The Queen’s Birthday Gift: The Ritual Sacrifice of Prince

Sorry for the delay in game, truth-seekers! I’ve been going full steam ahead at my book and am now up to 48,000 words. I’ve been getting a few requests for the Prince story so, old news but let’s have at er. Prince and Chyna, two transgender icons, dying on the Queen’s birthday – the same day that ex-MLB pitcher Chris Schilling was fired from ESPN for transphobic comments. They died 14 weeks 4 days (3 months 11 days) after the death of another androgynous icon, David Bowie. All just coincidence I’m sure 😉 Prince who donated to 9/11 Truth organizations and spoke out against chemtrails.

  • Chyna =452. Transgender =452. Nelson =245 (Prince’s surname). My favourite Prince song is “Gett Off” =79/34 (Murder =79/34, Prince Dead =79, Nelson =34, and he died on a 34 date – now we know why the odd spelling of Gett). The song’s hook goes, “Let a woman be a woman and a man be a man,” which takes on a whole new meaning in light of the current transgender hype.
  • Chyna =51. Transphobia =51/123. Conspiracy =51/123. It Was Murder =151. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince =151. Royalty =1051. 

Royal Sacrifice =144. Gender Neutral =144. Prince Gett Off =144. Prince’s real name is “Prince Nelson” =144. Prince William =144 and Prince (born with 90 numerology [6+7+19+58]) died on William’s grandmother’s 90th b-day. Queen =62. Transgender =62. Transphobic =62. Transhuman Agenda =62. Prince & Chyna =62. The perfect dual sacrifice set to the perfect soundtrack: When Doves Cry =62. Ritual Murders =62. Musicians Killed =62. By The Numbers =62. King Charles =62, as we’ll have once Queen Elizardbeth kicks the bucket.

  • Consider his trademark purple colour theme, the symbol of ROYALTY =71. Rockstar Killing =71. Musicians Killed =71. Joan Marie Laurer =71 (Chyna’s real name). Transhumanism =71, which is what the transgender agenda is leading to and priming for. Seventy-One =144. PURPLE REIGN =69. Harmony =609. Prince Public Death =609. This is the symbol of cancer that we’ve seen connected to every death by ‘cancer’ in 2016, including Bowie who died at age 69. Indeed it would appear in some cases that these blood sacrifices are engineered public deaths of the celebrity character, the Prince and Bowie rippin duets together in some deep underground military base or secret island.
  • Prince Public Death =166. Transgenderism =166. Joan Chyna Laurer =166.
  • With the 69 theme, we’ve seen that 6 can be expressed in reverse as 9. Prince Nelson Fake Death =97. Prince =197. Lebron =197, which is an interesting connection to Lebron James’ Cavaliers, as historically, a cavalier is a soldier who fought for King Charles.

Born on 6/7, Prince died 67 days after the death of Vanity, his protege. Blood Sacrifice =67. Joan Chyna Laurer =67. Transgenderism =67. She died 113 days before Prince’s next birthday, like the 3 months 11 days after Bowie, reminding us of the Paris Attacks of 11/13 coming 311 days after Charlie Hebdo. Chyna and Prince Sacrificed =131. Prince died at ‘Fifty-Seven’ =131, 131 days after the release of the second phase of his last album. Assassinated =131. They’re saying he was found “Unresponsive In An Elevator” =313. This was the exact frame in the Zapruder Film that showed Kennedy’s split melon.

Transhuman =48. Six Six Six =48. Hollywood =48. Prince died 48 days before his 58th birthday, born in ’58. Vanity was sacrificed the day of the 58th Grammys -it was said she died of “Kidney Disease” =58. Purple Rain =58. His ’84 movie based on the song ran 111 minutes and his death date of 4/21 is usually the 11th day. His final tour was called the “Piano & A Microphone Tour” =111. Year of the Celeb Assassinations =111. Slaughter =111. The Windsor-Bush Bloodline =111.

  • Prince =38. Mr. Nelson =38. Death =38. And he died in a town called “Chanhassen” =38 in “Minnesota” =38.
  • He died at age 57 in “Carver County” =57. Transgender Agenda =157. Prince @ Fifty-Seven =88. Purple =88.
  • Year of the Dead Celebrity =216 (6x6x6 =216). Year of the Dead Celebrity Continues =2016 (666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016).Gender Neutralization =63 (sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016).

Notice Prince’s death date of 4/21 can be expressed as 421, the 82nd prime number. April Twenty-First =82. His last studio album was released 226 days before the death of “Prince Rogers Nelson” =226. Purple Prince Sacrifice =226. Chyna was known as “The First Lady of Sports Entertainment” =181. Gender Bending Chemicals =181, which she would have been on. Maybe that’s part of what they’re spraying in the chemtrails.


One thought on “The Queen’s Birthday Gift: The Ritual Sacrifice of Prince

  1. Just thought I’d respond to your post by saying that Huxley’s companion book to Brave New World is called Island. If you’re not familiar with it, Huxley proposes the Island safety valve theory for elites who can no longer handle the obligations of conformity to the ruling order. Your bit of speculation on Bowie and Prince made me think of that. Something to think about for sure


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