King James VI and the Cavaliers of Charles – The NBA Finals Historic Tribute to Royalty


As we’ve been exploring, rigged sports championships are highly coded tributes to not only the Vatican and the Jesuits, but the Royal Family and the Crown of England. The NBA Finals is an excellent example of this alphanumeric operation in full effect, and the answer to its outcome may be hidden three centuries in the past. This hefty report is a blues riff in B, so watch me for the changes and try to keep up. 

The key date I’ve discovered as a trigger point is March 27th. On this day in history (1566) King James VI/I of Scotland and England died and his second son, Charles I took the throne. James was a touch tryannical and Charles was a bit of a hipster, his garish style in fashion and general preference of the materialistic to the spiritual earning him and his crew the derogatory nickname of Cavaliers. (His Royalists were then known as the Cavaliers during the English Civil War). King James, as now represented by LeBron, was born on June 19th – the very day of the upcoming Game Seven if needed. Not only would this make the perfect synchronicity of King James winning on the 450th birthday of King James, but it’s also Father’s Day and the abolitionist holiday of Juneteenth – perfectly in step with the ongoing racial themes. There is yet a further line drawn between coordinates in this triangulation as the American Civil War was said to be fought over slavery, and the English Civil War culminated in the decapitation of old King Charles.

  • Prophecy =106. Game Three on 10/6 came 10 weeks 6 days after the Golden State Warriors beat the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers on our stated anniversary target date of 3/27 (Warriors originally from Philadelphia, the original capital of America).
  • The NBA Finals began on what is typically the 106th day of the year and it’s 10 weeks 6 days between our Game Seven projection and the Final Four victory by the Vatican-affiliated Villanova on April Fourth.

King James VI/I has birth numerology of [6+19+15+66] =106. The Philadelphia Train Derailment of 12 May 2015 was said to be traveling at 106 mph when it crashed. That’s equal to 171 km/h and Game Seven is on the 171st day of the year. English Civil War =171. We’ve been seeing variations of 171 and 117 lately, such as Muhammad Ali born on 1/17 or 17/1 and dying 117 days after the Super Bowl. Parkinson’ Disease =117. From 3/27 to Game 7 is exactly 1 year 1 month 7 days. Then it’s 1 month 17 days from Game 7 to the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympics. We just saw the sacrifice of ex-76ers coach “Sean Rooks” =117 whose NBA debut was 11/7. The Royalists =171.

  • The aformentioned game on 3/27 finished with a score of 117-105 for Golden State. Seventy-Sixers =105. Steph Curry has birth numerology of [3+14+88] =105. British Royal Family =105. The 76ers won the Finals 33 years ago and Philadelphia celebrated its 333rd birthday on opening day of the present NBA season — 33 days before the 333rd day of the year when the 76ers went 0-18 (while Warriors went 18-0) shooting 33.3% from the 3-point zone. Kobe =33 also announced his retirement on this auspicious day, 11/29/15. That’s 6 months 22 days (203 days) before Game Seven with LeBron wearing the #23. King of England and Scotland =226, as the original James was known.
  • Cleveland =33. NBA Finals =33, which began 33 days after Curry’s birthday on Pi Day, 3/14. From his birthday to Game Three is 22 months 7 days and from opening day to Game Three is 227 days. 22/7 the fraction representing Pi, 3.14, just as “Twenty-Two Divided By Seven” =314. Cavaliers Win Game Seven =227. 
  • It should be noted that on 3/27/14, Obama met Pope Francis for the first time at the Vatican. He brought the cryptic gift of carrot seeds. Carrot =314. Sowing the seeds of fractal time, as it were. That’s 2 years 2 months 23 days before Game 7.

If the Warriors clean up in Game Five it will be exactly 33 weeks since opening day. That would also put the Cavs in the history books for teams starting the NBA Finals down 1-3 to finish 0-33. From Curry’s birthday to Game Seven is 13 weeks 7 days, the 33rd prime. The number of sacrifice, Jesus dying at 33 after performing 33 miracles in the King James Bible.  Lions =33.


The Cavaliers now have the opportunity to launch a mighty comeback, just as the Warriors did down 1-3 against the Thunder, and make it 1-32. That Philly Trainwreck (the queen bee of a series of trainwreck riddles since) occurred on the 132nd day of the year. It crashed at 9:23 PM. Lebron James =923. He starred in the movie Trainwreck, which opens on a 9-year-old girl before flashing forward 23 years. Remember that Pope Francis visited America on his 923rd day as Pope and visited the White House on 9/23 at 9:23 AM.

  • That date of Yom Kippur, the start of the Jubilee Year, can of course also be expressed as 23/9. Like the recent EgyptAir 804 departing at 23:09 in the 239th year of America before vanishing like MH-370 with its 239 people aboard on the day that leaves 23 days 9 months in the year. Missing EgyptAir Plane =239, as the headlines read, and it crashed 239 days after 23/9. EgyptAir 804 went down 33 days (4 weeks 4 days) before Game 7.
  • Two days before the season started we saw the ritual sacrifice of Timberwolves’ coach Flip Saunders — he died 239 days before Game Seven. Flip Saunders =54. Oracle =54. The Royalists =54. And the ‘flip’ of 54 synchs up with King James’s 450th birthday.

