True Grit


TRUE GRIT =46/118. Hero =46. Death =118. Sacrifice =46/73. Rooster Cogburn =73, Jeff Bridges’ character, the man possessed of True Grit (conveniently with the one-eye symbolism). Ezekiel =46/73, the biblical character Mattie felt like after sleeping in the funeral parlor. 

  • Joel Cohen & Ethan Cohen =74. Masonic =74. The Cohen Brothers =93. Propaganda =93. Cohen =106. Alphabet Key =106. Prophecy =106.
  • The film was released on 22 December 2010. [12+22+10] =44. Kill =44. [12+22+20+10] =64. Israel =64. Zion =64. True =64. Jeff Bridges =64. The 64th prime is 311. The Beast =311.

The film opens with a quote from Proverbs 28:1, “The Wicked Flee When None Pursueth” =144. Time =144. Mark of the Beast =144. The sum of the first 144 decimals points of Pi equal 666 and this will be an ongoing theme throughout. In the intro monologue, one phrase stood out: SCOTT-FREE =48/666. Six-Six-Six =48.


The young female protagonist MATTIE ROSS =555, 58/139 (FREEMASONRY =58/139) sees to it that her father is buried in his mason’s apron. Can it be any more blatant? The undertaker says the embalming’s particulars require “Time and Art” =42/105. Masonry =42/105. Zionism =42/105. Still within the first five minutes, Mattie tells the sherrif that “Mama was never any good at sums and she could hardly spell ‘cat'” – direct allusions to the sacred alphanumerics of Gematria. CAT =144.

  • The undertaker emphasizes the following phrase by repeating it three times: “It Would Be Alright” =78. Cohen Brothers =78. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a coded tribute.
  • Mattie’s late father is “Frank Ross” =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121, strongly suggesting that he was murdered by the numbers.
  • The Ross family is from Yell County. Yell =54. Grit =54. Mattie’s sister is “Victoria Ross” =96. Freemason =96.

Coffee =40. Zionist =40. Mattie Ross =40. Frank Ross =40. The gun, the Masonic compass & square, and the clock, with their names literally written all over it.

17 thoughts on “True Grit

  1. You ever done a bit on The Number 23 with Jim Carey? Polarization, before he went full retard, had some pretty cool coding with it and the suicide of his fiancée. I only bring it up because I just watched it again, and though it isn’t the best flick, something about it gives me the dark down heebee jeebees.


  2. Bro Berg, I don’t want to interrupt your TRAIN of thought, but be sure to include golden ‘king’ Danny Willett in chapter #89 of your book.
    Speaking of Kings, kinda reminds me of Elvis and his connection to Nashville.
    King of Rock and Roll = 86
    There is an Elvis compilation CD on sale and featured in a wiki article. The CD called … ‘The King of rock n roll the complete 50’s masters’. Sounds a bit like the 50th masters which took place in ’86.
    Nashville predators have introduced ‘golden saturday’ on home game NHL games this season.
    Golden Saturday = 58/166. The year ’66 was 50 years ago.
    Best of luck with the book.


  3. derby this weekend i know your locked with nyquist berg but found few others should look at

    Nyquist’s jockey Mario Gutierrez born May, 20, 1987 (5+20+19+87 – 131)

    Lani 70/216/36 216 – 2016?
    foal date Feb 22, 2013 (2+22+20+13 – 57) fifty seven – 131
    Trainer – Mikio Matsunaga
    Mikio – 57
    Matsunaga – 97 (reflection of champion – 79)

    Jockey – Yutaka Take born March, 15, 1969 (3+15+19+69 – 106)
    Yutaka – 79

    Whitmore 1182/666/111
    foal date Jan 23, 2013 (1+23+20+13 – 57)

    Laoban foal date Jan 31, 2013 (1/31)


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