The Georgian Assassination Attempt of George W Bush

George W Bush survived an assassination attempt on 10 May 2005 in Tbilisi, Georgia, when a man named Vladimir Arutyunian tossed a hand grenade wrapped in a hankerchief at the podium while Bush spoke. It was a dud and he was sentenced to life in prison where he converted to Islam. Or so we’re told. George in Georgia eh. As we’ve established, the number 44/144 is coded into every assassination and/or attempt throughout history – and this one is no different. TBILISI =44. GEORGIA =44. ARUTYUNIAN =144. It happened exactly 44 weeks after Bush’s 58th birthday. GEORGE W BUSH =58. WAR CRIMINAL =58. FREEMASONRY =58. (Notice the Georgian flag and its Templar crosses). That’s also 58 days before his next birthday. My, how incidental.

  • Vladimir =43. What do ya know. George W Bush was the 43rd President. His father was the 43rd Vice-President. GHW Bush =43. And his brother Jeb was the 43rd governor of Florida. Bloodline =43. Yale =43, where the Bushes attended Skull & Bones, the 322. There are 43 days left in the year on the 322nd day.
  • Vladimir Arutyunian =106. May Tenth =106. Prophecy =106. Assassination Threat =106. The attempt came 59 days after Arutyunian’s 38th birthday. Kill =59. Death =38.
  • Vladimir Arutyunian =88. Vladimir =88. Tbilisi Georgia =88. GHW Bush =88. The Agency =88. Moscow =88.

Arutyunian was born on the 71st day of the year and captured 71 days after the hit attempt. Seventy-One =144. The Star of David =71. Mossad =71. Ritual Murders =71. Terrorists =71. During his capture there was a gunfight that killed the head of Georgian counterintelligence, “Zurab Kvlividze” =71. That’s also 10 weeks 1 day. Assassin =101. Lone Nut =101. Arutyunian was sentenced to life in prison 77 weeks 1 day after the attempt. George Walker Bush =177. The sentencing came just five days before the release of the mockumentary, Death of a President, about the fictional assassination of George W Bush (below). Primo PR timing.


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