The Voice Singer Sacrificed for the Queen


Christina Grimmie, an American singer known for her appearance on the reality TV show The Voice, was shot and killed while signing autographs after a show in Orlando. She died on numerology of [6+11+16] =33 and was shot 3 weeks 3 days before 7/4. Grimmie =74. Christina Victoria Grimmie =137, the 33rd prime. She was shot at a theatre called “The Plaza Live” =137. Green =137, as the Queen wore on her official 90th birthday, the same day Grimmie died. Voice Singer =90. Christina Victoria =90. Ninety =33. The date of 11/6 in England, as in “Royalty”=116. Matriarchy =116. Reptilian =116. Illuminati Family =1116. She was shot 11 months 6 days after the last 7/4, the 239th birthday of America.

  • 1116 like the tattoo on Danny Willett, the English winner of the Masters. CNN makes sure we see Grimmie’s tattoo: 2P. The 16th letter is P so that’s a hidden 216, as in 6x6x6 =216. Year of the Dead Celebrity =216. She was shot 2160 hours after celebrating her last birthday on 3/12.

She died 13 weeks 1 day after her 22nd birthday, the Master Builder number. Prince Charles =131. Championship =131. Another royal sacrifice during a championship.

Grimmie was shot three times shortly after the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors, 108-97. Drop the zero and that’s 1897, the Diamond Jubilee year for Queen Victoria. Just a coincidence that Grimmie’s middle name is “Victoria” =97, like the Cav’s score. Neon Green =97. Queen Elizabeth =970, who overtook Queen Victoria as the longest reigning monarch. Princess Charlotte =97, who made her Royal Debut. Cav’s player Kevin Love born on 9/7, returned to the lineup that night. Ninety-Seven =62. Queen =62. King Charles =62. If elected, Hillary will be the 62nd woman on planet Earth elected to lead a country.

  • She was shot 3 times and finished the 6th season of The Voice in “Third Place” =51. She has an EP titled “Find Me” =51. Rockstar =51. Freemason =51. Zionism =51. Cleveland =51, like the city’s 51 year championship drought. Cleveland Cavs =51. Lebron James =51. The Queen’s official birthday comes 51 days after her actual birthday, on which Prince was sacrificed. The Artist Formerly Known As Prince =151. Royalty =1051.

Third Place =96 and the Queen’s birthday coincided with the parade known as “Trooping The Colour” =96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. British Royal Family =96.


Voice =54. On which Grimmie performed the song “Wrecking Ball” =54. Love =54, like Kevin and Christina’s album With Love. Oracle =54, the arena where the Warriors had their win streak snapped at 54 games. The Royalists =54. Like the driver named “Pickett” =504 killing 5 cyclists and injuring 4 in “Kalamazoo MI” =54. Steph Curry =54, born in ’88. Grimmie was shot while “Signing Autographs” =88. The Voice =880.

  • The Voice =60/87. Kevin James Loibl =60/87, the name of the man who shot her, coded up with a convenient double-point match. And his middle name just happens to match with LeBron and Kevin Love. Kevin Loibl =48/666. Six Six Six =48. James =48. King James VI =48. Hollywood =48. Illuminati =48.
  • The sum of first 144 decimal points of Pi equals 666. Mark of the Beast =144. Killer =144. Orlando Florida =144. Royal Sacrifice =144. Prince Nelson =144. Prince William =144. Grimmie =444.
  • Grimmie’s one and only LP is called “With Love” =42/114. LeBron James =42/114. The Voice =42. NBA Finals =42. The album peaked at #101 on the American charts. Loibl =101 (and how many fucking Loibls do you know?) Christina =101.  Philadelphia =101. Blood Sacrifice To The Beast =101. Asassin =101/606.

Voice =27. Loibl was 27 years old. Twenty-Seven Club =66. Rockstar Slaying =66. Kevin Loibl =66. LeBron =66. King =66. The Triple Six =66. The Twenty-Seven Club =72. Voice Singer =72. She was born on the 72nd day of the year.

Grimmie was shot in Florida after performing with her band “Before You Exit” =170. Florida =170. Grimmie =170. Cleveland Cavaliers =1707. Father’s Day =107, which is the last Game 7 of the NBA Finals which began on the 107th day of the year. Game 7 on the 171st day. The Royalists =171. Wrecking Ball =117 and Grimmie died 11 months 7 days into the 239th year of America. Warriors set a NBA playoff record with 17 threes on the night Grimmie died, 7 weeks 1 day after the Queen’s actual birthday. Royalty =71. Rockstar Killing =71. Musicians Killed =71.

7 thoughts on “The Voice Singer Sacrificed for the Queen

  1. Grimmie was 22.
    There’s soccer (11 v 11) on atm with Euro 2016 in France.
    Cricket is also 11 v 11 players and the cricket pitch is 22 yards long. There is cricket at Lord’s at the moment.


  2. …from the New York Times, June 11, 2016 ( Saturday )

    “Ms. Grimmie was “critically injured” when police officers arrived at the venue on Friday night and died of her injuries at a hospital at about 3am, Saturday, according to a police statement.”

    Police statement in NYT or Wicca-pedia? 3am….

    None, I think THEY take us all for fools. Learn gematria and their symbols to see through their wall of lies and deception.


  3. Have you seen her “Tell My Mama” video? Don’t you think it’s odd how the guy that turns into the evil villain in the end is that guy that is stalking her and he looks a lot like the guy who shot her? Also, it says when he pulls out the gun in the end, “to be continued”. There is more to this than I could have imagined.


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