Gator Attack at Disney World: Sacrificial Tributes to the Chinese

Welcome to the United States of Absurdistan. First a popstar gets popped on Saturday night then the Pulse Massacre on Sunday and now a toddler is attacked by an alligator at Walt Disney World, three major international news stories in a row – all from Orlando. And what’s really ridiculous is all the Disney product placement in the wake of the Gay Bar PsyOp, with stories that the shooter was casing out Disney World as a target and a picture of his girlfriend’s child in a Mickey Mouse shirt as the front page image on CNN as the gator attack story broke. It’s surreality at its finest, the dreamscape we inhabit.

  • Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa =151. Alligator Attack =151/61. Gator =61. Magic Kingdom =61. Pulse Nightclub =61.
  • Mickey Mouse =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139. Disney World =58. The Magic Kingdom =139. Walt Disney World Resort =119. The Happiest Place On Earth =119. Gun Crisis =119. 

It happened in the “Seven Seas Lagoon” =65/173. Taken By Alligator =65/173. And there’s that lucky number 7 again! Another connection to Game 7 for the Cavs? Walt Disney World is in Lake Buena Vista Florida. “Buena Vista” =42/114. LeBron James =42/114.

This 2 year old attacked comes 2 days before the grand opening of Shanghai Disneyland Park on [6+16] =22. We’ve been seeing many 22s lately, the Master Builder number, and Seven Seas Lagoon is 22 miles from Pulse Nightclub. Shanghai Disneyland Park =220/103. Omar Mir Seddique Mateen =103, like the 103 casualties including said shooter. Shanghai Disney Reosrt =103. 

  • Shanghai =49, like the 49 allegedly murdered at Pulse. Mickey Mouse =49. Shanghai =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Disney World =67. Perfect for the opening date of 6/[1+6].
  • Shanghai China =102, like the 102 alleged casualties at Pulse. Grand Floridian Hotel =102. Shanghai Disneyland =102. Like 9/11 lasted 102 minutes. All these synchronizations in this string of Floridian psyops suggest Chinese involvement.
  • Pudong Shanghai =72/144. Orlando Florida =72/144. There’s yet another clue as the exact location of the Chinese Disneyland connects double-time.

The Park’s opening day numerology works out: [6+16+16] =38. Florida =38. Death =38. Masonic =38. Tick-Tock =38 (the alligator from Peter Pan). [6+16+20+16] =58. Disney World =58. Mickey Mouse =58. Freemasonry =58.

Another article tells us there’s been 1,000 mass shootings in 1,260 days. That’s exactly 42 months. GUN =42. That 126 is the number intimately interwoven with Hillary, on this night that she wins the DC Primary. Like her 10/26 birthday and the 12/6 Pulse Massacre 11 months 26 days after the Charleston Church PsyOp. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. FORTY-NINE =126, the number of victims killed in Orlando. Well, if we include Christina Grimmie and this gator-bait toddler we have our 51 number. MASS SHOOTING =51. Things happen in threes, I suppose; the magic number. The Kingdom of the 33.

And on the day of the Disney World Alligtor yarn, Disney released the first trailer for its upcoming film “Moana” =44/122. Freemason =122. Noor Salman =122, wife of the shooter. The tagline is “The Ocean Is Calling” =411. Assassin =411.

  • Moana is the 56th Disney film. The trailer came out 5 months 10 days before the 11/23 release.
  • The spiral is a symbol of: Infinity =613. Disneyland =613. Master Freemason =613.

9 thoughts on “Gator Attack at Disney World: Sacrificial Tributes to the Chinese

  1. Orlando was also recently host to the Prince Harry Invictus Games, connecting it to the crown, and the pop star was managed by former Disney actress Selena Gomez’s parents. Curious indeed.

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  2. Hey man, I was thinking about the Gator attack and how it might be connected to Happy Gilmore and the Gator that took Chubbs hand. “Orlando”=34 they even show Abe Lincoln with Chubbs and the Gator at the End. That attack was in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Ironically I graduated from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa. Buena Vista Univ to Elkhorn, Nebraska(West Omaha) is 134 miles. King Charles III=134 You even drive through the Town I live in to get there, and it’s almost the exact halfway point. I live 65 miles from Elkhorn. Florida=65, Zachary Taylor=65 the only president to die age 65 and from Louisiana like Carl Weathers who plays Chubbs, and Apollo Creed(Philadelphia=65) Taylor famous for winning the Battle of Buena Vista, and even got inducted into the society of the Cincinnati after. That society is connected to Harambe as well. Cincinnati the Queen City and used to be the Paris of America. Just feel like there is more to the Chubbs losing his hand, can’t put it all together.


    • Interesting!! Chubbs Peterson =68. (The kid’s name) Lane Graves =68/41. Alligator =41. I’m thinking about Luke Skywalker losing his hand to Darth Vader which rhymes with alligator. Missing hand like the Masonic hidden hand… Will think more on this, could bode well for Dustin Johnson at the US Open here.


  3. Crazy… The town i live in is “Dunlap, Iowa”=68, 116 The only big thing in history that ever happened here was the killing of the last keeper of the Sacred Pole Chief Yellowsmoke of the Omaha Indians in 1868. The indians were going to kill everyone until the Freemasons came out and the Indians somehow knew Masonic symbols and didn’t murder them. He died on November 28th(333rd day 1868 leaving 33 days). Chief Yellowsmoke=1611(Jewish) 1116(English) Mateen born on 11/16 or 16/11. Elkhorn located on 41N too. Ace Ventura=38=Omaha. “Pet Detective”=134=King Charles III…The Society of the Cincinatti founded on May 13th which was the 134th day this year. Thanks man.


  4. This hoax was foreshadowed in a movie made in 1988.
    No bs. Check out yt’r
    Enterthe5t4rs. It even has Gator on the kids skate board.


  5. The address where that Masonic Hall was in my town and is now renovated as a Tax place 613-615 Iowa Ave. Just like the dates 6/13, 6/14, 6/15. The phone code in this town even 643 which is the 117th prime. I seriously don’t think it’s a coincidence. The tax place even owned by “Brad Gross”=103 and 404(Jewish) Like Prince Charles=404=Pope Francis.


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