The Kalamazoo Bicycle Tragedy Riddle

Bicycle Tragedy =67, on 6/7. Kalamazoo MI =54. A pickup truck plows into a group bike ride, killing 5 and wounding 4 others, synched with the place Gematria. This “Hit-and-Run” =109 comes 109 days after the Uber Massacre in the same Michigan city, the one with the memorable name back in the propaganda again. The kill-spree driver in February was named “Jason” =59. Uber Driver =59. Kill =59. Kalamazoo Michigan =159. June 7th is the 159th day of the year. Oracle =159/54, the Golden State Warriors home arena and location of the previously discussed Game 7 versus “The Royalists” =54.

  • The driver that killed the cyclists: Charles Pickett Junior =93. Propaganda =93. Charles Pickett Jr =1174. New World Order =174. That name reminds me of Charles Pinckney, who was the slave owner of the relatives of Clementa Pinckney who was murdered in the Charleston Church Shooting of 6/17/15. That’s exactly 51 weeks before this bike accident. PICKETT =504. He killed 5 injured 4.

Vehicular manslaughter reminds me of the incident at the Oklahoma State Homecoming when a car smashed into a crowd of people. That happened 119 days before the Uber Massacre and 227 days before the Chain Gang crash, both spicy numbers. An interview for the Uber psyop went down at the courthouse located at 227 W Michigan Ave. The psycho driver’s car was a “Silver Chevrolet HHR” =227. Of course that’s the fraction for Pi: 22/7 =3.14 just as “Twenty-Two Divided By Seven” =314. The receipt of his murderous fare worked out to $3.14. On 3/14, Pi Day, Dalton was back in the news claiming that he was mind-controlled by his iPhone.

June 10th is 2 months 27 days after 3/14. That’s also Ali’s funeral. 6/10 like the nickname for Kalamazoo “K-Zoo” =610. Like “Gordon Howe” =61, dying on 6/10. The Uber driver “Jason Brian Dalton” =61. Rampage =61. The bike group was called “The Chain Gang” =61. Simultaneous to the OSU crash, a drunk driver from “Mitchelville” =61 smashed into a homecoming parade crowd in “Dover Delaware” =61.

  • The twin homecoming hit-and-runs happened 444 weeks 4 days after the Virginia Tech shooting. It’s was originally reported the OSU crash killed 4 wounding 44. That’s equivalent to 74, like the zip code in Stillwater, 74074, and the 74,000 population of Kalamazoo.

The Kalamazoo Shooting Spree ended at 10:24 PM. As it turns out, the OSU Homecoming Crash was on 10/24. That day leave 68 remaining, which connects with the bike crash news breaking on the date 6/8. The Yom Kippur War ended on 10/24 in 1973, that’s 42 years before the incident at “Oklahoma State” =42 with the drunk driver named “Chambers” =42. Kalamazoo is on the 42nd parallel and the incident was marked as the 42nd mass shooting of the year.

  • As the Yom Kippur War (aka the Ramadan War, as we’re now in the longest Ramadan in 33 years) ended on this 10/24 date, so too did the Thirty Years War end in 1648. That’s a span of 325 years, which pops out in connection to the date 5/23, its mirror, which was ascertained through the Kalamazoo Massacre coding.


One thought on “The Kalamazoo Bicycle Tragedy Riddle

  1. Brother Berg, If you recall on the same day (10/24) as the OSU homecoming car crash which involved a driver by the name of Adacia Chambers, there was the Porthcawl nightclub car crash in the uk involving a driver by the name of Ryan Ford.
    The names Adacia and Ford were curious as they relate to car manufacturers.
    A DACIA (Automobile Dacia) is a Romanian car manufacturer. Porthcawl in the county of Bridgend has Ford manufacturing.
    Subsequently, on 10/30 there was the Romanian nightclub fire.
    Dacia cars are a subsidiary of French car giant Renault.
    Then on 10/31 there was the metrojet plane crash killing 224 passangers ( co-inciding with the 224 French Republican calender year).
    On 11/13 there was the Paris event, involving the metro station.
    Now we are back to the nightclub shooting, involving the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando.


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