76ers on 7/6. Rook’s Deathday / Iverson’s Birthday

76ers assistant coach Sean Rooks dies on ex-76er Alan Iverson’s birthday, 7/6. That’s June 7th. Although “Blood Sacrifice” =67. Get a load of that ink: HOLD MY OWN =48. IVERSON =48. SPORTS ACTORS =48. ILLUMINATI =48. It’s not the only numerological branding: ALLEN IVERSON =56. THREE =56. The Greatest =56. Thirty-Three =156, the 911th prime. Rooks/Iverson comes 9 months 11 days after the death of Darryl Dawkins.

Several months ago we had a pair of legendary 76ers, Moses Malone and Darryl Dawkins, bite the dust 17 days apart. Then 76 days after Malone dies, the 76ers lose their 17th game in a row to start this season 0-17. Turns out 76 days is equal to 10 weeks 6 days (Allen Iverson =1060). Rooks born with numerology of [9+9+19+69] =106. Prophecy =106.

  • Allen =44/17 (Kill =44/17). Iverson =39/102 (Silverback =39/102).
  • Dawkins dies on the 239th day of 2015 during the 239th year of America as Philadelphia was the nation’s original capital (and the original hometown of the Golden State Warriors). It’s 239 days beteen the death of Coach Saunders and Game 7 on 6/19.


Sean Rooks =117. Muhammad Ali was born 1/17 and had “Parkinson’s Disease” =117. Kimbo Slice died exactly 17 weeks after his birthday and Harambe the gorilla was 17 years 1 day old when he died. Game 7 if necessary is on the 171st day of the year. That coincides with the holiday of “Juneteenth” =41, which falls on numerology of [6+19+16] =41. LeBron James =41. Champ =41. Golden State =41. Iverson just turned 41.

  • ROOKS =33, died 3 months 3 days before his 47th birthday, which is 9/9. Cavaliers =909. Allen Ezail Iverson =199, the 46th prime number, as Rooks died at age 46. September Ninth =69/168. Cleveland Cavaliers =69/168. New York City =69/168, where Rooks was born. It’s exactly 69 weeks between Coach Saunders last living birthday and Game 7 on 6/19.
  • Rooks played for a spell with the Timberwolves, whose head coach we saw sacrificed right before this season started. FLIP SAUNDERS =144, born on 2/23. So incriminating already. So prime. Saunders died 42 days Moses Malone. Read the previous few posts to get some 42 context.

Saunders born on 2/23 and died 32 weeks 2 days before Rooks. That’s 227 days, the reference to Pi. Steph Curry’s birthday is Pi Day, 3/14. Iverson was inducted into the hall of fame 888 days after he retired. Golden State =122. Circle Within Circles =122, which is one way to think about fractal time cycle as expressed through Pi.

2015 NBA Finals - Game Five

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