Geraldine Ferraro and the Long Game Programming for Queen Hillary

Geraldine Ferraro =156/93. She was the first female vice presidential candidate representing a major American political party. Ferraro also served in the 2008 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. She died on 26 March 2011, born on 26 August 1935, like Hillary born on 26 October 1947. Twenty-Six =42 (Lady / Female / Freemason / Satanism / Zionism). Queen =26. Royal =26. And the New York Times article: To Understand Clinton’s Moment, Consider That It Came 32 Years After Ferraro’s

Bitch =122. Ferraro accepted the democratic nomination to run for VP in 1984. Clinton accepted the democratic nomination to run for Prez in 2016. Trailblazing ladies, 32 years apart. America =32. Ferraro =302. Clinton clinched exactly 32 weeks after her birthday on 6/6. President =660. Woman =66. Queen Hillary =66, with 66 days left on her birthday. The Bitch Is Back =66. Thirty-Three =66. Clinton =33. Ferraro died from “Multiple Myeloma” =66, on numerology of [3+26+2+0+1+1] =33. Thirty-Three =156. Geraldine Ferraro =156. Clinton clinched 156 days before the election. The President of the United States =156.

  • Clinton born 10/26. She was confirmed to speak at AIPAC 10 months 26 days (333 days) after her campaign announcement. And from that AIPAC promotion to her confirmation on 6/6 was 12 weeks 6 days. The worst mass shooting in history occurred on 12/6/2016.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. Hillary For America =193, the 44th prime. Geraldine Ferraro =93.

1872 was the first female presidential candidate in American history: Victoria Woodhull =2204. Clinton clinched the nomination 224 days after her birthday. 1872 was 144 years ago. Hillary Rodham =144. Queen Clinton of the United States =144. Hillary for America =1044. Queen Hillary Clinton =1404.

  • Woodhull =1252/660. Washington DC =1252. President =660.
  • She was known for her support of “Free Love” =88. Feminism =88. Gender Confusion =88. Communist Conspiracy =88. Trump =88.

Women’s Suffrage =1032. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. Hillary Clinton =1032.

Ferraro died on the 85th day. HILLARY =85. From her death to Hillary’s 6/6 nomination is a clean 1900 days. FORTY-FIFTH PRESIDENT HILLARY CLINTON =190. GERALDINE ANNE FERRARO =190. Damn, that’s some planning ahead.

  • And from the death of Oveta Hobby, the only woman considered for presidential candidacy by an incumbent president (Eisenhower), to Clinton clinching on 6/6 was another tight duration: 7600 days. Pennsylvania Avenue =76.


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