EgyptAir Flight 804 Missing in Action


EgyptAir Flight MS-804 from Paris to Cairo has vanished off the radar. It departed Paris at 23:09 (CEST) in the 239th year of America, reminding us of MH-370 that vanished with 239 people aboard on 3/8, the day that leaves 23 days 9 months in the year. MISSING EGYPTAIR PLANE =239. It vanished 239 days after 23/9. EgyptAir was recently in the news as one of its birds was hijacked on 3/29. This latest incident comes 1 month 19 days after the hijacking, and it took off at 11:09. Cairo Egypt =119. All-Seeing Eye =119, which further connects to EgyptAir as its brand logo is the Egyptian god behind the all-seeing eye, ‘Horus’ =81 and the flight left on the 18th. Horus is the ‘God of the Sky and Kingship’ =1008. EgyptAir Eight O Four =108. All Onboard Dead =108.

We were originally told 69 people onboard which reduced to 56, exactly as the EgyptAir hijacking also bounced around a bunch of numbers and finally settled on 56.  Paris France =56. Cairo Egypt =56. Especially when it took off from Charles de Gaulle at 11:09 (de Gaulle died on 11/9). Star of David =56/119. All-Seeing Eye =56/119. Mind Control =56. Eye of Horus =56. ISIS =56. The Islamic State =56. And a further update gives us 56 passengers and 66 people total. The crash came 6 months 6 days after the Paris Attacks.

  • EgyptAir =606. Paris France =660. The Eye of Ra =660 (the airline’s logo). Egypt =99 (Francis Bacon method). Jew Sympathy =990. Divide and Conquer =990. Reminding us of the EgyptAir Flight 990 crash on Halloween ’99 that killed 217 people – as exactly 16 years later the Sinai Halloween Crash also killed 217 people. Sixteen =33. Flight 990 crashed on a date with 33 numerology in the only month with 33 Gematria after crashing from a cruising altitude of 33,000-feet off the coast of Nantucket (=33) exactly 33 minutes after takeoff with 33 senior Egyptian military officials onboard. And as this latest Flight 804 vanished (presumably crashed into the Mediterranean) on 5/19: [5+19+2+1+6] =33. Sixty-Six =33. On the day it crashed, Prince William was 33 years 333 days old, with 33 days until his next birthday.


37,000 just to sneak in the subconscious reminder of MH-370. Notice the timestamp, 11:44. Would you believe it, from the MH-370 disappearance on 3/8/14 to this incident is exactly 114 weeks 4 days… Paris To Cairo =144. The GermanWings Crash from last year into the Alps killed 144 passengers. The first 144 decimal points of pi sum to 666. Speaking of which, the news broke in North America on May 18th, the day that leaves 227 remaining. MH-370 had 227 passengers and disappeared 722 days before 2/27. The first signs of radio silence from MS-804 came at 2:27 AM.

  • Pi =69. Like the first reports of 69 people aboard Flight 804. Bermuda Triangle =69. Hoia Baciu =69 (Romania’s Bermuda Triangle forest). Malaysia Airlines =69. Aviation Accident =69. Date numerology: [5+18+20+16] =59. There were 59 passengers 10 crew. Kill =59. Mass Murder =59. [5+18+2+1+6] =32. Bomb =32. It was an Airbus 320 and vanished 320 days into America’s 239th year of existence.

If we include the end date with local time, Flight 804 vanished 804 days after MH-370! What another coincidence eh. Eighty-Four =804. United States of America =84. Andreas Gunter Lubitz =84 (the pilot who crashed the GermanWings flight on 3/24 – exactly 423 days before this disappearance). Or that’s 422 days like the 224 people killed in the last Sinai Peninsula plane crash last Halloween… So we’ll see what comes of this latest twist in the ongoing vanishing plane narrative.

22 thoughts on “EgyptAir Flight 804 Missing in Action

  1. You are very quickly into action!
    My own findings were:-
    Egyptair Flt 804.
    MH370 has been missing for 804 days inclusive both dates 8/3/2014 to 19/5/2016.
    From 8/3/2014 to 19/5/2016 = 2 yrs and 72 days or 6+6+6+6 months and 6x(6+6) days.
    Or, 8+8+8 months and 8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8+8 days
    Local time of crash was at 2:45am = 165 mins into the day = 33+33+33+33+33 mins into the day.
    The time of departure from Paris was 11:09 pm forming a 911 backwards.
    From 11/9/2001 to 19/5/2016 = 88+88 months and 8 days.
    Today, 19/5/2016, Prince William is 33 years and 333 days old with 3+3 weeks inclusive till his 34th birthday on 21/6/2016.
    1+9+5+2+1+6 = 8+8+8.
    Or, 19+5+2+1+6 = 33.


    • Spooky shit

      Alignment of Threes—-191, 596(J)

      Three Alignment—151, 906, 450(J)

      151— Jesus Christ, King Arthur, Holy Spirit, Illuminated Soul, Revolution


      Prince Williams Plane Crash—260

      26 is God of course and it’s funny what you see on Gematrix sometimes, but number one on 260 is

      Fresh Fever from the Skies!!!


