272: Earthquakes and Slavery Propaganda

This NY Times article focuses on one ‘Cornelius Hawkins’ =93/102. Propaganda =93. Jesuit University =93. United States of America =102. Slavery =102. The date on the tombstone in the picture reads 4-16-1902. That’s the 93rd day of the year that leaves 272. [4+16+02] =41. Slave =41. Two Hundred Seventy-Two =93/102. Ultra-coded with the subject of the article – but that’s not all:

  • Slaves Were Sold To Save Georgetown =390, 201, 129. Slavery =39. Cornelius Hawkins =201. Two Hundred and Seventy-Two =129. Georgetown =129. Georgetown University =291. And it even cites a slave ship hauling 129 passengers.
  • Fun fact from the article is the trade deal was worth $3.3 million in today’s dollars. Slaves =33. Race War =33. Race Battle =33. Black Lives =33.

Georgetown is America’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit university, appropriate timing with all the discussion of rigged sports championships connected to Catholic and Jesuit schools. Founded in 1789, Georgetown is 227 years old, the symbol Pi and an anagram of 272.

  • The school’s motto is ‘Both Into One’ =56/137, the 33rd prime. Mind Control =56/137, ha. And speaking of which, on the same day of this 272 story we get the death toll from the Ecuador quake leaping from 233 to 272.
  • Remember the suicide vest from the Newsweek cover with the 27.2 dial? God’s Plan =272. All For One =272. One For All =272. The Bloodline of the Serpent =272. Archons =272. Dragons =272. Preparation of the Storm =272. Crackers =272. Brown People =1272. Bavarian Illuminati =1272. End of the World =1272. Southern California Earthquake =1272. Prince Charles of Wales =1272. Technological Singularity =1272. Word Created Life =1272. An Occult Conspiracy =1272. The Truth of Reality =1272. Rigged Reality =727. TPTB (2+7+2+2). There are 272 numbers mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
  • Golden Apple =272 and in astrology, the Golden Apple Alignment occurs on 4/29. Apparently a big deal to the occult, so let’s keep our eyes on this date as a target window. It’s also known as the Orange Alignment =74.

New World Order =75/174. Ecuador Earthquake =75/174, 84. Cornelius Hawkins =75/84. Jesuit University =75/84. Jesuit =84. The Slave Trade =840. And it was a 7.8 quake (like the 87 on buddy’s hat): Slaves =78. Cornelius =44. Haarp =44. Earthquake =44/107. Slave Trade =107. Both these stories coming on the 107th day of the year. 107 is the 28th prime: Quake =28. On Thursday there were two big quakes in Japan, 28 hours apart. Another hot story in the press is the 28 Pages of 9/11 Documents. Twenty-Eighty =156, with 911 as the 156th prime number. Twenty-Eight Pages =78, like the earthquake’s magnitude.


The Big One =85. Hawkins =85. Study of earthquakes goes back to 585 BCE. The man behind the ‘Richter Scale’ =58, Charles Richter =85, died in 1985.

  • It struck at a depth of 19.2 km and happened 29 years 1 month 10 days after the last major earthquake in Ecuador. Georgetown University =291. Two days before the New York primary with its 291 democratic delegates. PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION =291.

This post is all over the map but oh what a tangled web they weave, truth-seeker.

6 thoughts on “272: Earthquakes and Slavery Propaganda

  1. What’s your take on these how these earthquakes work? Faked hollywood events, somehow induced disasters, or are they somehow able to predict when they will happen? I would normally lean towards faked, but that’s hard to believe, yet the alternatives seem even less likely.


    • I’ve done a lot of research on HAARP and it seems by far to be the most likely explanation. The technology to cause earthquakes with pinpoint accuracy has existed for decades – bounce a supercharged particle beam off the ionosphere to your target (its tectonic plates already maxed out with potential energy) and you give it the extra push to go off.

      There’s a phenomenon of rainbow clouds spotted before big quakes that would indicate this particle beam weapon, on some old Nikola Tesla shit, is blasting the area to gradually work up the plates enough to slip. And if they’ve been doing this shit for decades, as the govt documents suggest, I’m sure they’ve damn-near perfected it by now to strike at precise times with precise magnitudes, all synched up with the numerology.


      • Thanks, makes sense. It just seems out of character when most of their events are faked with no deaths, that they would cause real disasters. They are crazy mofos


      • Yeah I don’t think they have any qualms with causing real disasters or killing real people. It’s just easier to control a made-for-tv hoax event when you have it all on lock. ‘Unnatural’ disasters though they geoegineer havoc then fudge the numbers to suit their agenda. Although as Roger Ebert’s famous last words went: “It is all an elaborate hoax.”


  2. Setting up the black israelite meme by the ones who bow to black madonna aka kali, an entire article in which the ‘modern day’ Roman Catholic religion headed by ‘GEORGE’ is cast as a hero and lover of the people….and they will believe every last word of it


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