Soccer Star Kidnapped


Mexican football star Alan Pulido was kidnapped on Saturday night in the northern Mexico state of “Tamaulipas” =113/32. Pulido =32, and reports say he was taken by masked gunmen at 11:30. He also played his first game with current Greek team Olympiacos on 1-13.

  • [3+8+91] =102. Alan Pulido Izaguirre =102. Soccer Star Kidnapped =102/201.
  • [3+8+19+91] =121. Soccer Star =121.
  • Alan Pulido =42/105. Masonry =42/105. Zionism =42/105.
  • Kidnapping =65. Olympiacos FC =65. Tamaulipas Mexico =65.

He was kidnapped in his hometown of “Ciudad Victoria” =67. Pulido was born on the 67th day of the year, March 8th (8-3) and he went missing 83 days after his last birthday.

Update: He’s freed two days later and doing just fine. Boring. BBC says between 1,000 and 10,000 people are kidnapped each year in Mexico. In 2013 there were an estimated 27,340. 

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