Game of Thrones Predictive Programs Orlando Massacre

The Orlando Gay Bar Massacre is said to have been triggered by the shooter witnessing two men kissing in public. On the very same day, Game of Thrones aired an episode involving a gay scenario that ends in violent massacre. Four men sit around a fire in the woods, the older man goes to teach the younger man how to properly kiss a lady then sneaks a finger up his butt, laughing uproariously while the victim pushes away in disgust. Instantly, the Hound is there seeking vengeance from the previous episode and viciously murders them all with an axe. His name has the same gematria as the shooter’s.

  • Sandor The Hound Clegane =105. Omar Mateen =105. Islamic State Soldier =105. False Flag Terrorism =105. British Royal Family =105. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. This episode also just so happens to show Clegane’s wang while he’s taking a leak. And in another scene, Bronn grabs Podrick’s dick. “I Choose Violence” =105, a great line from the episode.
  • The Hound =415. Orlando Florida =415. Both in Jewish Gematria. Hound =372. Oranges =273. Sandor =26. Hound =62/26. Queen =62/26. Gay marriage was legalized in America on 6/26. Pulse Orlando =62. 

Notice the shot from the episode of Arya laying among oranges. Florida is of course known for its oranges and the gay bar was not only in Orange County but right on Orange Avenue. Orange =33. Lemons =33. Gay =33. Fags =33. Arya Stark =33. Stark =33. 

The episode that aired on the same day as the massacre is titled NO ONE =27. Gay Bar =27. Gay Sex =27. Ritual =27. The New World Order =207. The Number of the Beast =207. NO ONE =63. Gay Day =63. Terrorism =63. Terrorist Attack =63. False Flag Attack =63. Déjà Vu =63. 

  • It’s “Season Six Episode Eight” =103. There were 103 casualties in Orlando. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen =103. Seventieth Tonys =103, which aired alongside Game of Thrones.
  • S6E8. The Powers That Be =68. Acts of Terror =68. The Hound is hunting for a man named “Lem Lemoncloak” =68/131. Championship =68/131. Lemoncloak =101. Assassin =101. The Orlando Gay Bar Massacre =101.

Arya Stark =42/114. LeBron James =42/114. Arya was stabbed in the gut last episode and seemingly down for the count before mounting a comeback to victory. Use your imagination as to what that might possibly mean.


8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Predictive Programs Orlando Massacre

  1. While it was your “True Grit” post that got me onto Gematria, and I don’t watch TV, it still certainly provides excellent insight into what they’re coding.
    Thanks for putting stuff like this out here.

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  2. Lil Wayne released a song called “off off off” prior to game 3 – kind of the opposite of 4,4,4 …. Also prince William is on the cover of a gay magazine called “attitude”


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