s first two seasons and his #32 jersey was retired in ’65 – that’s 51 years before 2016. Houston Astros =51. They played played 51 seasons in the NL before moving divisions in 2013 (like Umbricht No. 213). Umbricht was ALL-SEC in ’51 and had 51 hits in ’62. And the 32nd prime is 131, the championship code, longtime in the oven.

Jim Umbricht =54. Forty-Five =54. Baseball =54. The Stros are currently 54 years old. Umbricht died 204 days after his 33rd birthday: Houston Astros =204. He died from ‘Melanoma’ =29. Astros =29. 

4 thoughts on “Houston Astros: A History Aligned

  1. You gotta love those 162 syncs – did you mention MLB =162 & Major League Baseball =162?

    I’m commenting because you tapped into something I’m working on w/ your Colt 45 connections. I’ve already connected Colt 45 to HOUSTON, but for SB 51 & the “Colts” with Andrew Luck. We could have dual sport rituals going on here for the Sacrifice of Houston! Im serious about that.

    Here’s my Colt 45 commentary….I have some interesting comments that cover alot of ground – stick with me here….

    The Beer company – Colt Forty Five Malt Liquor =2109. Indianapolis Colts =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Andrew Luck was born on 9/12.

    Colt 45 uses a Horseshoe as their logo, and its gold – Golden Horseshoe =1014. Putting your finds of luck & Horseshoe together – Lucky Horseshoe =1104.Major League Baseball =1140 (just added that).

    Colt 45 started in 1963, and the Indianapolis Colts are 63yrs old. Luck Twelve =1963!

    A horse is only considered a “Colt” for its first 4 years – starting at age 5 the Colt is considered an adult, and called a – Stallion =330. A Stallion =103. Andrew =1030. This will be Luck’s 5th season, or his 1st season as a Stallion 😉

    Blue & White Horseshoe =1302. Superbowl Fifty One =231. Indiana =312. The Indianapolis Colts have the same colors as Israel, but with a Horseshoe in the middle instead of a – Star Of David =119. Lucky Horseshoe =1019 (in jewish gematria no less).

    Colors Of Israel =1002. Stallion =102. Look closely at “Stallion” – itself is THE Code – Stallion is “Last Lion”. What does that mean??

    Houston =112. Andre Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Last =211. Lion =119. Lion =50. Colt =50. Amazing.

    The Colts are from – Indiana =52. Super Bowl L I =152. Last =52. MLB =52. Israel =205, or 52 read like you read Hebrew, and SB 51 is on the date of 2/5 !!!


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