Marlins Announce Ali’s Death Before Ali Dies

Immediately following a 6-2 loss to the Mets, Marlins Park displayed a tribute image of Muhammad Ali, jumping the gun some two hours before the news broke of his death. Signs of the scripted public death ritual. Marlins Park =132/51. Cassius Clay =132/51. Ali =132. The Greatest =501, and Marlins Park is located at 501 Marlins Way. (Zionism =51 / State of Israel =51 / Freemason =51 / Conspiracy =51). New York Mets =51. The tribute appeared on the jumbotron at 10:05 (Masonry =105 / Zionism =105). And just to complete the full circle, all the way around the bases, Muhammad Ali threw the first pitch on the opening day of Marlins Park, 1551 days before he died.

  • The ballpark opened on 5 March 2012, the 65th day of the leap year. Miami Florida =65. First Pitch =65/56. The Greatest =56. Ali won 56 fights and died of “Septic Shock” =56. Ali won his first heavyweight title in Miami Beach on the 56th day of 1964.
  • Miami Marlins =131/68. Championship =131/68. “Marlins Announce Muhammad Ali Is Dead” =131/311, as the tweet reads in the above linked article.

Marlins Park =69. New York Mets =69. Death of an Icon =690. Muhammad Ali Sacrifice =169. Miami =27. Marlins =270. MLB =27. Base =27. Ball =27. Mason’s =27. Ritual =27. Twenty-Seven =72. Parkinson’s Disease =72. Murder By Numbers =72.


    Muhammad Ali was molded in Miami, winning his first heavyweight championship there, as well as announcing his conversion to Islam and his opposition to the Vietnam War. Friends with Marlins owner ‘Jeffrey Loria’ =67 (Blood Sacrifice =67), Ali threw the opening pitch on 4/4, the number linked to damn near every single assassination in history. Muhammad =444. The Champ =444. Three-Time Lineal World Heavyweight Champion =440. Kill =44. Malcolm X shot on [2+21+1+9+6+5] =44, by ‘Charles Hagan’ =44, who received a 44-year sentence. The only joint public appearance by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King (who died on 4/4) came 4 months 4 days before the assassination of JFK, the 44th-term president, on ‘November Twenty-Second Sixty-Three’ =144, the first day of ‘Sagittarius’ =144. 

    Marlins lost 6-2 to the team that lost the last World Series to the Royals. Queen =62. Ritual Murders =62. The Star of David =62. Programmers =62. Powers That Be =62. Ali’s funeral will be held on the 162nd day of the year, 6/10. Like his 61 career fights. Ritual Murder =61.

    Marlins playing the Mets and predicting the future, as it were, reminds me of Back to the Future II (1989) where the Chicago Cubs win the World Series over the Miami Marlins in a sweep. [There was no baseball team in Miami until 1993, then called the Florida Marlins before changing their name to Miami Marlins, as prophecied in BTTF, on the auspicious date of 11/11/11.]

    And as a perfect reversal of the sweep in the movie set in 2015, the Cubs were swept by the Mets in the 2015 NLCS. Game One of that series was on 10/17, like Ali’s birthday of 1/17. Like how he has “Parkinson’s Disease” =117, same as Michael J Fox! Parkinson’s =46/136. Marty McFly =46/136. Ali died exactly 33 weeks after Game 1. Cassius Clay =33. 

    • Parkinson =63. The Prophet Mohammed died at age 63 and Ali died on 6/3.
    • Miami Beach=64. Miami FLA =64. Ali’s first world title in ’64 in Miami. Israel =64. Zion =64. Home Sweet Home =64, the sign we’re shown as Ali is slowly wheeled out to “throw” the first pitch on opening day of the same ballpark that leaked his death before it happened. The news of which coming on 6/4. Boxer =64. Beatles =64.


    4 thoughts on “Marlins Announce Ali’s Death Before Ali Dies

    1. An F-18 plane crashed the other day in Smyrna, Tennessee. Just recalled that Shabbatai Tzvi, the sometimes so-called “satanic Messiah of 1666” was born in Smyrna in Turkey. Of course it might well be just a coincidence.

      The story of Shabbatai Tzvi (or Shabtai Zvi) is worth checking out. It doesn’t come up that often, but it’s quite well documented, established through scholarly works. He was a strange Messiah figure with kabbalistic influence and a movement appearing in 1648 with Messianic claims and publicly declaring himself Messia in 1665, prior to the peculiar year of 1666, and with that also fanning a the millenarianist movement in the West.

