The Death of 60 Minute’s Morley Safer 

Morley Safer (initials MS) died at age 84 on the very day that EgyptAir MS-804 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. Morley Safer =56/137. Mind Control =56/137. There were 56 passengers onboard this latest plane crash that triggers flashbacks of ‘MA Flight MH Three Seventy’ =137, the 33rd prime number. News Magazine =137. Eye of Horus =137, the EgyptAir logo. The airline was recently hijacked 137 days after the last Egyptian plane crash on Halloween. Morley Safer’s first big story of his career was the ’56 Suez Crisis in Egypt. According to Wikipedia, Safer was informed of his new position with 60 Minutes in 1970 while in Paris covering the funeral of Charles de Gaulle. The fated EgyptAir flight took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Safer. As in, how can we be? As in, problem-reaction-solution to the plague of rogue terrorism. The legendary journalist died 239 days after the 47th anniversary of the 60 Minutes premier. Like the EgyptAir flight taking off at 23:09 exactly 239 days after 23/9 in this the 239th year of America. Like the 239 passengers on MH-370 and “Missing EgyptAir Plane” =239 (which is not a made-up phrase but the headline CNN was running continuously on its broadcast). Notice the timestamp on the Wall Street Journal obituary {shoutout Dar for that find}

Eminent TV Journalist =108. He died of “Pneumonia” =108. EgyptAir Eight-O-Four =108. All Onboard Dead =108. Notice the 18, like 6+6+6 and the doomed flight taking off on the 18th, like Safer born on 11/18. Death =118.

  • Safer was born [11+8+19+31] =69. The original count on EgyptAir 804 and the number coded in one way or another into nearly all celebrity deaths of 2016. [11+8+1+9+3+1] =33. And he died on a date with 33 numerology too [5+19+2+1+6] =33.

[1+1+8+1+9+3+1] =24. CBS =24. Canadian-American Reporter and Correspondent =204 (as Wikipedia calls him). And what do ya know, the longest serving reporter on 60 Minutes had a 60-year career. He retired just five days before he died, on “May Fifteenth” =60. Died on numerology of [5+19+20+16] =60. Spy =60. Surveillance =60. The aforementioned WSJ obituary was written by “James R Hagerty” =60. Sixty =34. Morley =34. Four days before he died, CBS aired a tribute documentary called “Morley Safer: A Reporter’s Life” =304.

Walter Cronkite died on July 17th 2009. That’s exactly five years prior to Malysia Airlines Flight 17 that was shot down on July 17th 2014 – exactly 17 years after its maiden voyage. Kill =17/44. Morley died 193 days after his birthday, 194 the 44th prime. 

8 thoughts on “The Death of 60 Minute’s Morley Safer 

  1. OT but was thinking of the title of the new film “The Neon Demon” and Harald Kautz Vella’s Bases lecture:

    I had previously speculated elsewhere that there was something Archontic about the proliferation of neon items: handbags, footwear etc.

    Looking at neon creates a fuzzyish, ASMR like feeling behind one’s forehead and this can be channelled down into one’s gut region to provide energy for a demon (or archon/alien spider) to ascend to a higher dimension.

    There is something arachnid-like about Kim Kardashian with her head shape and large arse that makes me agree that there is something inhuman about her.


    • Interesting!! I was recently thinking about the frequency of these garish neon orange running shoes I see around Vancouver – your explanation makes sense to me man. And Kim is such an alien-spider-witch, the Kardashians devouring their males after sex magick rituals.


  2. I note that Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Haim all released albums in 2013 but haven’t released follow-ups yet.
    Perhaps the Illuminati/Intelligence agencies are resting?


  3. Just so we are clear, the whole thing with made up phrases has caused a slight rift, which is ridiculous. I can see the point that some of these phrases we come up with are reaching, but is gematria not about the relationships between words-phrases, and their numbers? I do not think the guys running the show are putting these same numbers out as a fingerprint, but rather a necessity for whatever spell they are spinning. The whole thing boils down to a subconscious implantation of programming, thus it sets off similar phrases in our heads which, once checked, often come out to match.

    This is why I believe in the Stream of Gematria Consciousness. Their numbers are a bit too obvious, like Duncan Hines chocolate icing, looks good, but the real filling part is somewhere in the cake, and one must deconstruct the whole to identify the individual ingredients.


    • Yeah I agree, well said. And it’s pretty damn arrogant to state with certainty that one method is valid and one method is garbage, when aside from observable and measurable relationships between words/phrases and numbers, this whole field is largely theoretical and experimental. If you want to Kerouac Gematria then hey go blaze a trail, you know? We all learn from each other here when we’re truly open minded.


      • Brother Berg, I agree as well. For example your post of April 3 Another Amtrak Train Riddle, you came up with the phrase ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ 101/209 to match ‘Halifax North Carolina’. From which i came up with ‘Golden Bear’, ‘Golden Bear Toys’ and the 86, 89 connections …. all info from Wikipedia, which has been praised by some as a good source of coded info!
        You had the info in your original post Chester, Pennsylvania Train #89. With that info plus the english town relating names of Halifax and Sheffield, had the field been studied, Danny Willett was 89 on the list of players.
        Keep doing what you do.


  4. I also take different approaches. I am not sure how many people have studied code breaking or the like, but there’s so many many ways to code, basically infinite. All up to the code and the key. The gatekeeper and the keymaster, if you will.

    Anyhow, anagrams are big; the only True one I could get from Morely Safer was Sorry Female.

    Then there is inversion math, which is a big as above so below thing, and it can be used to see if specific events fit a pattern. Obviously the 84 and 804 are linked, but the big pattern I’ve seen this year is the 69-96 thing. Which is TRANSition, big change, hybernating bears, cancer, all that ying yang shit. The wheel turns and the spokes change position, etc. 84 is perfect for that.

    84-48=36 which simplifies to 9
    84+48=132 which simplifies to 6

    Gotta love how you add for the smaller number and subtract for the bigger. Straight up, LucyFur mathematics.

    Anyhow, the main key, for me atleast, is to recognize that this “change” is going to happen, has happened before, and will probably happen again. Get ready for the new Dark Ages, only this time the expanding empire won’t burn all the books, they’ll just flip a switch and turn them all off. System wipe….time to decompress. ..frag the harddrive….

    One must simply remember the strength in one’s own beliefs, then you’ll be able to make it through the Trannysisiton as Mother Earth becomes Father and Father Time gets his Jenner, a Man who depended on defeating Timebto win, on.

    Is it any wonder all these terms used to wipe, clean, or reset a computer system are all being used in the media about our society now?


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