UCLA Shooting Riddle

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First check that blatant 911 in the paint. The craziest part is how apparently not one person investigating this case noticed the 911. It’s the ultimate example of hiding in plain sight, so obvious once you see it. 

Professor Killed At UCLA =116. Brilliant Kind and Caring =116. Israel Defense Forces =116. Royalty =116. The 911th prime number is 156. False Flag =156. Thirty-Three =156. There’s sixteen dashes on the street eh: Sixteen =33, with 33 days left before America’s birthday. On a date with numerology of [6+1+2+0+1+6] =16 on June 1st (1/6) of ’16.

MURDER-SUICIDE =68. The prof’s name: WILLIAM S KLUG =68. The perp’s name: SARKAR =68. Children’s Day =68, the international holiday on which this staged school shooting fell. The perp is MAINAK SARKAR =72, a former PhD student of WILLIAM SCOTT KING =72.

  • Dr Klug =37. UCLA =37. Israeli =37. PsyOp =37. June First =50. William S Klug =50. Kill List =50 (found in Sarkar’s residence).
  • Murder Suicide =149. William S Klug =149. KLUG =51. Conspiracy =51. Freemason =51. Zionism =51. State of Israel =51. Surveillance =51. The 51st prime number is 233. Sarkar died aged exactly 2033 weeks old. That’s the 14th Fibonacci number after 144.

2016-06-01 (1).png

How’s the 666 squad car! Remember how the first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666? UCLA Shooting =144. Israeli Mossad =144. Government Sponsored Staged PsyOp =144. Shooting =44. Kill =44. Lone Gunman =44. MK-Ultra Assassin =44. Police State =44. Military =44. HASTI-SARKAR =44 (Mainak’s wife, whom he merked).

  • Notice the last three digits of the plate below: 1424. William Scott Klug =1242. [242+424] =666.  Dulyadeyn =666 (the mastermind of last year’s Kenya university massacre, killed on the very day of the UCLA shooting). Mohamud Dulyadeyn =69. State of Israel =69. Zionist operatives are overwhelmingly coded to 69.

Notice too the 54 on the eagle’s banner. UCLA Shooting =54.Israeli Mossad =54. False Flag Event =54. Terrorism =54. And as a cherry on top, this widely circulated photo of Sarkar with “Greenhouse” =54/117. Mainak Sarkar =54/117. The murder-suicide happened 11 months 17 days after his 38th birthday. Government Sponsored Hoax =117.

The shooting occurred in “Boelter Hall” =311. Specifically the “Engineering Building” =113. The UCLA Bruins have 113 NCAA titles, the most in America. Victim’s widow is “Mary Elise Richter Klug” =113. He was a professor of “Mechanical Engineering” =113. Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering =223. Sarkar is from “Saint Paul” =113. Saint Paul Minnesota =223.

  • BOELTER =262. SARKAR =262. Both in Jewish Gematria. Clinton =262. And now get this: it’s been 262 days since the shooting at Delta State University in CLEVELAND Misissippi. In that story, a teacher shot and killed another teacher after murdering a woman in another state. In this story, an ex-student shot and killed a teacher after murdering a woman in another state. Both were murder-suicides.

In the Delta State incident, the victim was one “Ethan Schmidt” =61. And now the follow-up mirror story on 6/1. The shooter was “Shannon Lamb” =322/113. It happened in Building 33, the school has 33,000 students on a campus size of 330 acres on the 33rd parallel. CLEVELAND =33. NBA FINALS =33.


PART II (the shit drags on)

On the exact day of the UCLA event, the mastermind of Kenya’s Garissa University attack was killed. Nice timing. That psyop happened on 2 April 2015, exactly 61 weeks before UCLA on 6/1. There were 227 casualties and it’s been 7 months 22 days between the UCLA shooting and the signing of Bill 707, which absolutely prohibits firearms on university campus. That’s the Pi connection (22/7 =3.14), history repeating and time as a fractal.

  • University of California Los Angeles =380, and Sarkar was 38 years old from “Minnesota” =38. Garissa =38/74. Masonic =38/74. Garissa =47. Al-Shabaab =47 (the patsy group). Star of David =47. Mafia =47.
  • Al-Shabaab =29. UCLA Campus =29. Garissa University Attack =292/142. Garissa happened on the 92nd day, 4/2, and killed 142 students. Terrorist =142.
  • Garissa began at 5:30. UCLA happened 5 months 30 days after psyop in ‘San Bernardino California’ =222 (the city founded on the 222nd day). UCLA =222. The Paris Attacks were flagged as lasting 222 minutes for several weeks until the number was slightly adjusted to fit the next agenda. 

The event at Garissa University killed 148 people. The UCLA event ended at 10:48. We’re told that Sarkar ran a blog called “thelongdarktunnel” =84. Shooting on UCLA Campus =84. Pearson Parkway =84, Sarkar’s home address where he killed his wife. United States of America =84, as good a summary statement as any. The militant wing of the planetary police state, which is to say the distraction element of a worldwide  sleight of hand.  Which is to further say we’ve all been brainwashed.  

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