Andrew Luck’s Contract: Confirmation of Colts Super Bowl


QB ANDREW LUCK =131. CHAMPIONSHIP =131. SUPER BOWL =131. One Hundred Forty Million =123. Indianapolis =123. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =123/132. Super Bowl Fifty-One =231. Contract signed exactly 231 weeks after Coach Pagano was hired. Colts =15. One Hundred Forty Million Dollars =150. Indianapolis Indiana =1050. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =105. AFC Championship will be 105 weeks after Deflategate. Indianapolis =69. Colts =69. League year started on the 69th day. One Hundred and Forty Million Dollars =169. Super Bowl Fifty-One =96. Andrew Luck Super Bowl MVP =96. Number Twelve =960. One Hundred Forty Million Dollar Deal =360. The Super Bowl on the 36th day of 2017. 

  • Eighty-Seven Million =223. Super Bowl Fifty-One =2023. Ex-Colts RB Zurlon Tipton (who scored his one and only career TD during Deflategate) died 223 days before the SB and 2 months 23 days before his next birthday. Colts GM Ryan Grigson’s birthday is 2/23.
  • Andrew Austen Luck =75. Indianapolis Colts =75. Thirty-Sixth Day =75. Colts Win Super Bowl =75. Ryan Grigson =75 (Colts GM). Andrew Austen Luck =57. James Irsay =57 (Colts owner, age 57). Fifty-First =57. Fifty-Seven =131. Super Bowl =131. And 57 reduces to 12.

#12 signed the richest contract in NFL history, good until 2021, 221 days before the Super Bowl. That’s “Andrew Luck” =112, initials A.L. [1+12] from Houston =112, picked #1 in ’12. His contract comes 112 days after the league year began. In his senior year at Stanford his team went 11-2. He has 12 career rushing touchdowns and was born on the 12th of September [9+1+2] =12. Colts Super Bowl =1200. A.LUCK [1+3+3+3+2] =12. LI =21. His birthday is exactly 21 weeks before Super Bowl LI, which is on the “Thirty-Sixth Day” =210.

  • TWELVE =87. COLTS AFC CHAMPIONS =87. FEBRUARY FIFTH =870. SUPER BOWL FIFTY ONE =87. And that’s the real reason why we’re told he’s guaranteed the $87 million.

Notice the AP posted this news at 6:12 PM. Super Bowl LI =912. Andrew Luck born 9/12. But it gets even better because that’s 1,092 minutes into the day: Indianapolis Colts =192. Andrew Austen Luck =192. Sunday February Fifth Two Thousand Sixteen =192. 

It’s 152 days from the first game of the regular season to Super Bowl LI =152. Indianapolis Colts =1152. Andrew Austen Luck =1152. Number Twelve =160. One Hundred and Forty Million Dollars =160. Charles David Pagano =160 (Colts’ coach). Fifty-First Super Bowl =116. Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =116. The regular season lasts 116 days and Luck’s contract was signed exactly 16 weeks after the 2016 NFL league year began.

  • From the league year’s start on 3/9 to the SB is 333 days. Indianapolis =333. NRG Stadium in Houston Texas =330. Colts have been in Indy for 33 years. Indianapolis Super Bowl =1740. Sunday February Fifth Twenty Seventeen =174. Colts Super Bowl =74. Ryan Grigson =147. Super Bowl =1407. Luck’s birthday is 147 days before Super Bowl, which one might just call lucky.

And the story’s date numerology as the clincher: [6+29+16] =51, in case we needed any more confirmation that the now highest paid player in the NFL is indeed Super Bowl bound. Luck is also currently “Twenty-Six” =51. Fifty-One =46. Houston Texas =46. The last time Houston hosted a Super Bowl was 13 years 4 days before this one. Houston Texas =1034. Now we’ll leave you with one final piece of undeniable evidence as to the reality of the alphanumeric conspiracy:

2016-06-30 (2)2016-06-30 (1)

Oh, and 233 is the 51st prime.  

