Mihaly ‘Michu’ Meszaros, the actor who played “ALF” in the popular ’80s sitcom, has died at age 76. Meszaros stood only 33 inches tall33 inches tall33 inches tall (lol gimme a frickin break!)  ALF [1+12+6] like the Orlando Massacre on 12/6, the day he slipped into a coma. Michu Meszaros =71. Alien Life Form =71, the acronym of ALF. He was a “Cat Eating Monster” =76, like the actor’s age. Mihaly Meszaros =76.

  • MICHU =324. ALF’s series finale was on 3/24. That’s the Undertaker’s birthday and the start of the regin of King James, etc, as we’ve previously discussed. And remember back in March, I was hyping that date as a big target window. Nothing happened but here it is again, continuously coded.
  • And notice that the inversion of ALF is the abbreviation of Florida…

Michu was born 10/1 and stood 2’9. The Smallest Man In The World =101/290, as he was formerly known with the Ringling Circus. So maybe this isn’t just the Year of the Dead Celebrity with emphasis on the Greatest, it’s the time of the optimal alignment for ritual sacrifice of the “Superlative” =76, as previously synched. The Year of the Superlative =113. It’s Literally The Worst =101/290.

There was a FIFA referee called “Alf Grey” =444. He retired after a service of 44 years 4 months. He’s now active with FC “Gorleston” =44, which is in England. Meszaros =44. Nice nice. Maybe the overseas lads have some insight into how this connect ties into the Euro Cup. Grey was also born on 2/2, the 33rd day with 333 remaining.

8 thoughts on “RIP ALF

  1. The only time England have won a tournament was in ’66. Thirty three = 66.
    The manager was ALF Ramsey.
    Michu died on 13+6+20+16 = 55.
    Alfred ramsey = 55.
    Fifty five = 108.
    From 3/24 to the Euro final is 108 days.

    The final in 66 was on 7/30/1966 = 122.
    Alf ramsey was born on 1/22.

    I’d already posted a bit about England on Zachs page.
    England = 30/57.
    It’s been 50 years since ’66.
    Fifty = 30.
    Fifty seven = 50 /131. Championship = 131.
    This year is a 30 day tournament.
    There’s also 24 teams entered for the 1st time ever.
    Twenty four = 50.
    It’s the 15th euro tourney.
    Fifteen = 65.
    England recently played Germany on a date with 65 numerology ( it was Germany who we beat in the ’66 final)
    England won 3-2. 32nd prime is 131.
    From the date of the game (3/26/2016) to the start of the tournament (10/6/2016) is 10 weeks and 6 days.
    From 3/26/2016 to the final 11/7/2016 is 106 days.
    Prophecy = 106.
    The final is at the stade de france, the same place that got ‘attacked’ with the bataclan.
    Bataclan theatre = 50/131.
    From 13/11/2015 to 10/6/2016 is EXACTLY 30 weeks.
    England = 30. Fifty = 30.

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  2. Just read that LeBron has watched The Godfather about 6 times since the playoffs began. The film was released 44 years ago. Was released in the US on……..surprise surprise 3/24.

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    • That would be perfect. Ramsay Bolton, if you’re on the Game of Thrones tip. He lost Winterfell in the last episode. Winterfell =124. Great Britain =124. Possibly more there to explore


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