King David Hotel Bombing – Zionist False Flag


The King David Hotel Bombing was a false flag terrorist attack carried out on July 22, 1946 by the militant Zionist underground organization Irgun on the British administrative headquarters for Palestine in Jerusalem. The Jewish terrorists dressed up as Arabs and aimed to pit the Palestinians against the British in order to bolster the case for a single-state solution. It was only when they were busted that the Zionist agents claimed the British had a list of their spies which they were about to turn over to the Palestinians. The story is an excellent example of Zionist deception – and the alphanumeric coding on which it hinges.

91 people were killed, 46 injured. The Elders of Zion =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91. Gentile Manipulation =91. Israeli =46. Seven-Two-Two =46 (the date). That’s 137 casualties, the 33rd prime. IRGUN =33. False Flag =33. Protocols of the Elders of Zion =137. Invisible Jewish Government =137. World State =137.

  • The King David Hotel Bombing =119. Palestinian Terrorists =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. The 156th prime is 911. False Flag =156, 69. 
  • King David Hotel =69. Irgun =69. King David Street =69 (the address). Jerusalem Israel =69. State of Israel =69. Mandate Secretariat =69 (housed in the hotel). Pi =69, like the 22/7 date representing 3.14. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. A warning phone call was made at 12:27. It went unheeded.
  • King David Hotel =141. Jewish Terrorists =1410. Israeli Secret Intellligence =141.


The hotel housed the nerve center of British rule in Palestine and from its first year in operation (1932) until today, it’s where visiting diginitaries and royalty stay while visiting the holy city of Jerusalem. The attack was allegedly a retaliation for Britain’s Operation Agatha, a mass arrest of Zionist underground members, 3 weeks 3 days earlier. Agatha =20/38/228/118. Death =20/38/228/118. 

  • July 22nd is the 203rd day of the year. King David Hotel Bombing =203. Etzel =23 (the alternate name for the Jewish terrorist group Irgun).
  • [7+22+1+9+4+6] =49. Zionist =49. Ninety-One =49 (like the 91 killed). Destruction =49. Israelites =409. [7+2+2+1+9+4+6] =31. Haganah =31 (the Jewish paramilitary organization which became the core of the Israel Defense Forces). [7+22+46] =75. Zionist Movement =75. New World Order =75. Jewish Sympathy =75. [7+22+19+46] =94. Terror =94.
  • July 22nd leaves 162 days. Fighters for the Freedom of Israel =162. Jewish International Financiers =162. 

Irgun’s full name is “The National Military Organization in the Land of Israel” =241. Terrorist =142. Arch-Zionist =142. Palestinian-Arab =142. National Military Organization in the Land of Israel =235. Jewish Terrorists =235. Zionist Conspiracy =235. Fraternal Order of Police =235. Population Control =235. US Department of Defense =235. Endless War =1235.

Operation Agatha occurred exactly 74 weeks before the UN adopted the Partition Plan for Mandatory Palestine. Jewish =74. Star of David =74. It’s said that exactly 770 pounds of explosives were used. Mandatory Palestine =77. Judaism =77. The Powers That Be =77. Mossad Conspiracy =77. Jewish Empire =77. Shadow Government =77. Israel Defense =77.

  • Jewish Resistance Movement =105. Zionism =105. Zionist =112. British Mandate of Palestine =112. Palestinian Nationalism =112.
  • Zionist Paramilitary Organization =404. Israeli Mosad =144.

The leader of Irgun was Menachim Begin, who went on to win the Nobel Peace Prize as the 6th Prime Minister of Israel – par for the course in an insane world of inversions. Begin died on 9 March 1992, the 69th day of the year. Irgun =69. State of Israel =69. The date 9/3, like Rothschild Zionist =93. Knesset =93. Begin was also born with 137 days left in the year, the 33rd prime when Irgun =33. All very likely false dates for numerological purposes.

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