Super Bowl Sacrifices: Princess Diana the White Horse and Deflategate Zurlon

Minutes after posting the previous piece on the Colts Super Bowl, a reader tipped me off that an ex-Colts running back named Zurlon Tipton has died today after accidentally shooting himself at a car dealership. Zurlon Tipton’s one and only career touchdown just happened to come during the infamous Deflategate game. His 6/28 death comes 2 months 23 days before his next birthday and 223 days before “Super Bowl Fifty One” =2023. Just with that Masonic stat it’s safe to assume this is a sacrifice for the main event, but the following double-score seals the deal: Zurlon Tipton =65/1200. Colts Super Bowl =65/1200. And of course he died at a “Car Dealership” =65.

  • Zurlon =890. Accidental Shooting =89. Rigged Pro Sports =89/98. Champions =98. The NFL season starts on 9/8, which incidentally is 19 years 8 days after Princess Diana died. That’s exactly 51 weeks until the 20th anniversary of her passing.
  • Zurlon wore number “Thirty-Seven” =990, and died 9 months 9 days after his last birthday. Thirty-Seven =84. Indianapolis Colts =84. White Horse of Kent =84. Approriately enough they moved from Baltimore in ’84, the year Prince Harry was born. Remember it was Prince Harry who created the Invictus Games, named after Invicta, the white horse of Kent. The white horse symbolism sold me successfully on the Broncos last year and we just had the Cavaliers win the NBA, another horse theme. Will we go 3-for-3 in Colts’ 33rd season in “Indianapolis” =333? While their logo is a horsehoe, the colt is often depicted white.
  • Diana the White Horse =93/192. Indianapolis Colts =93/192. Did I just crack the code to Invictus and the horse symbolism as a tribute to Princess Diana?

We’re told that Zurlon (where’d he play college with that name, Neptune?) brought his car in for servicing and while moving a bag of guns (as you do) one went off and shot him in the gut. He was originally meant to pull through just fine but something suddenly went terribly wrong at the hospital and just like that he passed away… 6 months 5 days before the anniversary of Diana’s death. Colts Super Bowl =65.


Another footballman died today, a former NFL coach and defensive coordinator. Buddy Ryan played for the NY Jets in Super Bowl III over the Colts, discussed in the previous post. BUDDY RYAN =1131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Diana died 1 month 31 days after her birthday. James David Ryan =65. Colts Super Bowl =65.

  • Lady Diana Spencer =79. These two dudes kicked the bucket 7 months 9 days before the Super Bowl and this is the 97th season, which starts the day after 9/7. Diana died in ‘97.
  • They died 2 months 11 days before the season starts. Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Rigged =112. Victory =112. The 112th day of the year leaves 254. Indianapolis Super Bowl =254.

That’s also 10 weeks 2 days and the last time Colts won the Super Bowl was 10 years 2 days before Super Bowl 51. Ex-Colts FB Zurlon Tipton =102. White Horse of Kent =102. Diana the White Horse =102. Diana died 10 months 2 days before her next birthday. White Horse of Kent =201. The Broncos won Super Bowl XXXII exactly 21 weeks after Diana died. LI =21 (Super Bowl LI). Luck’s birthday exactly 21 weeks before Super Bowl LI.

Counting the end date, these men died 10 weeks 3 day before the start of the season. White Horse =130. William the Conqueror =103 (connected to the Invicta motto). Indianapolis Indiana =103. And I don’t know about you but I can’t see that name without a glaring DIANA DIANA, par with all the ongoing royalty themes. Diana Princess of Wales =213. White Horse Rampant =213 (as Invicta is also known). Indiana =312. Super Bowl Fifty One =231. Indianapolis =123. Blue & White Horseshoe =1302. Princess Diana =132. Diana was 13,210 days old when she died.

  • Princess Di =53.  Matriarchy =116.  Super Bowl LI =53.
  • Princess Di =116.  Royalty =116.  Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =116.
  • Horseshoe =67.  White Horse =67.  Princess of Wales =67.

