Brazilian Impeachment and the Clinton Connection


Dilma Rousseff, the 36th President of Brazil and the nation’s first female president, has been voted for impeachment on the 107th day of the year. Impeachment =107. Her and Hillary were born 1 month 19 days apart in ’47. Star of David =47/119, the symbol of the masters behind both these puppets. President Dilma Rousseff =132. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. William Jefferson Blythe III =132. America =32. Brazil =32/68. Rousseff to be impeached at age 68, Hillary for president at 68.

  • Brazil =612. President Rousseff =219/93. Parasitic Powers =93. Impeached President =93. Hillary For America =93. President Hillary Clinton =1193. Hillary Clinton =73. Rousseff =37. Impeach =37.
  • And check out their birth numerologies, 10 points off each way: Rousseff: [12/14/1947] = 73, 91, 47, 29. Hillary: [10/26/19/47] = 83, 101, 57, 39. And notice Hillary born 10+26 and Rousseff the 36th president.

President Rousseff =84. Ordem E Progresso =84, the script on the Brazilian flag, which looks suspiciously like a reptilian eye… It’s got 27 stars. Star =271. Hillary Clinton =172. Brazilian Flag =64. Impeached =64.

In classic coding, the Brazilian congress needed 342 votes to advance the case to the upper house. Forty-Fifth US President =243. Queen Hillary Clinton =243. It was episode #243 of the Simpsons that forecast President Lisa in the wake of a disastrous Trump administration. Bill’s birth surname, Blythe =432. Donald J Trump =888. Dilma Rousseff =888.

Bill Clinton was impeached (then acquitted), and there’s even a picture on Rousseff’s wikipedia of her and Bill together, predictive programming. The duration between Bill’s impeachment and Brazil’s vote for impeachment come exactly 904 weeks apart. Oral Sex =94, Bill’s scandal for gettin head in the Oval Office. Guilty =94. Social Engineering =94. Masonic Mind Control =94. Impeachment Process =94.


  • William Jefferson Clinton =111 and became governor on 1/11. President Rousseff =111 and she became president on 1/11/11. Four Eleven =1111. Reptilian Freemasonry =1111. Problem-Reaction-Solution =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Michel Temer =111.
  • Dilma Vana Rousseff =1116. Illuminati Family =1116. Pscyhological Operation =1116. Dilma Vana Rousseff =1333 (JG). Government =133. Bill Clinton =313.

There’s still a ways to go but if/when she’s removed from office, her VP will take over for the remainder of her term: Michel Temer =666, born 9/23. The vote (reminiscent of some House of Cards shit) happened 22 weeks 7 days before his next birthday. Indeed there is much talk in the press of how Temer is conspiring for a coup. Bill got off but we’ll see how it turns out in Brazil, and what connections we can make with the future of Hillary.


Dilma =39 (Hillary with 39 birth numerology). Mosquito =39/48. President Rousseff =84. Bloodsucker =44. Parasite =44. Bloodsucking Parasite =113, add that one to the list. 

23 thoughts on “Brazilian Impeachment and the Clinton Connection

  1. Bro berg, Maestro, my buddies. Check this out. I live in Indy. In a Wealthy area of town ( hey my wife is the smart one) !! Ok well Mr Ryan Grigson Colts GM is our Neighbor. 2 doors down. Recently my daughter was over at his house and i came over and picked her up, well he was in the driveway i couldnt resist and being the degenerate gematria gambler i am i asked mr Prick ( yes hes a Dick! ) very cocky. Well, i said what you think of the season Ryan? Im thinking superbowl! The numbers line up. Lmao. He looked shocked! He said well if Luck stays healthy i think we are a Lock for Superbowl!!!!!- seriously folks it was like he already knows. Hilarious. I said the numbers line up hoping he would say “what do you mean” i would of laid sum Gematria on him to see his face. Just thought id pass that Gem along. I truly think Colts will be in superbowl. If we make it to one!


    • Wow! Legendary!! That’s amazing brother, I fantasize about shit like that. He’d for sure know the outcome already. You’ll have to come up with the perfect casual example of the alphanumeric rigging to drop on his ass next time you bump into him. I love it.


      • And there’s that 89 connection to the backhoe and Willett’s caddy with the #89 like Nicklaus’s caddy on his historic sixth win. Willett’s newborn ‘Zachariah James Willett’ =89, born on the 89th day in a regular year, original due date the day his dad won: The Masters April Tenth =89. Danny himself born with 89 days remaining and the Masters had 89 players.

        Danny Willett =51. April Tenth =51 and he finished -5 in 1st place for his 5th pro win and 1st PGA win. All vibe for Super Bowl 51.


  2. If that’s true, that’s the coolest shit I’ve ever heard.
    Yo Berg, sorry to keep blowing your shit up but i got one more.

    Anaheim =94 in jewish and 51 in simple
    Tomorrow has a numerology of 49 and the ducks next game 2 days later on the 21st (51 numerology)

    They just might make the series interesting..
    And I was thinking, I did zero research but that death of that country singer at the start of the masters.. Could that be a Nashville Preds clue? Hmm no idea, too late now


  3. Another clue to Euro 16…
    That George Clooney fund raiser for Hillary.
    George has a lot of irish connections himself but its the cost of the amount per couple thats interesting.
    $353,000. Now why is it 353,000 and not 350,000?
    I knew that 353 looked familiar.
    353 is the country code for Ireland!!!
    He mentions the word “obscene” several times in an article too, I read about it.
    Ireland also =63!!