    • And I didn’t know his b-day was the Summer Solstice but right inline with

      Alignment of Threes—191


      Summer Solstice- –191


    • KOR is more on target then I first realized. Morley Safer age 84, or MS84, is very similar (if not the same) as flight MS804.

      Morley Safer =66, and there were 66 people on board MS408.


      • I THOUGHT I heard something about Morley lately. Thanks for the confirmation. The fact that Morley’s numbers are 137 Simple English and 56 in English are just too perfect with the 37,000 feet and MH-370 combined with the 56 threads. Morley was born on Nov 8 – 11/8 – which is normally the 311th day, but this leap year is the 312 day which to me = 33. I’ve been focused on this date, as it is election day this year.


  2. As I said before, Prince William will be 34 years old in 3+3 week’s time.
    34 x 12 = 408 months which is the flight number 804 in reverse.


  3. Bo Polny from GoldForecast2020 is predicting a financial collapse just around the corner. That is COLLAPSE rather than a crash. ie much much worse!
    Horus is boldly depicted on the livery of this Egyptair plane.
    The eye in the triangle above the Egyptian pyramid on the back of the US $1 bill represents Horus who is Lucifer.
    I would take this crash as a sign that the financial collapse is just around the corner.
    MUST LISTEN: World Economic Collapse will be SUDDEN and by summer, Gold over $2000! | Bo Polny


    • So you’re saying “Bo Knows” , ha. I think everybody knows the stock market is ready for a solid 20% correction. All these C words are the same – Collapse, Correction, Crash – 3 3 3. Bo Polny =99….33×3.

      Not to be confrontational, but imho Bo Polny is a total Fraud. Unless you want to cite a success or 2 from his non-existent track record – it feels like you are covertly spamming here. The Extra-Capsa crowd is quite the high brow bunch 😉


      • MAESTRO,
        Rest assured I have nothing whatsoever to do with covertly spamming.
        I am an individual citizen.
        I thought Bo Pollny’s record is fairly good. Perhaps you don’t like Christians.
        We will soon see about this prediction.
        I thought it reasonable to bring it to people’s attention under the circumstances.


  4. The disappearance of MH370 on 8/3/2014 has three main location elements connected with it.
    1. It went missing at a precise location in the South China Sea.
    2. The search for the wreckage was headquartered at RAAF Pearce just north of Perth in Western Australia. All the search planes were operating from there.
    3. The only piece of wreckage of MH370 was found on a beach at Reunion Island on 29/7/2015, 508 days after 8/3/2014.
    M=13, H=8, thus 138. 138 + 370 = 508.

    The distance from the SCH site to Reunion Island beach is 6066 kilometres. (Thanks to Luis)
    The distance from RAAF Pearce to Reunion Island Beach is 6066 kilometres.
    Identical distances containing the numbers 666!
    The distance from SCH to RAAF Pearce is 4484 kilometres.
    Thus an isosceles triangle (pyramid?) is formed in the Indian Ocean with the top at Reunion Island.
    Both legs are 6066 km long. 666! What are the odds?
    Both internal angles at RAAF Pearce and in the SCS are 66 degrees!

    So, now let us make a capstone from the top of this pyramid. Let us make both legs 666 km long.
    This will make the base of the capstone 576 km long. 576 = (8+8+8)x(8+8+8) km.

    So what are the lengths of the two remaining legs of the pyramid?
    6066-666 = 5400 = 1800+1800+1800 or (600+600+600)+(600+600+600)+(600+600+600) km on both sides of the triangle.
    I thank God for giving me all these numbers.

    If you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour I strongly urge you to do so now while there is still time. Don’t listen to the arguments of the Adversary – he is a liar!


  5. I dont know if I believe in all the number work above as I do know that you can use numbers to fit anything you wish. However the similarities up to 20:40WST to MH370 are pretty strong. Especially the bit about “we have found wreckage” followed failry quickly by “er sorry not from the MS804 crash”. They heard a ping….and then they didnt!! Lets hope they find this one.


  6. 239y322d age of usa coming up on 5/21, the two legless “Invictus” runners in the queen Prince Harry boom video wore 239/223…. 239y223d age of usa was that Newsweek bomb vest MH color issue date, the main weapon used to maim all these soldiers by the same individuals gaining glory from their exaltation as heroes.. 5/21 features the Captain ruin-ney and Master Jedi match at the old twin towers as ManUnited Crystal Palace ‘sport and play’ in yet another Invictus production
    ‘5/18’ Horus disappearance brings to mind Lost 815 along with all the references to the missing 777


  7. This psy op casts a shadow over Euro 2016 international soccer tournament:
    56 passengers. 56 is the reported number of dead in the 1985 Bradford Stadium fire disaster.
    In May 1310 54 Templars were burned outside of Paris and in May 1985 54 Bradford fans (+2 Lincoln City fans) were burned in Masonic Yorkshire.

    + 10 crew = 66 victims (66 is the reported number of dead in the 1971 Ibrox disaster).

    We know that “terrorism” and rigged sport are linked.


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