Diana died exactly 1014 weeks before Super Bowl 51. Golden Horsehoe =1014 (like Colt 45). Lucky Horsehoe =1104. Buddy Ryan =114. Let’s all stay tuned and see if we can snag some more clues surrounding the 114 and the White Horse (with its connections to Crowley, as well). LeBron James =114.

DEFLATEGATE =254, in Jewish Gematria. INDIANAPOLIS SUPER BOWL =254. TWO FIVE SEVENTEEN =1254 (Date of the SB). Prince died on the day with 254 remaining. (All clues proving once again to always use JG!)  Deflategate, the infamous AFC Championship game where the cheating Patriots wasted the Colts 45-7, saw the only Indy points scored by none other than our latest victim of ritual sacrifice, Zurlon Tipton – the only six points he ever scored in the show!

  • Deflategate was on 1/18/15. Tipton died 1 year 5 months 10 days later, emphasis on Super Bowl 51. The big game comes 2 years 19 days after Deflategate. Jim Irsay =1219 (Colts’ owner). Prince died 291 days before “Super Bowl LI” =912. Andrew Luck born 9/12. 

Yeah, the Colts are winning the 2016 AFC Championship.

Lucky Guitars: Colts Owner Acquires Prince’s Legendary Yellow Cloud

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay added Prince’s “Yellow Cloud” electric guitar to his collection, a highly coded incident that bodes very well for a Colts Super Bowl, the 47th of the modern-era. The first Super Bowl was played in the 47th season of the NFL and it’s been 47 years since the Colts first SB appearance. Luck =47 (Colts QB). Prince died 47 days before his birthday. Good Luck Guitar =74. Colts Super Bowl =74. But it’s when we draw the following synchs that this guitar becomes an official clue – and yet another reminder not to neglect the Jewish Gematria when decoding. Andrew Luck’s birthday is 147 days before  Super Bowl 51.

Good Luck Guitar =741. This particular riddle was released on numerology of [6+25+20+16] =67. Prince was born on 6/7 and died 67 days after the death of his protege, Vanity. Prince died the day after “Joan ‘Chyna’ Laurie” =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. The Colts lost their first Super Bowl by a score of 16-7. Colts Super Bowl =1670. Lucky Guitars =167. Yellow Cloud =1672. 

  • Yellow Cloud =1672, while not an exact match, revealed a connection to “Monday Night Football Live” =1672 which prompted me to investigate when Colts play MNF this season. It’s 12/05 against the NY Jets, which just so happens to be who the Colts lost to in their first Super Bowl appearance.
  • That’s also 5 months 10 days after the Yellow Cloud purchase, here projecting for SB 51 at the home stadium of the “Houston Texans” =51. That’s also 23 weeks 2 days, and with its inverse: “Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl” =323. Satan =232. Lucifer =323.

Jim Irsay =41. Prince performed at Super Bowl 41, where the Colts defeated the Bears, and he died on numerology of [4+21+16] =41. Super Bowl =41. Guitars =41.  Indiana =104. Forty-One =731 and Irsay bought the guitar for $137 grand.

Lucky Guitars =1120. Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Rigged =112. Victory =112. Prince died on the 112th day of the year and the Colts’ first SB was played on 1/12. Colts Super Bowl =1200. James Irsay =120. Lucky Guitars =1002. Luck wears #12 and Prince seranaded the Colts to victory exactly 10 years 2 days before Super Bowl 51. The 112th day of the year leaves 254 remaining. Indianapolis Super Bowl =254.

  • Prince died 291 days before Super Bowl 51. Indianapolis Colts =192. Super Bowl LI =912. Andrew Luck was born on 9/12. Colt Forty-Five Malt Liquor =2109. Jim Irsay =1219. 
  • The guitar story comes 65 days after the death of Prince =65. Andrew =65. Good Luck Guitar =65. Colts Super Bowl =65. 
  • Prince’s Guitar =160. Charles David Pagano =160 (Colts coach). Irsay was born 1 year 6 days after Prince, making ’16 a prime year for a second championship.

