Royal Gorge Railroad Riddle


28-year-old train conductor Leslie Cacy died on 5/29 after falling out of her moving train on the bridge over Colorado’s Royal Gorge. Likely it’s a hoax fiction designed to plant more clues for upcoming events. Perhaps a heads up for Memorial Day. Either way it’s yet another coded tale involving trains and royalty.

  • Leslie Cacy =49. The Big One =49. Royal Gorge Route =85. The Big One= 85.
  • Leslie =26/62. Train =26/62. Mason =26/62. Royal =26. Royal Gorge Railroad =1206. The bridge is 1,260 feet long. Earthquakes =126. May Thirtieth California Earthquake =2106. There are 216 days left in the year on the day Cacy died. Memorial Day =630, and the sum of 1 through 63 is 2016. Fremont County =63.
  • Royal Gorge Railroad =102. Arkansas River =102, which it crosses. Arkansas River =156. May Thirtieth =156. San Andreas Fault =156. Twenty-Eight =156, Cacy’s age. Royal Gorge Route Railroad =280.

She didn’t just tumble out of a train anywhere, she fell off the second highest suspension bridge in the world, the highest in America. Notice the sign with an innacurate height of 1053. Cacy fell off the train at 5:30. Memorial Day =53, which is on 5/30. Earthquake =53. Memorial Day May Thirty =153.

Despite the Daily Mail article making it seem like she fell into the gorge from the bridge, the train actually runs along the canyon floor and Cacy fell off the caboose it was backing up just minutes from the last stop. 

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