Trump Clinches Nomination

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Trump announced his campaign on June 16, the 167th day of 2015. On 5/26, he was declared the republican nominee – exactly 167 days before the election. The fulfilment (as they say in numerology) of 67. This news comes on date numerology of [5+26+20+16] =67. Freemasonry =67. Elders of Zion =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. The 67th prime number is 331. WORLD LEADERS RATTLED BY TRUMP =331.

  • White House =133. Government =133. Elect =133. God Bless America =133. Crippled America =133 (Trump’s latest book). Trump is the 133rd wealthiest man in America. Election Day is the 313th day of 2016.
  • “Ignorance of World Affairs” =239. Global Elite =239. The Gang of Thirty-Three =239. One World Government =239. Mind Control Technique =239. And it’s the 239th year of America.

The day that Trump clinches the nomination also has numerology of [5+26+16] =47. TRUMP =470. President =47. Republican =47. Authority =47. CLINCHED =58. Freemasonry =58. United States =58. These are the 58th quadrennial US presidential elections.

  • Clinched =40. Hillary =40. Zionist =40. Satanist =40. Capitalism =40. United States =40. Enslavement =40. November =40. The date of the news, 5/26, comes 40 days before 7/4, the end of the 239th year of America. The start of the 240th.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Clinches Nomination

  1. Britain’s referendum on EU membership to take place 6 years, 6 months, 6 days after David Cameron was first elected in 2010.


    • The eu referendum also comes exactly 223 days after the november ‘friday the thirteenth’ paris attacks.
      ‘friday the thirteenth’ equals 223
      In december following paris, the parliament voted on bombing syria. The no vote was 223.


  2. Politician Left Lapel Pin (647/1416/236) : from the pits of hell, gang symbol, the thirty third degree.

    The Left Lapel Pin (459/966/161) : Masonic Grand Lodge, terrorists, barbaric character ( or is that Care-Actor ), Zog Puppets.

    Agenda Twenty Thirty= 239 Mega Regions=113


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