    • I think you’re on to something Bally. I find it interesting given that we are currently in a leap year that the birth of Ireland coach Martin O’Neill, the birth of captain Robbie Keane, the Irish national team debut (in France no less), and the Irish Proclamation of independence all occurred in leap years. Could this be signifying the luck of the Irish tying in with a Super Bowl for Andrew Luck?

      Ireland is certainly coded up as hell this year. The Final of Euro ’16 is on 7/10, a date with 17 numerology. Republic of Ireland = 170, and their second game of the tournament — vs Belgium — is on the 170th day of the year. O’Neill = 17, he debuted in ’71, on the 317th day of the year, making 17 appearances, 7 with club. 17 is the 7th prime. O’Neill was born in ’52 (5+2=7) on the 61st day (6+1=7), on a date with 21 numerology (7+7+7). The Proclamation came a fat 100 years 2 months 16 days before the Final. 216, like 2016, and 2 months 16 days is also 77 days!

      It gets even better. That Irish team debut in France came on 5/28/1924 (the day leaving 217 days in the year; “The Green Army”, Ireland’s team nickname = 217), exactly 86 years to the day before France was officially chosen to host this year’s tournament! That announcement, in 2010, came on a date with 63 and 36 numerology, and O’Neill’s 63rd birthday (he is now 64) was exactly 71 weeks prior to the Final on 7/10. Ireland = 63/36. Keane = 36. Robbie Keane = 36 (in pi gematria, which I rank right along side Bacon in importance). Keane turns 36 two days before the final.

      That really isn’t even the half of it, but I’ll try to sum up quickly. The aforementioned Irish team debut came on the 149th day of the year, on a date with a life lesson number of 49 (49 = 7×7), and date numerology of 31 (of course 4 + 9 = 13, the reflection). From the Final on 7/10, O’Neill’s last birthday was 4 months 9 days prior. OR 131 days, there it is! His birthday is 3/1. O’Neill = 31, and he wears #31 in his wiki photo. His debut was on 11/13. If that wasn’t enough, his next birthday after the Final is 33 weeks and 3 days. Which certainly could mean sacrifice, but I like his odds of getting there, at least. The Final also happens to have a date numerology of 33, as does the date 5/28 above (5+28), AND the date of Ireland’s second match of the tourny, again vs Belgium. O’Neill’s debut came 2330 weeks (and 1 day) before the Final, and 233 is the 13th prime.

      Keane has a life #33, his debut came on a date with numerology of 133, on the 221st day of the year. The match vs Belgium is the 22nd match of the tourny, Republic of Ireland = 222 (Bacon), Martin O’Neill = 220 (Jewish) and the Irish state was created in ’22. The anniversary of Ireland becoming a republic is 2 months 22 days before the Final! Ireland’s independence day (which apparently they don’t celebrate?) is 7 months 4 days before the Final, or 31 weeks, or 217 days (like above). The Final on 7/10 leaves 174 days in the year, while Ireland’s third match, vs Italy, is on the 174th day. Ireland’s next independence day is 149 days after the Final, like all of the 49/77 above!

      I hope this is coherent, this isn’t even the whole of it. Even the tournament’s slogan and mascot tie in, as does the team’s camp in Versailles, but I’ll leave it at that for now. Just amazing.


      • That’s brilliant Dext!!!
        Well done.
        I knee if someone could dig a little further we’d get some gens.


  4. I love that: Colts gm =89 Grigson = 89 and Ryan Grigson = 66

    Remember we discussed liking dustin johnson partially because its the 98/99th stanley cup. The connection between sports. You see all the 89s in willet, look at grigson. Its all 98/99, this is fucking ridiculous. Gematria is buying me a cottage if that future hits. It might be the heaviest bet of my life.

    Bally, nice work on ireland, I will be keeping an eye and sone money on


  5. Guys its true. Grigson is a Big Big dude. But he isnt the friendliest chap. I just wish you could of seen his face. I wanted to tell him great job on that Trent Richardson trade 2 yrs ago. That really worked out good. And Werner his great 1st rd bust.


  6. I was wondeirng. I am kind of new to this gematria stuff, but I find it very interesting with what I have read ( I see the connections), but is there any connections with the St. Louis Blues and the Rams leaving for Los Angeles?


  7. Can you please do something about the US election? I’m convinced it is rigged (as all elections are) but I haven’t been able to find any number patters about H’s ascendance to the White House. Maybe if you could juxtapose it with the Sanders front. I’m extremely curious about the gematria in all this


    • Oh she’s stacked alright. Have you tried using the search bar on my blog? You should see how perfectly matched with AIPAC she is, in about a dozen different ways. I love the Simpsons predictive programming her too. Haven’t done too much on Sanders but a search here should turn up a few finds. Maybe I’ll do a proper juxtaposition closer to the election

      Liked by 1 person

      • I haven’t used the search function, the WordPress iPhone app doesn’t have it from what I’ve seen. I’ll go online and search her, I’m obsessed with the election and tried to do my own search but I’m pattern at identifying patterns than gematria itself


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