Super Bowl 51 comes 5 years 11 days after Pagano was hired and  for three seasons in a row his Colts finished 11-5. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince =151. Electric Guitar =151. Super Bowl 51 is also 1838 days after the hiring of “Chuck Pagano” =383. Good Luck Guitars =183. The SB comes 18 weeks 3 days before Irsay’s next birthday and he will be exactly 3008 weeks 1 day old on game day.


Irsay was born 371 days afer Prince and purchased the lucky guitar for $137 grand (the 33rd prime matching the 33rd year of the Colts being in “Indianapolis” =333). Specifically it’s $137,500 – emphasis on 375, a number we’ve seen lately. Pulse =375. Paris France =375. Prophetic =375. Promising =375. The latter two sweetening the deal for this tasty riddle.

  • Irsay also purchased John Lennon’s ‘Paperback Writer’ guitar on 3/9/15, which is exactly 700 days before Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium, or 1 year 10 months 27 days. NRG =127/39. The stadium was formerly known as “Reliant Stadium” =166. Paperback Writer =166. He bought it for $530,000. Irsay was born exactly 53 weeks after Prince and Colts were established in ’53. Super Bowl LI =53. 
  • NRG =234. IRSAY =432. Sum those together for 666. LUCKY =432. The first 144 decimal points of pi summing to 666. Prince Nelson =144. Colts Owner =144.

Good Luck =34. Super Bowl comes exactly 34 weeks after Irsay’s 57th birthday, the age now eternal of Prince. Guitar Talisman =57. James Irsay =57. Fifty-Seven =131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. The auction sale came exactly 226 days before the Super Bowl. Prince Rogers Nelson =226. Electric Guitar =622. That’s also 32 weeks 2 days before the big game, yeilding familar numbers:

August 2nd Red Alert! Deciphering the 777

Christine Lagarde, director of the IMF, delivered a now infamous speech about numerology and the magic number seven on 15 January 2014. The 1/15 date reduces appropriately to [1+1+5] =7. Lagarde was born with numerology of [1+1+19+56] =77. The Powers That Be =77. Shadow Government =77. Judaism =77. Think of Flight 77 supposedly striking the 77-foot-tall Pentagon on the 77th meridian. Think of the London Bombings of 7/7/2005, reducing to 7-7-7.

The last major market crash occurred on 29 September 2008, when the Dow Jones fell 777 points. As fate would have it, Brexit came exactly 7 years 7 months 7 weeks and 7 days laterOrder Out Of Chaos =777. Psychological Weapon =1777. The Aquarius Age =777.

As mentioned previously, exactly 777 weeks after 9-11-01 is the date of 2 August 2016. This is the day leaving 151 and Lagarde gave her speech on 15/1. From her speech to the upcoming 8/2/16 date is 930 days, 93 being the number of Thelema, the occult religion of “Aleister Crowley” =82 (like our target window). If we include the end date it’s exactly 133 weeks (Pope John V died 1,330 years ago on 8/2) and there are 133 days between 8/2 and the Brussels Bombings of 3/22, the 82nd day of the year. Crowley’s manor burned down on 12/23, and that’s 322 days before 8/2.

  • [8+2+20+16] =46. Matriarch =46. Sacrifice =46. [8+2+16] =26. Queen =26. Royal =26. On this date, Queen Elizabeth II will be exactly 4711 weeks old. Will of Thelema =1174. The Second Nine Eleven =1174. New World Order =174. 
  • 8/2 will also be 8 months 20 days after the Paris Attacks. False Flag Terror =82. Barack Hussein Obama =82. Thelema =28. IMF =28. Quake =28. President Hillary Clinton =282.

From the London Bombings of 7-7-7 to Lagarde’s speech was 3114 days. August 2nd is 314 days into the Jubilee Year (after the 9/23 Day of Atonement), the number of pi cycles and history repeating. That’s also exactly 45 weeks, this number we’ve seen coded much lately. Hillary to be the 45th president and Brexit coming on 45 numerology, like “Leave” =45. Brexit happened 4005 days after the London Bombings. IMF =45. Kabbalah =45.

