Self/Less: Consciousness Transfers


Hiding in plain sight as the Programmers do, perhaps this is what’s really going on; consciousness transfers between bodies after an apparent murder by numbers. In Self/Less, billionaire Damian Hale undergoes a procedure called shedding and engineers his own public death. Self-Less =43/52. Shedding =43/52. Ed Kidner =43/52. Movie came out on [7+10+20+15] =52. The man behind the technology is Dr. Francis Jensen =87. Consciousness Transfer =87. Engineered Public Death =187. Francis Jensen =56/137. Mind Control =56/137.

  • Damian Hale =68 and he died at 68. Sound familiar? Blood Sacrifice =68.
  • Damian Hale =119 and his new body exited a 119 taxi. Billionaire Industrialist =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. Order of Death =119. Blood Sacrifice to the Beast =119. And his new character’s name is the reflection of his old name: Edward Kidner =116.

The film was released 111 days after 3/22 – and 11/1 is 3 months 22 days after the release. We bring that up because of course 322 is the fingerprints of the Programmers who may very well be transferring consciousness in some of these cases of high profile deaths by the numbers. It’s also referenced twice: the length of a video clip he watches and the birthday of his wife.

  • That’s also 15 weeks 6 days. God =156, as the Programmers believe they are. The 156th prime number is 911, the reflection of Damian Hale / Edward Kidner.
  • We also get another gem in the form of a 144. Faked Death =144. (in case you’re new, the first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666). Six Six Six =156.


And just for good measure, staying par to the course, they synched up the actors with the characters again: Edward Kidner =62. Ryan Reynolds =62. Kingsley =48. Damian Hale =408.

“I saw him die with my own eyes.” “You saw what they wanted you to see.” 

4 thoughts on “Self/Less: Consciousness Transfers

  1. Oh yes. I been waiting for this. Seems like a legit science to me, anything that was written about in sci-fi back in the day seems plausible. If you build it, he will come and all that. The question is do they manufacture new organic husks for themselves or do they need a true soul container, aka a living breathing “natural” to take over? Science Fiction is a red herring, cause Truth is indeed stranger.

    Maybe they are putting all their consciousness into one “machine”. Making themselves a collected Legion God. Stack up enough human legos and ascend to the throne.


  2. What most people fail to understand is that we are not a resistance. Our resistance to the grand schemes of the Masters truly does very little to them. Our resistance is futile, Capt. Picard. Anyhow, the point I’m trekking around is this; there is God or whatever and then there is us, and never the tween shall meet. Each of us have strange number patterns that play into our own lives, my names are 33s as is my birth numerology for istance, but I am not a construct of the Zionist Masons or whatever the fuck you wanna call Club 33, I am a God creation.

    So the resistance is actually theirs, as they use Gods work and numbers and system to try and construct their own World and become their own Gods. But, just like Data told the Borg Queen right before he destroyed her, resistance is futile.

    Not saying that exposing their mass rule and their mass conspiracies is a futile work, I am just saying, there are other Worlds then this, Gunslinger.


    • Werd brother. Resistance is Futile =106. There’s some major Buddhist shit at play there, equanimity means transcending both craving and aversion, pat and future, to be fully present and aware in the eternal moment with which we are One.


  3. “Consciousness Transfers” is basically what this guy is talking about in this video…..

    did you ever get a chance to watch it yet?….. I thought it was interesting.

    “Check up my new video on the subject of Ancient Advanced Civilization. This video will help you to understand the motives of the elite from both historical and biblical perspectives. You will discover some fascinating ancient structures such as: only recently discovered in Russian Ural mountains GIGANTIC WALL made of enormous stone blocks some of which estimated over 1000 tones! Or how about huge UNDERWATER structure off coast of Japan!? You also will get some clue of who may have build Pyramids in Egypt and beyond. Tip: The builders were not exactly in our size”

    Traces Of The Ancient Advanced Civilization (Narrative Only)


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