Lod Airport Massacre and the Palestinian-Israeli False Flags of 1972


May 30th 1972. Three members of the Japanese Red Army (in affiliation with the Palestine Liberation Organization) attacked what is now known as Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. The terrorists fired indiscriminately on the crowd with machine guns, killing 26 and wounding 79 others. God =26. Mossad Job =26. The date has numerology of 126 [5+30+19+72] =126. Government By Intimidation =126 (the original definition of terrorism). That’s a total of 105 casualties. Ben Gurion =105. Israel’s Founding Father =105 (as David Ben Gurion is called). President of Israel =105. Zionism =105. Masonry =105. False Flag Terrorism =105.

May 19th 2016. The Times of Israel runs a story of the Lod Massacre alongside the breaking news article about the EgyptAir crash. Curious timing, as the airport shooting happened 16,060 days earlier (like the 66 people aboard the flight). Palestine Liberation Organization =166. Lod Massacre =606. That’s also 11 months 19 days after the 43rd anniversary. Plane Crash =43 and it took off at 11:09. Like 11 x 9.

  • Lod Airport Massacre =99. It happened 99 days before the Munich Massacre during the ’72 Olympics. It also happened 99 days after a Lufthansa Hijacking paid out a then-record $5 million ransom to the same group of terrorists blamed for the Lod Massacre, an instance used as an example of why states should not negotiate with terrorists. Lufthansa Flight 649 was hijacked on 2/23, some date. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Masonic =223.
  • Munich Massacre =590 and it started on 5/9 (September 5th). Kill =59. Mass Murder =59. Pro-Israel =59.


The hijacking happened exactly 404 weeks after the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization (5-28-64). Kill =44. Genocide =44. Jihadist =44. Extremists =44. Forty-Four =972. The Elders of Zion =972. Elders of Zion =82. The Grand Masters =82. The Lod Massacre came 8 years 2 days after the PLO founding.

  • And as it turns out, Joseph Kennedy, son of Robert F Kennedy, was one of the hostages. Joseph Kennedy =151/79. The Lod Massacre happened on the 151st day of the year with 79 injured. Massacre =79. Murder =79. Natbag =151 (nickname of Ben Gurion Airport). David Ben Gurion =1151.

As if it’s not suspicious enough, the coincidence that Joe Kennedy was a hostage, one of the fatalities of the Lod Massacre was a candidate for the upcoming Israeli presidency – (Aharon Katzir =61/142 | Terrorist =61/142 | Arch-Zionist =142 | Japanese Red Army =1402) – and as it turns out the deceased’s brother, Ephraim, was elected President the following year instead.

  • Ephraim Katzir =74. Jewish =74. Star of David =74. Masonic =74. Global Government =74. Ephraim Katzir =83. Social Engineers =83. Diaspora =83. Eight Zero Four =83. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 vanished on March 3rd, written as 8/3 in Israel.
  • And speaking of 370, get this: Katzir, the 4th president of Israel, died on May 30th 2009 – exactly 37 years to the day after his brother, assassinated in the apparently random spree killing at Lod Airport. The reflection, Sacrifice =73. Israeli =73. David Ben-Gurion =73. KATZIR =31. LOD =31.

Ephraim died at age 93. Knesset =93 (Israeli congress). Rothschild Zionist =93. The surname Katzir means “Harvest” =93.


In the video game Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare, there’s a level where you play as a terrorist committing an airport massacre, a la Lod. It was released on 11/10/09 — reducing to 1119. Super-Terrorists =119. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119. Like the 43rd anniversary of the Lod Massacre occurring 11 months 19 days before the EgyptAir 804 attack. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. There’s a connection between 119 and 156: November 19th (11/19) = 1156 and the 911th prime number is 156. False Flag =156. Thirty-Three =156. God =156. Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare =1560. Ben Gurion International Airport =156.

  • Flight MS Eight Zero Four =1602. Balfour Declaration =1062 (confirming British support of the Jewish homeland in Palestine). Jewish International Financiers =162. The Star of David =62. Torah =62. Elohim =62. Rothschild =62. Airplane Crash =62. Sinai Crash =62 (where the last Halloween wreck occurred). Terrorists =62. The World State =62. Powers That Be =62. Mason =62. Programmers =62.

3 thoughts on “Lod Airport Massacre and the Palestinian-Israeli False Flags of 1972

  1. The first 767-200ER entered service with El Al exactly 911 weeks before two of them supposedly slammed into the wtc on 9/11….tomorrow 5/24 day 144 happens to be 767 weeks post 9/11….(767+144=911)…and 1y1m9d after “chris Roberts’ aka Christ Robbers of “One World Labs” tweeted about commandeering the flight systems of the aircraft he was on….”more”ley “safer” what is El Al always claimed to be?
    Lod 16,066 and its Pope 166w6d…..


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