Further connecting 777 with Crowley we find his seminal work titled Liber 777. Liber =116. Love Is The Law Love Under Will =116. Seal =116. Babalon =116. Crowley designated the seven-pointed star as the Seal of Babalon. Now where have we seen this lately… oh that’s right, the Great Sept from Game of Thrones – which I just connected to Crowley in the previous post.

  • The London Bombings came 10 years 11 months 6 days (1116) before the Pulse Massacre. Omar Mateen was born 11/16, the number we saw tattooed on Masters winner Danny Willett. Orlando Shooting =1116. Psychological Operations =1116. Notice that’s the mirror date of 9-11-01.

Now get this. From the London Bombings to our target date of 8/2 is 4044 days, or 11 years 26 days. Forty-Five =126. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. Earthquakes =126. The Pulse Massacre of 12/6 came 11 months 26 days after the Charleston Church Shooting. With the 444 coding: Masonic =444. Occult =444. Killing =444. Energy =444. Weapon =444. Lucifer =444. Sandy Hook happened 44,444 days after America’s first ever school shooting. And of course, the main slogan of Thelema:

On a final note, there was a Bollywood film titled August 2 released on 21/12/12. August Second Twenty Sixteen =2112, a perfect synch with the release date. These numbers again connect to Crowley, died 12/1 and born 10/12. Plants Vs Zombies =212, the game that dropped the following save-the-date ad featuring San Francisco as a target. (Okay so it was originally 2010 but I changed it to a 6 for added effect). And for another connection to 45, the film’s slogan reads The Truth Which Kills The Hope Should Be Killed =450. Earthquakes =45. And in the drawing, the Golden Gate Bridge certainly appears to be rocking and rolling… Who knows, truthseekers, but 8/2 is looking locked and loaded for some sort of major event.


Game of Thrones: Queen Hillary and the Great Sept False Flag


Spoiler Alert: The season 6 finale involved a major false flag attack and the women seizing power from the men. Cersei lured one of the main Sparrows down below the Great Sept (symbolically the Vatican) as wildfire blew the center of worship to kingdom come, wiping out damn near her entire opposition in one fell swoop. She bombed her own city, King’s Landing, and with the body effectively planted at the source of the blast, it will look like an inside job – a classic example of how to false flag. Now let’s see if we can draw any clues from the episode’s Gematria. 

Westeros =1320. Long May She Reign =1032. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. Hillary Clinton =1032. Cersei Lannister =1026. Hillary was born 10/26. Her Majesty the Queen of England =1026. The green explosive known as wildfire reminds of the wildfire that ravaged Fort McMurray on Beltane, the Satanic holyday that demands sacrifice by fire. This episode aired 1 month 26 days later.

  • Season Six Episode Ten =120. Problem Reaction Solution =120. The British Royal Family =120. Illuminati =120. King William =120. Presidential Inauguration =120 (Inauguration Day is 1/20).  President Hillary Clinton =120. 

2016-06-27 (1).png

King’s Landing =277. The Big Apple =277. Great Sept =48/666. New York =48/666.  Is this code for a coming false flag attack on NYC?  False Flag NYC =48/666. Six Six Six =48.

  • King’s Landing =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. High Septon =67/121. Queen Cersei =67/121. There are 121 days between this season finale and Hillary’s birthday. Arson =67. Hillary was the 67th Secretary of State and the 67th prime is 331. White House =133. Government =133. Wildfire =1033. 
  • Sept =255. The 255th day of the year is 9-11, and the abbreviation for September.

Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor =351, as the event is officially referred. The episode aired 135 days before the American election. Sparrows =1351. With the end date that’s 136 days. Iron Throne =136, which is symbolically what Hillary will ascend to, as well. According to the book, the destruction occurs in the year 303 AL. Clinton =33. False Flag =33. 


