The Pulse Massacre PsyOp: Tony Awards and the Royalty Sacrifice

2016-06-12 (6).png

NIGHTCLUB TERROR =1140. Cleveland Cavaliers =114. LeBron James =114. The ISIS shooter patsy’s birthday is 1 month 14 days before LeBron’s. Psychological Operation =114. Synagogue of Satan =1140. Aleister Crowley =1140. It came 114 days after the Kalamazoo Massacre. NIGHTCLUB TERROR =82. Rainbow =82, the symbol of LGBT which lit up the White House on the day of same-sex marriage legalization. Hate Crime =82. False Flag Terror =82. Jewish Terrorists =82. State of Emergency =82, as has been declared in Orlando. Paris-Style Jihadism =82.

  • This incident is being called the “Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History” =199. The lone gunman is obviously being painted as an “Islamic Extremist” =199. Predictive Program =199. Do What Thou Wilt =199, slogan of Crowley’s Thelema. Buddy Dyer =1099, Orlando’s mayor. Full name, “John Hugh Buddy Dyer” =199. 
  • Gay Pride =49. The Orlando Massacre psyop (very likely an elaborately staged hoax) occurred 14 years 9 months after 9/11. ISIS Propaganda =149. And it just happened to coincide with the LA Pride Festival. LA Pride =38. Florida =38. Death =38. June Twelve =38. We’re told the LAPD stopped a terror attack there on the same day.

June Twelfth =144. Orlando Florida =144. Pulse Gay Club =144. Israeli Mossad =144. Government Sponsored Staged PsyOp =144. Next Nine Eleven Event =1404. Fifty Dead In Gay Club =1044. And the first 144 decimal points of Pi connection to 666 connects with “Tony Awards” =1666. Cleveland In Seven =166. September Eleven =166. 

The gunman has been identified as “Omar Mir Seddique Mateen” =103. A perfect match with the 103 casualties (50 dead 53 wounded). Seventieth Tonys =103. And as it turns out, this ‘hate crime’ at a gay bar incidentally happened to occur on the day of the 70th Tony Awards, the Oscars of theatre. The Tonys have dedicated their ceremony to the Orlando victims and will undoubtedly reveal a well produced tribute, clearly planned in advance.

  • Seventieth Tonys =67/220. Blood Sacrifice =67. Human Sacrifice =67. Gay Day and the Rainbow Ritual happened on numerology of [6+26+20+15] =67. Gunman Pro-ISIS =67, as the CNN headline read. Cleveland in Seven =67. And the Pulse Massacre started at 2:02 with 202 days left in the year. LGBTQ =22. Gordie Howe’s sacrifice kicked off the weekend at 22 leap years old.

Tony Award =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Warriors =121. And Rick Welts, the openly gay president of the Golden State Warriors, is born on 1/21. Marie Antoinette was buried on 1/21… Rick Welts =120, and Game 7 would be the 120th matchup of the two teams. Excluding the perp, 102 people were allegedly wounded. It’s the worst terrorist attack on America since 9/11, which lasted 102 minutes. Lone Wolf Terrorism =102. Second Nine Eleven =102. The Royal Family =1020.  

The Tony Awards are named after “Mary Antoinette Perry” =262. Gay Day legislation was on 6/26, the inverse. Just like the date 6/12/2016. There were 11 months 16 days between Gay Day and the Pulse Massacre. Mateen, the shooter, was born on 11/16. Like Danny Willett’s 1116 tattoo: Psychological Operation =1116. Another Nine Eleven =1116, as they’re calling it. And would you believe it, Queen Marie Antoinette from history died on 10/16. The common thread here being ROYALTY =116. MATRIARCHY =116. Not only does this serve as further evidence to the Crown source of the sacrifice to the Queen on her official birthday weekend, it emphasizes the connections between LeBron James and King James of yore.

  • Homophobic =104. June Twelfth Twenty Sixteen =104. LGBT =14. ISIS Hoax =104. Tony Awards =140. Homophobic =59. Orlando Massacre =59. Orange County =59. Mass Murder =59. Tony =590.
  • 11/16 is the 320th day of the year. There were 320 people in da club. And with regards to Tony, the story also has the #7 Anthony jersey and an eyewitness named Anthony Torres.

And pictured below we compare the crime scene with emphasis on the logo of Pulse (the specific font of the letter P with its stubby leg) with the fresh tattoo (maybe stamp) on the arm of Christina Grimmie. She was shot 3.5 miles away from the 53 injured. LeBron Raymone James =88. All part of the riddle for a Cavaliers championship? Or something else entirely. Either way, all hands on deck for June 19th.

4 thoughts on “The Pulse Massacre PsyOp: Tony Awards and the Royalty Sacrifice

  1. “Victims” who deserve our sympathy, compassion, support = “homosexuals”
    “Baddie, domestic terrorist” = “religious fundamentalists” those opposed to the homosexual adrogyny religious beliefs

    Orlando = I AM = the religions which exalt the man of lawlessness, the son of perdition = those who exalt their adrogynous transhumanist ‘Adam Kadmon’ as the future of mankind



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