Pulse Massacre Tribute to President Hillary

2016-06-13 (3).png

CLINTON (3+3+9+5+2+6+5) =33. In 2015 there were 330 mass shootings in America. The Pulse Massacre of 12/6 came precisely 33 weeks after Hillary’s last 10/26 birthday, emphasis on 126, and 11 months 26 days after the Charleston Church Shooting. From the Paris Attacks of 11/13 to the Pulse Massacre, now being called America’s Bataclan, it’s 30 weeks 3 days.

The Orlando PsyOp happened 193 days after the San Bernardino Hoax on 12/2. Freemason =122 (Francis Bacon method). Hillary was born 12 years 2 days after Geraldine Ferraro. “I’ll Say Radical Islamism” =221, her main soundbite quote read following the massacre. British Royal Family =221. Hillary For America =193. President Hillary Clinton =1193. American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193. The Simpsons episode with President Lisa after a disastrous Trump presidency aired on 19/3; it was episode #243. Queen Hillary Clinton =243. Forty-Fifth US President =243. Omar Mateen =342, the shooter with the reverse coding.


193 is the 44th prime number and Hillary is primed to be the 44th person elected president (as Grover Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms). Forty-Four =144. Hillary Rodham =144. Hillary For America =1044. Fifty Dead In Gay Club =1044. Pulse Gay Club =144. Orlando Florida =144.

  • One Hundred Ninety-Three =116. With the end date, the duration between San Berdoo and Orlando is 6 months 11 days. The Pulse Massacre shooter was born on 11/16. It happened hours after 6/11, which comes 11 months 16 days after same-sex marriage legislation. Hillary Victory Fund =116. ROYALTY =116. MATRIARCHY =116.

Hillary Clinton =73. Pulse =73. Dancefloor Massacre =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Golden State had 73 regular season wins and should Cleveland win Game 7 they’ll have 73 wins total. Grover Cleveland =73. Grover =510. Cleveland =51. LeBron James =51. Hillary =510. America’s Bataclan =51. 

Three Dollars =137, the 33rd prime. Clinton =33. Cleveland =33. Masonry =33. Satanism =33. Three Dollars =56. President =56. Mind Control =56/137. United States President =1137. Also I just heard a rumour today that Hillary’s mother is actually Barbara Bush, which would make her grandfather none other than Aleister Crowley. Stranger things have certainly happened, truth-seeker.

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