The Shining

The Shining =59/113. Fake Reality =59/113. Two Seventeen =59 (the most haunted room in the hotel). Kill =59/44. Alcoholism =44 (which is the symbolic monster in the story). Dan Torrance =404 (as the kid is called in the sequel, grown up). Shining =44. That’s what they call the gift of ‘Telepathy’ =40. ESP =40. Mind =40. Maya =40. Subliminal =40. Terror =40. Torrance =40, the family’s name.

  • Jack Torrance =56/119. Rose The Hat =56/119 (antagonist in the sequel, Doctor Sleep). Star of David =56/119. All-Seeing Eye =56/119. The Overlook =56. Stephen King =56. And if you’ve read the other King decodes on Extra-Capsa, dude loads up 56 into all his works. The 56th chapter in The Shining is the second last, the climax when The Overlook Hotel explodes.
  • Danny Torrance =62. Mind Reading =62. The Star of David =62. Mason =62. The psychic cook, Dick Hallorann, is 62 years old in the book. Dick Hallorann =59. The Shining =59.

The novel was released on [1+28+1+9+7+7] =53. Shining =53. Alcoholism =53. Jack Nicholson =53. Hell =53. Angry Ghost =53. Angry Ghosts =153. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy =153.

  • Doctor Sleep =132. Abra =132 (the powerful little girl with the Shining in the sequel). Abra Stone =32. King =32. Psycho =32.

Fun fact is Stephen King received the MASON Award on 9/23/11. Doctor Sleep was released 104 weeks 4 days later (144). Mark of the Beast =144.  The antagonists in the sequel are called “The True Knot” =58. Freemasonry =58. Secret Society =58. Delbert Grady =58 (the Overlook’s previous caretaker who murdered his wife and children). Danny =58.


3 thoughts on “The Shining

  1. Good stuff, one of my favorite flicks of all time. Brother Berg have you seen the film “Kubrick’s Odyssey”? It’s only the first or second stop down the rabbit hole, but the way it exposes the symbolism in The Shining is fascinating to say the least. Also, no wonder they chose the number 237 for the fateful room, 237 + 732 = 969, Saturn once again.


  2. “Come play with US Danny.” = 2361(J) (extraterrestrials visit the earth).
    1488/ 248 = President Donald Trump.

    “Come play with US Danny, forever and ever and ever.” = 2850/ 475 = mind control and behavior modification techniques.

    You point out the most haunted room in the hotel: Two Seventeen, like 2017.
    Two seventeen / The Shining = 59, the 17th prime.

    Danny, haunted by the Twins, both dressed in powder blue…( like Jackie Kennedy and our present First Lady, at the inaugurations) in a luxurious Hotel about to blow….


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