The actress that plays Cersei:  Lena Heady =80. Hillary Clinton =800. 

It’s said that Hillary Clinton is actually the granddaughter of Aleister Crowley. As we make the connections between Cersei and Wildfire, we’re reminded of the blaze that burned down Crowley’s Loch Ness manor, on 12/23 of last year. That’s exactly 44 weeks before Hillary’s upcoming birthday, and she’s set to be the 44th person elected president. The 44th prime is 193 and this episode aired 19 weeks 3 days before the election. The Simpsons episode with President Lisa following a disastrous Trump campaign aired on 19/3. Hillary for America =193. President Hillary Clinton =1193.

  • Bill Clinton’s historic birth home caught fire two days before Crowley’s, and 5 months 9 days prior to the Wildfire of Calabasas California. Alberta =59 (the province of Fort Mac). Calabasas =59. Beltane =59. Cersei =59.  
  • Long May She Reign =82. Aleister Crowley =82. Faith of the Seven =82. False Flag Terror =82. Eighty-Two =132. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. Hillary Clinton =1032. 

Game of Thrones has won 26 Emmys. Cersei of House Lannister =260. Queen =26. Beltane is a 26 day festival, starting 13 days before the May 1st climax. Hillary’s 69th birthday comes 13 days before the election. Thirteen =99. Queen Elizabeth became the longest serving monarch on 9/9. Queen Hillary Clinton =99. 


The world of Game of the Thrones is mostly set on the continent of Westeros, also known as The Seven Kingdoms =190/73. Hillary Clinton =73. Forty-Fifth President Hillary Clinton =190. 

Stonewall National Monument: Historic LGBT / 322 Satanic Ritual

Stonewall National Monument =322. The number of Skull & Bones. Military-Industrial Complex =322. The ancient goddess Isis is known as the “Goddess of Health Marriage and Wisdom” =322. One of the Queen’s official titles is “Queen of the United Kingdom Canada Australia and New Zealand and Head of the Commonwealth” =322. This makes me think of the Georgia Guidestones, unveiled on 3/22 of 1980. That’s precisely 1892 weeks before the 6/24 unveiling of the “Stonewall National Monument” =1982. 

  • The Pulse Massacre Hoax came 322 days after the Baphomet statue was unveiled in Detroit on Obama’s 6th year 6th month 6th day in office.
  • And of course 223, the oft repeated inversion of that number: Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan / Global Genocide / Reptilian Bloodlines / Reoccurring Numbers / Secret Numeric Proof / Pattern Recognition. World War Three =2233.

Stonewall =121. The Confederate general Stonewall Jackson was born on 1/21. Elite World Government =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. The Synagogue of Satan =1201.

Appropriately, the monument is located in Manhattan’s “West Village” =54, 72. Rainbow Flag =54. Gay Rights =702. It was unveiled 11 months 30 days after same-sex legislation was passed in America. The Royal Family =1130. The Devil Incarnate =1130. That’s a convenient 13 days after the Pulse Massacre Hoax, which began at 2:02 with 202 days left in the year. Stonewall Riots =202, which is the 1969 event here memorialized.

The location is a gay bar called the “Stonewall Inn” =1315. British Royal Family =1315. Human Enslavement =1315. Stonewall Inn =158. Same-Sex Marriage =158. Stonewall Inn =50, like the 50 killed at Pulse and Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the legislation to formally leave the European Union. America =50, like its 50 states.

  • It’s located on Christopher Street near Christopher Park. Christopher =493. Queen of England =493. Sorceress =493. Christopher =139/67. Freemasonry =139/67.
  • Christopher Street =226. Stonewall =1226. Equal Rights Amendment =226. Closet Homosexuals =226. Androgynous Goddess =226.

Power to the people. But recognize the occult agenda that lies beneath. The androgynous goddess is Baphomet, the man with breasts and the head of a goat. The Baphomet statue at Detroit’s Church was unveiled on July 26th, which is 4 weeks 2 days before same-sex marriage lesiglation. Satanism =42. That’s also 333 days between it and the Stonewall unveiling, or half of 666. Domination =333.