And if the Finals do indeed go seven games, the duration since the opening game of the season on 10/27 (Cavaliers losing to the Bulls) will be 7 months 23 days, the reflection of 327 back to our key anchor point date. That’s also 33 weeks 5 days. C L E = 3 3 5. During Game Three in Cleveland, the fans were given shirts reading CLE. Is this yet another CLuE for Game 7? There are 335 days left on 1/31. Championship =131. Let’s run some more durations from March 27th, which incidentally was Easter Sunday this year.

3/27 to Game 5 is 11 weeks 1 day. Virginia State Cavaliers are in their 111th year and 11th coach, Tony Bennett. Royals won the 111th World Series on 11/1 in ‘New York’ =111 after Harvey’s 111th and final pitch connected with a .111 batter. (Kansas City Royals =212 / Prince Charles of Wales =212). It’s also 1 year 1 month 1 day from the Philly Trainwreck, or 56 weeks 6 days. King James born in 1566. Thirty-Three =156. Game 7 comes exactly 33 weeks after the Royals won the World Series, ha.

  • Virginia Cavaliers =89. King James =89. There are 1189 chapters in the King James Bible. Coach Tony Bennett collapsed to the floor during a Final Four tournament game before getting back up and returning for the win. That happened 2 months 27 days before Game 5, suggesting a repeat of a comeback. That’s also 3 months 3 days before Game 7. 

3/27 to Game 6 is 11 weeks 4 days (81 days / Charles I of England =81) and 1 year 1 month 4 days since the Philly Trainwreck. Prince Charles born 11/14 of ’48. It’s 48 days from Game 7 to Rio Opening Ceremony. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. LeBron James =114. James =48. Charles I =48, executed at age 48. King James VI =48. Six Six Six =48.

  • From our 3/27 Easter launchpad to Game Seven is 84 days or the almighty 2 months 23 days, like Flip Saunders 2/23 birthday. That’s also 2016 hours here in 2016 (Cleveland’s area code is the 216) and 2 months 16 days after 4/4. And yes, 6x6x6 =216 and 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. The NBA Finals =666.
  • And from the Philly Trainwreck ritual to Game Seven is a very juicy 404 days. Pope Francis =404. Prince Charles =404. King James =44. James IV And I =44/71, as the original King was known. James died with numerology of 44 and 71. “James VI And I” =107, like the NBA Finals starting on the 107th day of the year, 10 months 7 days after 4/4. Kill =17/44. James I became King of the Scots on 4/4. Cleveland Cavaliers =1707. Father’s Day =44/107 (conveniently coinciding with Game 7).

March Twenty-Seventh =243. Six Nineteen Sixteen =234. Cleveland Wins Game Seven =234. Golden State Warriors =243. King James began his reign as King of England on 24/3. March Twenty-Fourth =327, notice the full circle? He began his British reign in 1603 and died 391 years before 2016, a close mirror between 163/391. This triplet image below is the son of James, King Charles.


King James VI/I has birth numerology of [6+1+9+1+5+6+6] =34 (it’s exactly 34 weeks from Flip Saunder’s death to 6/19) and [6+19+1+5+6+6] =43. The 14th prime is 43 and this is the 14th finals rematch of the year prior. There’s been an awful lot of 34/43 coding as of late.

To summarize the theory that the NBA Finals is in part a tribute to Royalty, Game Seven would be the 120th all-time matchup between the Warriors and the Cavs. King James VI =120. Illuminati =120. The Church of Illumination =120. King William =120. Golden Ratio =120. The Architect =120. Kingdom of God =120. British Royal Family =120. The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020.

14 thoughts on “King James VI and the Cavaliers of Charles – The NBA Finals Historic Tribute to Royalty

  1. Brilliant.
    Stanley cup finals end tonight pal. Sharks lose 2-4 in their 24th season.
    It’s 17 weeks and 1 day since the story about the missing penguins.
    San Jose california = 171.
    The story had a video linked with it, was 1 minute 26 seconds long.
    Frederick arthur stanley = 126 and 261.
    Today’s date 12/6 in the year 216.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome finds. Yep, Pens go 4-2 after the last game’s 4-2 score with the empty-netter coming moments after the stat appeared of the goalie’s record 42 saves.

      And now we got even more 117/171 and 26/62 connects with this Orlando PsyOp. Her Majesty The Queen of England =126. Illuminati Ritual =1206. Hillary born on 10/26 and 1260 days is 42 months.


    • This is more then your average Blog Post. Brother Berg is the best at tying Ancient History to Modern Day. All the points he made have my mind racing, & I believe the symmetries to be undeniable, and hopefully proved w/ a Cavs Game 7 Win.

      Picking up on what Wayne said. I like the – Penguins =42 to finish the series tonight 4-2. Today is the Twelfth Of June =204. San Jose Sharks =42, but its not their 24th season – its their 25th – they even wear a huge patch on their jersey’s saying so.

      25 years is called – Silver Anniversary =87. Sidney Crosby wears #87 was born on 8/7 in the year ’87.

      Further picking up on Wayne’s comments – San Jose California =171, 1026.

      Anthony Wayne =165. Twelfth Of June =165.

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