Fort McMurray Wildfire: The Beltane Sacrifice


The climax of Beltane comes on May 1st, the start of the New Year in the Satanic calendar. This ancient celebration of fertility and rebirth is centred upon fire ritual, as the Druid priests would light bonfires in the name of Baal atop the hills. On this very day of occult significance the wildfire, now nicknamed The Beast, began outside Fort McMurray.

The sacrifice by fire of the Northern Alberta city on the tarsands could be viewed as the sentient planet trying to cure herself, Gaia pouring salt in her wounds to stem off infection. Global warming alarmists using this as proof positive for international carbon tax. Problem-reaction-solution. A decision from a secret roundtable meeting of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Chinese owners and a massive insurance scam. All around the world now, you’ll find environmentalists causing rifts in their circles by saying it’s a good thing that Fort Mac burned down, to the natural reply of but what about the families. Now the most costly disaster in Canadian history, many questions remain unanswered, but the coding is present as always.


Fort McMurray =63. Highway 63 is the single-lane route into Fort Mac, known as the Highway of Death for its remarkably high rate of accidents and fatalities. Terrorism =63. False Flag Event =63. Like the cube symbol of Saturn / Satan, 6 sides in 3 dimensions. 6x6x6 =216. The sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016, just like 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016.

  • May 1st is the 122nd day of the year, leaving 244 remaining. Satanic =244. Satanists =122. Devastating =122. State Sponsored Terror =122.
  • [5+1+20+16] =42. Freemason =42. Satanism =42. Activism =42.
  • Fort Mac =31. Arson =31. Calgary =31. Satanic =31. Alberta Burns =133. Wildfire =1033. Fort McMurray Wildfire =113. The Beast =311.
  • Oil Sands =93. Sacrifice By Fire =93. Propaganda =93. Psychological Weapon =93.

Alberta is the perfect location for a Beltane sacrifice by fire: Alberta =23/59. Beltane =23/59. Alberta Fires =399. The Chinese Did It =399.


The Great Fire of Chicago was in 1871 – that’s 144 years years ago. Both on Sundays. And what many people don’t know is on the exact day that infamous fire broke out in Chicago, October 8th, an even more deadly inferno erupted in Peshtigo Wisconsin that killed upwards of 2,500 people. It was the deadliest wildfire in recorded history.  

20 thoughts on “Fort McMurray Wildfire: The Beltane Sacrifice

  1. There was also an alignment with comet Catalina (C2013 US10) and Mercury. There are always comets that align with the earthquakes and big natural disasters.
    It’s controlled by the numbers in this world. Even the sky.


    • Nice work. Love the 48 = 99 connection. I’ve been all in on a penguins stars final for weeks but the blues have got me worried. All 3 teams are in their 48th season but the penguins also have 48 regular season wins. I think the answer is hidden within nyquist and the red wings. Red wings had 41 wins this year. Forty one = 118. Gustav Nyquist DOB 9/1/1989 adds to 118. Blues played penguins on 1/18 this year and won. Blues had a player called Pheonix Copley who was born on 1/18. Copleys NHL debut was on 2/27 which got me looking at pi and circles. Blues used to play at St louis arena. It got demolished 17 years ago on 2/27. 17th prime number is 59. Blues = 59. The blues were established 49 years ago. 49th prime = 227. On 2/27 this year the blues played the predators and lost. I think the regular season games are the opposite of what will happen. Blues will beat predators and lose to the penguins. None of the Canadian teams have made the playoffs this year, the last time that happened was 1970, 46 years ago. That was the last time the Blues made it to the final, they lost. I think they finish runner up again 46 years later and complete the circle. Runner up = 46.


      • That’s some solid breakdown right there Wayne. The latest Newsweek cover reads ‘Don’t Blame Trump’ =722 (Jewish) with issue date 5/13, first day of the conference finals. Don’t Blame Trump =174. St Louis Blues =174.

        That being said, Stars are synched to win tonight via date numerology: 5+11+16 =32. Stars =32. (5+11+20+16) =52. Lindy Ruff =52. it’s been 27 days (3 weeks 6 days) since start of playoffs. Dallas Stars =27/36. And I’ve found no such connects with Blues. Hmm


      • Maybe next year for the blues. Blues = 23. 2017 is 23 years after their last game at St louis arena. The connection with 227 might be next year in their 49th season.
        Either way the Penguins look good.
        Their first game of their season was against Dallas, on a date with 53 numerology. Playoffs started on a 53 date as well. Pennsylvania = 53/152.
        36 is a big number this year. Thirty six = 53/152.
        The last time Dallas played Pittsburgh was 174 days before the playoffs.
        Two thousand sixteen stanley cup finals = 174.
        American Airlines center = 216. Is that the scene of the last game of the 2016 season.


  2. Been watching the Stars here lately. They fought off elimination and now have game 7 at home. How you feeling about the prediction? I think they should be able to win and get to the next series. Sucks that Seguin has been hurt since game 2 of the first series. I can’t find anything significant for the St. Louis Blues in regards to gematria at all. Penguins looking good, they should close out the Caps. Stars don’t let us down!


  3. Have been thinking about St Louis Blues and possible connection to horses / royalty. The queen’s mounted cavalry is ‘The blues and royals’
    The blues and royals = 201/66
    Blues and royals =168/51
    Ceremonial duties include ‘Trooping the colour’ = 231/96
    Carried out at ‘horse guards parade’ = 180/81
    Their nickname is ‘the tin bellies’ =140/59
    ‘Blues’ = 14/59
    Don’t know if any of this info or these numbers have a connection connection to a possible Stanley Cup for the Blues?


  4. From May 1, 2016 – September 5, 2016 (the start of the fire till the burning of burning man) is 4 months 4 days
    (44=kill) Fort McMurray =44 the Chaldean way


    • Bally, just a few observations regarding Euro 2016 predictions. I can’t post via WordPress on your blog, hopefully Brother Berg won’t mind me posting here?
      Czech Republic = 131
      131 days from St David’s Day (March 1st) patron saint of Wales, to the final July 10th. Wales last qualified for major tournament in 1958, 58 years ago.
      England’s world cup win in 1966 was 50 years ago. We are presently in golden jubilee year.
      Northern Ireland odds of 500-1 are interesting considering Leicester City were 5000-1 before the start of the premiership to win it, and look what happened.
      Speaking of Leicester City, they are known as the foxes. If you are a Leicester player you are a FOX. F.O.X = 666. 6x6x6 = 216 (like the year 2016).
      Don’t know if any of this info helps with your Euro predictions?
      All the best.


      • Thanks twotwofourconnection,
        Republic of Ireland has a player born on 1/31. That to me is the key to it all. Martin O’Neill’s birthday is 131 days before the Euro 16 final also! Those two are huge in my view. Lets see how it plays out.


      • Not sure how those extra letters got in that reply there. Dallas sports radio is ripping the goalies today. Have you looked at Ballygobackwards work on the Euro 16 soccer tournament with projection of Republic of Ireland to win? I think I’m gonna work on a MLB baseball reference sheet. Maybe we can get some daily parlay picks going. Pens are at +190 to win the cup now. Not too good…


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