Rise of the Machines: Yelchin’s Jeep Foreshadow in Terminator Salvation


Terminator Salvation, featuring Anton Yelchin, came out on 21 May 2009. That’s the day that leaves 224. Blood Sacrifices =422. That’s also 7 years 30 days before Yelchin died, crushed to death by his own Jeep. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrifice =73. Leonard Nemoy died exactly 73 weeks before the opening of Yelchin’s final film, Star Trek Beyond. [21+5+2+0+0+9] =37. Spock =37. Nemoy died 3 weeks 7 days before his 84th birthday. Terminator Salvation =84. Skynet goes live on 8/4, which, incidentally is Obama’s birthday. Obama =84. United States of America =84.

  • Salvation =113. Yelchin’s birthday is 11/3 (March 11th). Disney Ritual Sacrifice =113 (as his death caps off a week of Disney-themed psyops). Dishonest =113. Green Screen =113. Fake Reality =113. Circumventing gentiles.
  • Salvation =59. Anton Yelchin =59. Accident =59. Kill =59. Salvation =41. Death Hoax =41. Yelchin born on [3+1+1+1+9+8+9] =41. And he died on matching numerology of [6+19+16] =41. Freak =41, like the freak accident that killed him.

The obvious link here is the Rise of the Machines, as his Jeep seemingly came to life and murdered him. Rise of the Machines =177. Star Trek Beyond =177. Yelchin =77. The Powers That Be =77. Judaism =77 (Yelchin just so happens to be Jewish, just like Jesus). Jewish Empire =77. Filming of Salvation lasted 77 days.  

The first line Yelchin’s character says in the film: “Come With Me If You Want To Live” =331. Terminator =133. A reflection of the trademark line. Yelchin died at 27 years old, 133 days after Super Bowl on 2/7. Government =133. Zionists and Freemasons =1330. He died 33 days before Star Trek comes out.

  • Right after we’re introduced to his character they hide in a building with a sign reading “Red Clown” =40. Yelchin =40. McG =40, the director. Forty =84. Moments later, a vehicle chassis is dropped on a Terminator, crushing it to death. Ring a bell?
  • Yelchin’s character is a young “Kyle Reese” =42/105. Masonry =42/105. Zionism =42/105. Omar Mateen =42/105. British Royal Family =105. Time Travel =1050. The Machines =105And now we understand the coded message behind the Rise of the Machines.



Of course the vehicle they hotwire is a Jeep. When they fire it up, an Alice in Chains song plays: “Ain’t Found A Way To Kill Me Yet” =103. The 27th prime number is 103 and Yelchin died at 27 with birth numerology of [3+11+89] =103. He died on the 103rd and final game of the Cavaliers’ season and had just been cast in the upcoming Stephen King film “Mr Mercedes” =103. He died 1 month 30 days after the Queen’s birthday. 13 the number of rebellion; of the Resistance.

Alice In Chains =71. Yelchin was born on the 71st day and died on the 171st. Royal =71. Ritual Murders =71. Car Crash =71. The All-Seeing Eye =71. The Star of David =71. Alice in Chains =107. He died on “Father’s Day” =107, and indeed his character Kyle Reese is the father of John Connor. The saviour of the human race, with the JC initials. J=10 C=3. Like the aforementioned 103 coding. Now get this. From 4 August 1997, the day Skynet goes live, to the death of Anton Yelchin:

2016-06-24 (9)2016-06-24 (10).png

985 weeks. Jesus =985. The death of Anton Yelchin, whether real or faked, is a Satanic ritual murder symbolizing the death of Jesus Christ. Read my previous report on the Satanic connections to this event and remember who runs Hollywood. Remember that in the bible the Jewish leaders demanded of the Romans that Jesus be put to death. And now we know the deeper meaning behind the use of the word Salvation.

2016-06-24 (13).png