Lane Graves and Chubbs Peterson: Ali(Gay)Tor Bait

The boy who was death-rolled by an alligator at the Happiest Place on Earth has a name that doesn’t even need decoding: LANE GRAVES. Say it out loud and slowly: LAY IN GRAVES. What a frickin finale to a Disney themed weekend of “Death” =38 in “Florida” =38. (The Graves are from a Nebraska town called “Elkhorn” =38). From the murder of the pop-star who started her career as a Disney product (where like agents in the CIA you never get out) to the historic massacre with the shooter casing out Disney World as a target, to the Mickey Mouse sweater images shown, to Shanghai Disneyland opening on 6/16, to the trailer for Moana dropping on the same day as the gator picking off a Nebraskan toddler named Graves, this entire weekend has been seemingly sponsored by Disney. This fateful weekend entirely based in Florida, the weekend that killed ALF (which is the mirror of FLA) and saw the Queen’s official birthday ceremonies coincide with the Bilderberg Meeting. With date numbers like 6/12/2016 for several days, this timespan is being called “Palindrome Week” =151. Alligator Attack =151. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa =151.

  • Lane Graves =41. Alligator =41. Death Hoax =41. Islamic State =41. LGBT =41. GHW Bush was the 41st president and he turned 92 on the day of the massacre hoax. Skull and Bones =41. Bush Dynasty =41 (Hillary might be a Bush). The 13th prime is 41. Like the 103 casualties and the shooter with 103 gematria.
  • 4/1 is the 91st day of the year. 1 month 4 days before the shooter Omar Mateen was born, another boy was attacked by a gator at Disney World. His name was “Paul Richard Santamaria” =91. PsyOp =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. The sum of 1 through 13 equals 91. The perp gator who paid the death penalty was 7 foot 4 inches.

But seriously, LAY – IN – GRAVES. I did a piece in my early days about Aussie cricketer Philip Hughes who died tragically from a ball to the neck mid-game; only the footage of the incident was extremely choppy and non-conclusive and showed an almost completely empty stadium in the background. This came in numerical proximity to the so-called Sydney Siege on Philip Street, which led into the Paris Attacks as a clear tribute by the numbers to the Knights Templar massacred on Friday the Thirteenth by Philip the Fair.


The neurolinguistic similarity there is Philip Hughes: FILL UP PEWS. As shortly thereafter we indeed see the pews at Notre Dame Cathedral filling up with mourners in Paris who fell hook line and sinker for the oldest trick in the book. After all, why go to the trouble of murdering a bunch of randoms when you can stage the whole damn thing under complete and total control? FILL UP PEWS. LAY IN GRAVES.

  • And is it just me or does that kid look like a nasty little brat? A face only a mother could love. There’s something in the proportions of his face that makes me automatically dislike the kid. Not saying he deserved to be murdered by an alligator but c’mon, he had it coming 😉 And I apologize for my lack of sensitivity in the 2% chance that this is a real story.
  • Parents’ names are coded the fuck up: MATT AND MELISSA GRAVES =223. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. And I’m legitimately surprised that the dad isn’t named Diggin. At least ‘Doug N’. Of course 223 is the reversal of the 322 number of Skull and Bones, and on 3/22 there was a suicide at Disney World. That’s 11 weeks 6 days before the Pulse Massacre, like the shooter born on 11/6. Which incdenitally is the same day in history that the REM song “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” came out.
  • The NBA Finals =322. There was a mass shooting in Akron Ohio (where both LeBron James and Steph Curry were born) exactly 3 years 2 months 2 days before Game 7. 

And lest we forget that the day before Lane was TAKEN UNDER by a gator, LeBron was rocking that UNDERTAKER shirt. Which is a bit of a palindromic riddle in itself.

They wouldn’t let me play in the Pro Tour. (Oh I’m sorry, because you’re black?) Hell no! Damn alligator bit my hand off! (Oh my god!) CHUBBS PETERSON =68. LANE GRAVES =68. Remember my off the wall piece about the Happy Gilmore Prophecy in the last Masters tournament? I connected Wayne Gretzky’s son-in-law Dustin Johnson to a winning year, and while he had a top-5 finish at the Masters (and made me a few bucks), perhaps it’s the US Open that began today where he’s to really shine. He’s playing for Chubbs. He’s playing for Graves.

4 thoughts on “Lane Graves and Chubbs Peterson: Ali(Gay)Tor Bait

  1. It’s all linking to Uranus and what is called Schoolboy Humour (jokes told to schoolboys by other schoolboys), in the uk.
    Like, “Sending a probe to Uranus” (Your Anus), with its gay connection and medical connection.
    I think the real joke they have regarding Uranus, is that they have gotten people to beLIEve that there is a planet called Uranus and that they can send a probe there. As they want us to believe they did in 1986 (86 connection again), with Voyager 2 (see wiki).
    Someone mentioned in one of Zach’s posts ( i think it was Prunella?), that Uranus is now in some astrological star sign.
    Other examples like Lane Graves (lay in graves) :-
    Teresa Green
    Ben Dover
    Eileen Dover
    Ivor Bigun
    I.P. Freeley.
    Looks like whoever is writing these ‘news stories’ has a sense of humor, albeit a sick one at that.


    • Voyager Two = 2023 in English Gematria (223 drop the zero).
      “Finally around 2023 the hydrozine altitude propellant to keep the spacecraft’s antenna pointing to earth will run out, and the spacecraft will tumble out of control in drift mode for the rest of time” – ref honeysucklecreek dot net / voyager.
      Ha! you have to laugh.

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