Kimbo Slice, Muhammad Ali, and Harambe: Racist Coding and Ritual Sacrifice

UFC star Kimbo Slice has died, in what I thought was surely my mind playing tricks on me when I heard the news. Yet another superstar worshipped by many as the greatest. In another connection to the Cleveland Cavs and their projected Finals outcome, not only does “Lebron James” =42 (as you’ll see below) but Kimbo was in a ventilator and scheduled to be shipped from Florida to Cleveland, of all places, just as Lebron went from Miami to Cleveland. Reports say he checked himself into the hospital on 6/3, the day Ali died, and seemed fine. The next day he was dead.

  • There seems to be a racist theme at play here, starting with the psyop of the murdered mountain gorilla named Harambe at the Cincinatti Zoo. Muhammad Ali =42. Kimbo Slice dead at 42. Kimbo’s actual surname “Ferguson” =42. Nigger =42. Gorilla =74. Kimbo born in ’74 and Ali dead at 74. Muhammad =74. Kimbo’s last fight was against “Dhafir Harris” =74.

Kimbo’s real name is Kevin Ferguson, subconsciously connected to the race-baited police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri. (*Brown died on 8/9, making it 666 days between incidents). Kimbo’s weight is listed at 234 lbs (234+432=666) and he died in ‘Coral Springs Florda’ =216 (6x6x6). The NBA Finals =666. 

Harambe weighed 440 lbs (Kimbo Slice =44) and was shot and killed the day after his brithday, when a little boy fell into his enclosure. Forty-Four =144. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden =144. Ali died 144 hours after Harambe. Kimbo died “Ten Days Later” =144. Kill =44/17. Harambe just turned 17 years old. Kimbo died exactly 17 weeks after his birthday. Ali born on 1/17 and had “Parkinson’s Disease” =117. The sum of 1 through 17 equals 153. Brookfield Zoo =153. Endangered Species =153.

  • Muhammad Ali (of Rumble in the Jungle fame) was born on 1/17. Silverback Gorilla =1107. Harambe was born on May 27th, the 147th day of ’99. Endangered Western Lowland Gorilla =147. Working Together For Freedom =147, which is what Harambe means (and the subtitle of the song by Rita Marley after which he’s named).
  • Silverback =39. Kimbo Slice born on the 39th day of the year. Slavery =39.

And on that racist tip, with the “Nigger” =42. Muhammad Ali =42. Cassius Clay =42. Ferguson =42 (aka Kimbo Slice) dying at 42. Joel Ward, the only black hockey player in the Stanley Cup Finals (let alone the entire playoffs) wears #42. Just like the Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player, was made to wear #42. Freemason =42. Zionism =42.



Also, the last public outcry over a shot animal psyop was Cecil the Lion, which happened exactly 333 days before Harambe. Kimbo died 3 months 30 days after his 42nd birthday, or 119 days. Lion =119. His last fight was against Dada5000 aka “Dhafir Harris” =119. That’s the call-sign of the inner sanctum, the Secret Society that runs shit and stages psyops and whacks celebrities as required. Blue Chip Assassination =119. Order of Death =119. Divine Rule =119. All-Seeing Eye =119.

6 thoughts on “Kimbo Slice, Muhammad Ali, and Harambe: Racist Coding and Ritual Sacrifice

  1. Awesome work on the Michael Brown connection…

    Kill = 44
    Muhammad Ali died “44” days after Prince…
    Kimbo Slice = 44
    “Muhammad Ali” = 42
    -Born in “42”
    -Diagnosed with Parkinson’s at “42”

    Kimbo Slice died at “42”……
    -was born in “74”…

    Muhammad Ali died at 74…
    – was born in “42”

    “Muhammad” = 74

    Kimbo died “47” days after Prince…
    (the reflection of 74)

    Kimbo’s real name:
    Kevin Ferguson = 67

    Princes Birthday is 6/7…….

    Prince was born in “58”

    Kimbo died on the “158th” day of the year…

    Kevin Ferguson = 996

    Much like the date he died… 6/6/9
    (2016 = 9)

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  2. Muhammad Ali fought in the “Rumble in the Jungle”(Gorilla symbolism) on October 30,1974.

    The associated music festival 6weeks prior to promote the fight was called Zaire 74. Zaire 74 was a three-day live music festival that took place on September 22 to 24, 1974. Both events took place in Kinshasa, Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) on October 30, 1974 (at 4:00 am). Held at the 20th of May Stadium. Harambe the Gorilla was born on (May 27, 1999 and died on– May 28, 2016). 5/20, 5/27, 5/28. Harambe is the motto for Kenya in Africa and also tradition of community self-help events practiced in several African countries and also the name of a Rita Marley(Bob Marleys wife) song and also the song this same Gorilla was named after. Kenya not too far from “The Rumble in the Jungle”. Most definitely race psyop attack and programming. Nice connection! Keep it up!

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