The Ritual Sacrifice of Muhammad Ali


Cassius Marcellus Clay =74. Muhammad =74. The Champ =74. Dead at 74 (Killing / Jesus / Cross / Messiah / Lucifer / Masonic / Jewish). Sting Like A Bee =74. World Heavyweight Champion =1074. 1974 was the year of both the Rumble in the Jungle, promoted by “Don King” =74, and Ali’s defeat of “Frazier” =47. The Greatest =47. That was 42 years ago. Muhammad Ali =42, born in ’42 (Freemason / Zionism / Rio). Clay =424. He died 4 months 24 days after David Bowie. The coded death of yet another major icon.

  • Ali =132. Cassius Clay =132. Float like a Butterfly =119. Sting like a Bee =56. Star of David =119/56. Ali won 56 fights in his career, including his first world heavyweight title on the 56th day of the year, plus an Olympic gold medal 56 years ago and he died 5 months 6 days after Lemmy, who many people also call The Greatest. Lemmy =68. Boxing =68. Championship =68. Assassinated =68. Crucifixion =68.

The Prophet Muhammad died at age 63. Muhammad Ali passed away on 6/3/2016 like the sum of 1 through 63 equals 2016. Written as 3/6 we find the sum of 1 through 36 equals 666, just as 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016 and 6 to the power of 3 (6x6x6) =216. Year of the Dead Celebrity =216. Year of the Dead Celebrity Continues =2016. Dying on 6/3 is 63 days before the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Rio. Ali won gold at the ’60 Olympics, fitting with his birth numerology: 1+17+42 =60. Cassisus Clay =60. He died of “Lower Respiratory Tract Infection” =160 in the year ’16, the reflection of his 61 career fights. God =61, as he was worshipped by many. His funeral will be held on 6/10.

Cassius Clay =42. Muhammad Ali =42. LeBron James =42. This meme came in on May 25th as the Cavaliers knocked out the Raptors exactly 51 years after Ali knocked out Sonny Liston. THE GREATEST =501. It’s been 51 years since Cleveland has won a championship. CLEVELAND =51. FREEDOM DAY =51 (the 151st celebration of Juneteenth) which is June 19th, the date of Game 7 for the NBA. Muhammad Ali =334. NBA Champions =334. Muhammad =78. Cleveland =78. Muhammad Ali =96. Freedom Day =96. That day is 19/6. Ali died 19 weeks 6 days after his last birthday.

  • 51 years ago was 1965, the year of Super Bowl 33 where Green Bay beat “Cleveland” =33, sacrificed like Christ at age 33 after performing 33 miracles in the bible. Golden St =33. NBA Finals =33. Cassius Clay =33. CC=33. Float like a Butterfly =303.
  • Super Bowl 50 final score 10-24. Prince died on 4/21, the reflection. Sports Personality of the Century =421, as the BBC crowned him. It’s 12 days 4 months from that game to Juneteenth / Game 7.

Muhammad =304. Float Like A Butterfly Sting Like A Bee =340. Ali was born with life lesson numerology of [1+17+1+9+4+2] =34. Murder =34. Super Bowl 50 finished with a total score of 34 points. The 34th prime number is 139, like Ali dying 139 days after his 74th birthday. 34 is the 9th Fibonacci number and Ali died exactly 9 weeks before the Olympics kick off in “Rio” =139. ALI (1+3+9).

Lebron James =114. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. Game Seven NBA Finals =1014. Ali knocked out Cleveland Williams on 11/14 of 1966 at the Houston Astrodome. Houston site of the upcoming Super Bowl 51. Houston Texans =51. Houston Astros =51. Houston Tx =156. Cleveland Williams =1056. Sony Liston =1056. Many say that both Liston and Ali’s finest performances came against Williams.

  • Cleveland Big Cat Williams =1999, in Jewish G. He died in 1999 aged 66 (born 6/6) some 6119 days before Ali, or 16 years 9 months. Ali died from “Lower Respiratory Tract Infection” =169. Muhammad Ali Sacrifice =169. NBA’s Game 7 on 6/19. Cleveland Cavaliers =69. The Wine and Gold =69, their nickname. Emancipation Day =69. Death of an Icon =690.
    • 6/19 is Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating the abolition of slavery. Cassius Clay was named after a 19th century abolitionist and politicia, Cassius Marcellus Clay, who was appointed by Lincoln and died on 7/22 for the Pi cycle connect.
    • His nickname was “The Lion of White Hall” =94/202. Abolition of Slavery =94/220.
    • Emancipation Proclamation =113. Juneteenth =1103. Ali died 1 month 13 days after Prince, who died 3 months 11 days after Bowie. Ali also died 11 weeks 3 days before the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Juneenth =41. Clay =41. Champ =41. Icon =41. Sunni Islam =41 (Ali’s religion). LeBron James =41. King James =141. The Wine and Gold =141. Game 7 falls on numerology of [6+19+16] =41. Juneteenth =122. Golden State =122, site of Game 7 on the 171st day of the year, synched with Ali’s birthday on 17/1. Like Ali dying 117 days after Super Bowl 50 with its race-bait themes. PARKINSONS DISEASE =117, which afflicted Ali born on 1/17.


Win =46. Gulf =46. Parkinsons =46. Hero =46. Sacrifice =46. Suffocated =46. Democratic =46. Israeli =46. Louisville =46, Ali’s hometown, named after “King Louis XVI” =1032. Knockout Punch =1032. Cassius Clay =132. Ali =132. Louis XVI was guillotined 223 years ago. Float like a Butterfly Sting like a Bee Rumble Young Man Rumble =223. The NBA Finals =322.

  • Float Like A Butterfly =1135. Monarch Mind Control Product =1135. No Free Will =1135.
  • And think about how this legendary sports actor known as much for his mouth as his fists is stricken with a disease that removes his ability to speak before he dies of a respiratory problem, essentially suffocating on irony.

One of Ali’s nicknames was “The Louisville Lip” =206. He is the only “Three-Time Lineal World Heavyweight Champion” =206. Sacrifice =206. Rigged Pro Sports =206. Summer Olympics =1206. Champion =1206. God =26. Royal =26.

2 thoughts on “The Ritual Sacrifice of Muhammad Ali

  1. Great job by Bro Berg showing all of us exactly how a “Ritual Sacrifice” is performed. This Ali death should be a case study. I couple of small things that play in…

    Punch =311, and fits the 113 run. Also the word “knockout” comes to mind. Knockout Punch =1032 – Ali & Cassius Clay both =132, like was mentioned in the post. Knockout Punch =774. A Knockout =63, and Ali was knocked out for good on 6/3. – Knockout =62, & you have a 26 run in the Post.

    The Champ =74! Would have been a perfect lead into ur 74’s 😉 Champ =41, and fits the 41 run.

    The overall message of a sacrifice killing is crystal clear. Ali has been built up to take the big fall. This year is getting strange with alot of A-listers dying.

    G.O.A.T. = 43. Champion =43. And I really liked the angle involving Cleveland =78. Muhammad =78.


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