LeBron the Undertaker

LeBron rocks a shirt of The Undertaker for practice and press conference, a fashion move that could understandably be viewed as distasteful coming in the wake of America’s worst ever mass shooting (which was most likely as staged as the NBA Finals and the WWE). Notice he sits at 10.3 rebounds like the 103 casualties in Orlando and the patsy “Omar Mir Seddique Mateen” =103, all on the day of the “Seventieth Tonys” =103. And LeBron is 31 years old.

  • UNDERTAKER =45, 117. And notice the featured tweet posted at 1:17. The King James from history would turn 450 on the 171st day, Game 7. The Royalists =171. Harambe the Gorilla was 17 years 1 day old when he died. San Jose California =171 and it’s been 17 weeks 1 day since a story about missing penguins, which I covered, and now Pittsburgh wins the cup in San Jose. Sean Rooks =117 had his NBA debut on 1/17. Muhammad Ali born 1/17 and had ‘Parkinsons Disease’ =117. The shooting at the gay bar came 11 months 17 days after same-sex legalization and the main image shown was a staging area at the 7-11 next door to the club.
    • 7 has been highlighted throughout this psyop, like the #7 Anthony jersey along with the aformentioned. It’s also the 70th Tony Awards, the 70th year of the NBA, Lebron’s 7th NBA Finals, and Game 7 falls on a date with numerology that reduces to 7. 
    • Lucky Number Seven =102, 1260. Perfect for the 102 Orlando victims on 12/6. 
  • Undertaker was born on 24/3. King James began his reign of England on 24/3. Golden State Warriors =243. The Orlando Massacre happened 243 days after the Paris Attacks. Omar Mateen =342, the shooter. Gay Bar =324, like Undertaker’s birth date.

His birthday was 11 weeks 4 days before 6/12. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. LeBron James =114. Nightclub Terror =1140. Mateen’s birthday is 1 month 14 days before LeBron’s.

The Undertaker is 51 years old. Cleveland =51 and the city hasn’t won a championship in 51 years. Cleveland Cavs =51. LeBron James =51. Gay Club Massacre =51. The Queen’s official birthday comes 51 days after her actual birthday. There are a total of 51 matches in the Euro Cup. Undertaker won the latest WrestleMania in Texas where the upcoming Super Bowl 51 will be held.

Real name “Mark William Calaway” =188/71. LeBron James =88. And he’s wearing this 71 days after Undertaker won at “WrestleMania” =50, like the 50 people supposedly killed in Orlando hours earlier. Grim Reaper =660. Lebron =66. All part of the interconnected, ongoing and dynamic mass ritual, programming our reality into manifestation.

13 thoughts on “LeBron the Undertaker

  1. 10.3 rebounds… it’s comical how now one can have a .3 rebound… what does that even mean. great numbers.. great research. i appreciate your time sharing your findings. it really puts a light on this matrix


  2. Not to get too fixated on the number 51 but I was reminded of the Marchioness disaster which had 51 victims:

    “The disaster inquiry in London heard on Friday that the severed hands of Elsa Garcia were found four years after the tragedy on the River Thames in August 1989. ”

    Bring Me the Hands of Elsa Garcia


  3. From The undertakers birthday to game 7 is 12 weeks and 3 days. Cleveland cavs = 123.
    He is billed as being from ‘Death valley’ = 43. Finals score?
    He’s really from ‘austin texas’ = 36. Cavaliers = 36.
    Cleveland also had 51 wins at the time of his birthday.

    LeBron = 66. On the 66th day of the year he posted a caricature of himself dressed as batman.
    The Batman v Superman film came out a couple of weeks later on 3/25/2016.
    3 + 25 + 20 + 16 = 64. The last year cleveland won anything.
    Cavaliers = 36. 36th prime is 151. The film is 151 minutes long.
    Batman = 51
    Dawn of justice = 51
    Director ‘zach snyder’ = 51/123
    Batman v superman dawn of justice = 330, cleveland = 33.
    Dc comics = 33/69. Cleveland cavaliers = 69.
    Smallville = 36. Gotham = 64.
    Lex luther = 44. 6 + 2 + 20 + 16 = 44.
    From the films release date to the start of the finals is 69 days.
    From the release to game 7 is 12 weeks and 2 days. Golden state = 122.


  4. Nba finals started on a date with 44 numerology. Cavs 44th win of the season was game 61.
    It was 3/5/2016 (3+5+20+16=44).
    Game 7 of the finals has numerology of 61. 6+19+20+16.
    From March 5th to June 19th is 106 days. Prophecy = 106.


  5. Taker was 21-0 then lost to Brock 21-1, he has since won two more, 23-1. Anyhow, wanted to let you know you won me 1,600 bucks with that Penquin article you did. I don’t usually bet, but that one article said it all, so thanks Brother B.


      • All my connections line up for a Game 7…

        Only connection I’ve seen that implies Cavaliers losing game 7 is this…

        “Cavaliers” = 909 / 90

        Cleveland would be “99-90” in playoff games if they lost….

        That’s a big one for me….


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