The Hindenburg False Flag


Before Hitler came to power it was President Von Hindenburg who ruled Germany. Most of us in North America are only familiar with him through the infamous zeppelin crash. Yet as the coding reveals, there is much more to the tribute than his name. President Von Hindenburg =119, the calling card of the Zionists (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye). Von Hindenburg =72. Hitler =72. Stalin’s German Red =72. Hammer & Sickle =702. Sigil of Saturn =702/1020. Hindenburg =102. Rothschild Zionist =102.

  • Von Hindenburg died 1 year 5 months 6 days after the Reichstag Fire (False Flag =156. Six-Six-Six =156) or 1530 days later. Von Hindenburg =153. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =153. Protocols of the Elders of Zion =1531.
  • He also died 121 weeks 2 days before the outbreak of World War II, like 12×12 =144. Now get this: the Hindenburg Disaster happened on 6 May 1937 – exactly 144 weeks after Von Hindenburg’s death. (Mark of the Beast =144 and the first 144 decimal points of Pi equal 666, etc.)

In perfect accordance with the noun-rule of person-place-event: Paul Von Hindenburg =86/203. Manchester New Jersey =86/203. Zeppelin Explodes =86/203, as the headlines read the next day. The location is also given as “Lakehurst NJ” =58/139 (Freemasonry =58/139). Lakehurst New Jersey =239 and there are 239 days left in the year on May 6th. One World Government =239. And notice the date 5/6, like Hindenburg dying 5 months 6 days after the one-year anniversary of the Reichstag Fire; like “Star of David” =56 and “All-Seeing Eye” =56, synching up with President Von Hindenburg =119.


It appears this highly publicized zeppelin crash, in full view of the press and subject to spectacular newsreel coverage, was indeed a staged ritual sacrifice, orchestrated and scripted down to the last detail. The German passenger airship caught fire and was destroyed as it attempted to dock with its mooring mast at Naval Air Station Lakehurst in Manchester Township, New Jersey. Of the 97 people on board there were 35 fatalities, plus one worker on the ground. And there we find 666 dual-coded into the 36 killed and the 144 weeks since President Hindenburg’s death. Second World War =1044.

Radio announcer Herbert Morrison provided the dramatic eyewitness report, remembered best for his now famous line, “Oh the humanity!” =1002. Hindenburg =102. Rothschild Zionist =102. United States of America =102 and the 9/11 Attacks lasted 102 minutes. Some may call that a coincidence, but the precise dual-coding with his name and the event leaves no room for doubt: Herbert Morrison =89/197. Hindenburg Disaster =89/197. Trauma-Based Mind Control =89. Social Engineers =89. The Star of David =89. The man was reading a script for a pre-planned event, orchestrated by the numbers.


While the Hindenburg is certainly the most famous airship disaster, the worst zeppelin wreck of all time was the USS Akron on the incredibly ominous date of 4/4/33. Airship =44. Airship Disaster =76 (there were 76 people on board). Airship Fire =73 (and 73 people were killed). It’s said that the Akron, the world’s first purpose-built flying aircraft carrier, crashed during a thunderstorm off the coast of New Jersey, though the coding suggests sabotage.

  • Both disasters occurred in “New Jersey” =43/124. The Reds =43. The International Communists =124. Led Zeppelin =124. It crashed 36 days after the Reichstag Fire and 4 years 1 months 2 days before the Hindenburg. Death Machine =214, and after the Hindenburg Disaster, that’s exactly how zeppelins were perceived, thus ending the era of the airship.
  • And speaking of the British rock band who used the image of the Hindenburg crash as their debut album cover art: Led Zeppelin =728. Zionism =728.

8 thoughts on “The Hindenburg False Flag

  1. 216 (6x6x6) “The Anti-Defamation League [ADL] reported that in one recent year it transmitted 216 broadcasts a day …. That it placed 330,000 books in public libraries….”
    Douglas Reed (1951)


  2. MANchester ‘oh the humanity’ New Ger.Sea
    perhaps we ought to be asking about who this Hu and Ger is, particularly as its in everything the spirit of this world does to orchestrate events designed to sway minds and Unite.Man under it?


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