Nigerian Coach Keshi Joins Greatest In Afterglow

The situation is now out of control. Nigerian football legend Stephen Keshi has died, yet another black man sacrificed. Nicknamed “Big Boss”, Keshi is the most successful black African coach of all time, one of two people to win the Cup of Nations as a player and manager, and the only black African to coach in the knockout phase of the World Cup. Yet another of The Greatest Of All Time. The goats led to slaughter here in the year of the 666. STEPHEN KESHI =58/139. FREEMASONRY =58/139.

  • Big Boss =250. Keshi =25. Superhero =125, as he was known. Just like Ali, Prince, Bowie, Lemmy… Nigeria =63. Nigerian president “Goodluck Jonathan” =63/171. Like Ali born 17/1 and dying 6/3. Like Game 7 on the 171st day.
  • His middle name “Okechukwu” =55 and he died at 55 (exactly 2888 weeks old). That’s 4 months 7 days after his birthday (he played for the “Super Eagles” =47 and died in “Benin City” =47) and 239 days until his next. The 239th prime is 52. Keshi =52, here in the 239th year of America.

Keshi was born on the most auspicious date for major sports succcess: 1/31. Championship =131. Cleveland Comeback =131. [1+31+61] =93. Rothschild Zionist =93. [1+31+19+61] =112. Zionist =112. Victory =112. 


Despite Wikipedia listing his birthday as 1/31/61, conflicting reports say Keshi was born on 1/23/62. That works with the ongoing ritual as [1+23+1+9+6+2] =42. Nigger =42. Muhammad Ali =42, born in ’42 and diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 42. Kimbo Slice dead at age 42. NBA Finals =42. Etc.

  • This date difference may be part of the cored riddle, however, as the two points form a temporal distance of exactly 51 weeks. Keshi scored a career 51 goals. Cleveland =51 and the city hasn’t won a championship in 51 years.

Nigeria wears ‘Green’ =137, the 33rd prime. Keshi was married to his wife for 33 years. Cleveland =33. Cavs scored 33 points in the first quarter of Game 3. Kyrie, from the SI cover, had 16 of those points. Sixteen =33. GSW scored 16 points.


2 thoughts on “Nigerian Coach Keshi Joins Greatest In Afterglow

  1. Sorry yet again for a somewhat off-topic post but it is at least soccer-related:

    Did Match of the Day foreshadow the RISE* of English soccer star Harry Kane?

    “Harry Kane” in the English Reduction system equals 47

    “Dave Grohl” in the English Reduction system equals 47

    “Harry Kane” in the English Sumerian system equals 606

    Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl’s band) have a studio called 606:
    “The last two albums we’ve made in my basement in Virginia, but now that everyone lives in California we decided to move the basement studio out to California and build a headquaters [sic] of our own.”

    So he lived in Viriginia; was/is Dave Grohl a CIA agent?

    *The name Harry Kane reminds me of Michael Caine – who was in “Harry Brown” (2009) and “The Dark Night Rises'” (2012) which featured the villain Bane, which rhymes with Kane.


  2. BB…”ritual.sacrifices”…granted.there.are.numbers..involved…I.get.that….however;(…someone!?)…after.all…they.are……………alot.of.times””


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