      It was probably a fabricated movement for some purpose. One of the main figures behind it might have been Manasseh ben Israel, rabbi of Amsterdam. (This too is based on historical sources, see for example the picture “”Sabbatai Zevi enthroned, Tikkun, Amsterdam, 1666” on the Wikipedia page.)

      Manasseh ben Israel was also in contact with Oliver Cromwell in England, and millenarianism was widespread in England, and the Jews were allowed back to England starting with Cromwell’s rule. Later Amsterdam Jews also financed William III and the charter for the Bank of England was granted by him in 1694.

      By the way Shabtai also means Saturn in Hebrew. And Satan is quite often said to mean Saturn.

      There’s NATO exercise called BALTOPS 2016 is starting June 3, in the Baltic Sea region, running till June 18.

      According to this article on, the planet Saturn “will be at its best” on June 3.

      I’ve read somewhere else mentioned that the US ship USS Mount Whitney has docked in Tallin, Estonia for the exercise, and that this ship happened to dock in Georgia just prior the Russia-Georgian War in 2008 and was hanging around the coast of Libya when Gaddafi was taken down. Haven’t checked this yet, but still interesting to share.

      On a similar note, there was a NATO exercise going on the Black Sea, somewhat close to Ukraine, in July 2014, prior to the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17. There was also an international naval exercise going on in the area where the recently disappeared MS804 flew through.

      Some have mentioned numerology about flight MS804, like it it happened 804 days after the disappearance of MH370, the departure time was 11:09pm, reminiscent of 9-11, the plane flew at 37,000 feet, reminiscent of MH370.

      Similar things with the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash on July 17, 2014 in Ukraine.

      – the 17th prime number is 59
      – the 370th (for MH370) prime number is 2531
      -> 17+59+370+2531 = 2977, the (supposed) number of victims on 9/11

      – the MH17 was the 84th Boeing 777 built
      – the MH370 was the 404th Boeing 777 built
      -> 404-84 = 356
      -> the flight numbers on 9/11 added: 11+77+93+175 = 356

      – George H.W. Bush’ NWO speech: 9/11/1990
      – Ukraine gained independence on : 8/24/1991
      – the difference between the dates is: 347 days
      -> 347 is the 69th prime number

      – MH17 flew at 33,000 feet, flight level 330
      -> 330+17 = 347

      This numerology thing would stereotypically point to some kabbalistic thing that’s going on.

      Shabbatai Tzvi had a spiritual successor named Jacob Frank (who also had following), who ended up in the late 1700s as a baron in Offenbach, Germany, which is a town near Frankfurt. This is also the time when the Rothschilds from Frankfurt were ascending. By the way, the Rothschild family house was shared with the Schiffs. Jacob Schiff was born in that house in Frankfurt. The Schiffs are an old rabbinical family, there was also a David Tevele Schiff, chief rabbi of Great Britain from 1765. (Just to show the possible breath of connections and influence.)

      There’s a a conspiracy book by one Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman published in 1974 titled “To Eliminate the Opiate Vol. 1” which lays out research abut Shabbatean/Frankist circles (these are generally wealthy circles) and ties it into secret societies.

      (Why this rabbi wrote this book might also be somewhat suspicious, but leave this question alone for now.)

      There’s also a sequel, Volume 2, published in 2004. In it, he states that Hitler was concieved during a Frankist celebration in Vienna on the Ninth of Av in 1888.
      (The Shabbateans/Frankists had celebrations on the Jewish fast day Ninth of Av, which is by the way the 9th day of the 11th month in the civil year, so it’s kind of a 9/11.
      Ninth of Av fell on July 17 in 1888, about nine months later April 20, 1889 is Hitler’s birthday.)

      So this sounds ridiculous, but there’s this guy on YouTube who makes these videos about supposed Saturn numerolgy in various events, and WW2 and Hitler and Israel has quite a few and they mostly seem to check out. Which makes the case more interesting.


      Well some of the Nazis would subjectively pass as Jews, like Adolf Eichmann was Jewish. Also Theodor Morell, Hitler’s doctor. (Also quite a few others, like head of SS Reinhard Heydrich would pass as a half-Jew, and might have had a father named Suess.) And ultimately, one result of WW2, besides driving Germany into the ground by the Nazi regime, was the creation of Israel.

      (By the way, in 1939-40 in Warsaw, the Nazis rescued the Chabad Lubavich Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, predecessor and uncle of Menachem Mendel Schneerson.)

      There’s also a similar video on Trump.


      Which would mean it’s actually Trump who is scripted to become president.


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