The Orlando Gay Bar Massacre

There’s been a mass shooting at a gay bar in Orlando, initial reports saying 20 dead 42 injured. The so-called domestic terror incident occurred at a club called Pulse around 2 am Sunday morning, making it 62 casualties approximately 26 hours after Christina Grimmie, the Voice singer, was sacrificed in the same damn city. QUEEN =26/62. PULSE ORLANDO =62. “HOTTEST GAY BAR” =62, as Pulse markets itself. Ritual Murders =62. The Star of David =62. King Charles =62. Mason =62. Master Builder =626, like 22, on the day leaving 202.

And 626 further connects as the legalization of same-sex marriage occurred on 6/26. That’s 11 months 17 days before this massacre. Carmelo Anthony’s 33rd birthday will come 11 months 17 days after the massacre. Like the 7-11 sign front and center, coding for Game 7 on the 171st day. Read on to see why this matters.

  • It happened in “Orange County” =59/158. Orlando Massacre =59/158. Mass Murder =59. Lone Wolf Attack =158, as they’re calling it. Mateen =58. Orlando Magic =58.
  • The suspect is called OMAR MATEEN =42/105. MASONRY =42/105. ZIONISM =42/105. Like the 42 injured. British Royal Family =105. Domestic Terrorists =105.


The international home viewing audience is subconsciously triggered back to the Paris Attacks of 10/13 and the massacre at the Bataclan theatre. This dancefloor shooting comes 7 months 30 days later. PULSE =73. PULSE ORLANDO CLUB =73. ESTHER AND ORANGE =73 (the address). DANCEFLOOR MASSACRE =73. ISLAMIC EXTREMIST =73. SACRIFICE =73. RITUAL SACRIFICE =73. CROWN =73. Kingdom =73. Britain =73. Israeli =73. Orlando has now declared a “STATE OF EMERGENCY” =73. All coded up with Golden State’s record 73 regular season wins. In Jewish Gematria, the nightclub name synchs further: PULSE =375. PARIS FRANCE =375.

  • GAY BAR =324 and it comes 3 months 24 days after the Kalamazoo Massacre. It’s also 243 days since the Paris Attacks. Queen Hillary Clinton =243. Forty-Fifth US President =243. Central Intelligence Agency =243. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother =342. Cleveland Wins Game Seven =234 (just gonna sneak that one in there). Police chief says “42 taken to 3 area hospitals.” OMAR MATEEN =342.
  • GAY BAR =27. And 127 days earlier on 2/7 there was another shooting at an Orlando nightclub called “Glitz Ultra Lounge” =220 that killed 2 with 2 arrested. The police spokesman says the incident occurred at “approximately 0202 hours this morning.” As it turns out there are 202 days left in the year on this date.

PULSE GAY CLUB =144. ORLANDO FLORIDA =144. FIFTY DEAD IN GAY CLUB =1044. FIFTY DEAD =44 (as the new kill count updates). ORLANDO FLA =44. Glitz =444. “Everyone Get Out And Keep Running” =444 (as Pulse tweeted). The first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666 and the police statement was timed to air at 4:13 AM PST on 6/12. Viewed in reverse, as per the Satanic law of inversion, that’s 3.14 and 216. 6x6x6 =216. [6+12] =18. 6+6+6 =18.


This photo is the most interesting detail thus far: that’s a Carmelo Anthony jersey, and he was already in the news from the day earlier with the rumour that he may be traded to join LeBron in Cleveland. Anthony plays for “New York” =666, and he played college ball at “Syracuse” =666, the Orangemen, like Pulse Club on Orange Ave in Orange County. Orange =33. Gay =33. Magic 33. Cleveland =33.

  • Carmelo Anthony =164. The Pulse Orlando Massacre happened on the 164th day of the year. Pulse Orlando Club =64. Buckingham Palace =64.

Anthony’s birthday leaves 216 days and this story on 6/12/2016 comes 20,160 hours after he turned 32. That’s 50 weeks 1 day before he turns 33. Cleveland =33/51. Gay Club Massacre =51. This may suggest that next year is the Cav’s year to win with Anthony, especially with James previously playing in Florida. Though I still like Cleveland in Seven. Notice the few images we’re shown of the Orlando Shooting: the number 7 coded twice within.

2016-06-12 (7).png

8 thoughts on “The Orlando Gay Bar Massacre

  1. – By a contrivance, the time between the actual birthday and official birthday of the Queen is 51 days.
    – By a contrivance (expansion from 16 to 24 teams) Euro 2016 has 51 matches.
    – By a contrivance (adding the dead shooter) the current death till in Orlando is 51

    Contrived, crafted, coded, connected psy ops.


  2. Christina Grimmie sacrificed after performing with her hand “Before You Exit”. This reminds one of the EU Referendum psy op (“Brexit”).
    On the same day that she was shot (11th June, 2016) England v Russia has fan trouble with both countries being threatened with expulsion, EXIT.

    All these bread and circus events and political and violent pay ops are linked.


  3. From all the coverage, I cannot believe how fat most of the people are in Orlando. I thought gays were more into keeping in shape!


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