Captain America: Civil War – Race War Programming


Captain America Civil War =103/211. Crackers & Niggers =103. Race War Coming =130. Masonic Mind Control =211. Racist War =112. Mason =211, the 47th prime. Blacks VS Whites =47. Rebellion =47. Star of David =47/56, 119. It’s coming out on 5/6, May Sixth =119. The Second American Civil War =119. The Coming Second Civil War =116. Divided We Fall =116 (the film’s tagline). May 6th is the 127th day this year: Engineered Race War =1270 (JG). COINTELPRO =127. Race =27.

  • Civil War II =61/690. Race War =69. War of the Races =61. Race War Cometh =61. Programmer =61. 
  • Captain America =60. Nigger =60. Death to America =60. Cracker VS Nigger =160. Played by ‘Chris Evans’ =118/82. The Second Civil War =82. Death =118. Pre-release on the 118th day. Chris Evans Captain America =142. The War of the Races =142. Nigger =42. Racist =420.

Civil War =1722 and it has a runtime of 2 hrs 27 minutes. Double coding of Pi cycles, American as apple pi. Civil War Two =2772/155. Engineered Race War =155. Social Engineers =155. False Flag Operation =551. The Illuminati =551. Satan =55. Heil Saturn =55.


There’s a character called ‘Black Panther’ =330/666/48. Six Six Six =48. The Race War =48. Race War =33. Racism =213, that’s the date of Lupercalia – and the movie comes out 2 months 23 days after 2/13. Lupercalia =44 and is the 44th day of the year. Marvel =44/71. Forty-Four =144. Seventy-One =144. Keep Em Separated =144. Race War =414. 

  • Divide and Conquer =1224. Black VS White Predictive Programming =224.

4 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War – Race War Programming

  1. Yo bergie, the NFL draft is around the corner and you can bet on it.
    Andrew Austen Luck = 1152/192
    Indianapolis Colts= 1152/192

    Obviously it wont be that easy but Im sure we can pin point a couple first round picks and find profit. Lots of ‘this guy’ over/under pick 21.5

    We can do this


  2. Dave maybe it is that simple already bet on Colts, Luck may make them the winner 51 SB ,I think they are aready in the Gematria history books looks really great


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