Omar Mateen’s Filmography

Omar Mateen was born on 11/16 of ’86. That’s the 321st day of the year. As we’re in the palindrome week (like the shooting on 612/216) we can extrapolate the 123rd day of 1986 – it’s Valentine’s Day, the midpoint of Lupercalia. Another flip turns 1986 into 1989, the year that Ghostbusters II came out, in which they prophecy the end of the world to come on Valentines Day 2016. I covered this predictive program here, but the clue was embedded in the inverse, as it often is. The lady who tells Venkman the prophecy says she heard it from an alien in “Paramus New Jersey”=69. State of Israel =69. False Flag =69.

  • Peter Venkman =144. Orlando Florida =144. Pulse Gay Club =144. Fifty Dead in Gay Club =1044.
  • Ghostbusters =822. Believe In Love =822. Peyton Manning =822. This was the scene at halftime of the last Super Bowl which was won by Manning’s Broncos.

The Pulse Massacre of 12/6 happened 126 days after Super Bowl 50. Remember that Hillary was born on 10/26 and the shooting was exactly 33 weeks after her b-day. The 33rd prime is 137. Believe In Love =137. Mind Control =137.


LOVE theme. This Orlando fiasco started with the slaying of the pop star whose one album is titled “With Love” on the same day that Kevin Love returned to the Cavaliers line-up and they lost With Love. Across the street from the theatre where she was shot is a big heart, as seen on Google Maps. Omar Mateen is an actor, with his own IMDB page, and he was in a Cannes selection documentary called “The Big Fix” =54. Love =54.

  • The Pulse Shooting came 54 days after the sixth year anniversary of the BP Oil Spill that was the subject of the Big Fix. It happened on a date with numerology of [6+12+20+16] =54. Game 7 of the NBA Finals, as predicted, is at Warriors’ stadium called “Oracle” =54.

And as we see from his filmography, he was also in a love-themed film called “Love City Jalalabad” about Afghani youth choosing art instead of violence. And holy smokes, will ya have a look at the rest of it. He played a CIA & FBI contracted hitman and his other works include the Pulse Nightclub “Event”? Ha, awesome. LOVE CITY =666.

There’s so much more here and my draft folder is full of notes, if only I had the time. Please take these threads and run with them, let’s knit together. Or let’s unravel this riddle of theirs. 6 is 9. The Palindrome Week. GO Cavs. I went all-in on game 6 and it paid off well. Hope likewise abundance for you.

And there’s another Love reference in I Pet Goat II. The reverse again as in evil. The shark like a gator. And if you search you just may find more synchs in this flick. If you search you just may find that which you’ve been seeking. 

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16 thoughts on “Omar Mateen’s Filmography

  1. (from wikipedia) Meszaros (ALF) appeared in numerous television and film projects. His last appearance was in 2015’s Death to Cupid.

    Cupid – love – wonder if there is a connection.


    • Death to Cupid—126

      It is a Fantasy-Short Film 19 minutes long. Came out 6-3-2015, 375 days prior to 6-12-2016. Which is 1 year and 9 days. 19. Which is also 9000 hours, 9, 540,000 minutes, 9, and 32, 400,000 seconds, 9.

      9 is the completion number.


    • Baku city circuit = 67. Hamilton starts from tenth. Tenth = 67.
      The track is in ‘Azadliq square’ = 61. Lewis Hamilton = 61. Today’s date 19+6+20+16 = 61.
      The daily mail headline is lewis saying ‘it’s all my fault’ after his crash.
      It’s all my fault = 171. Today is the 171st day of the year.

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  2. It’s all for the Queen Mum and her upcoming Death. And when I say it all is, I am pretty sure I am right. Take a sec and read this spot from Zachs page, then look at the work I dropped in the thread. Lord of Allusion if you hadn’t guessed. Anyhow, it’s all for the Lizard Queen.

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  3. Pinky finger=666 who knew?

    The bicycle card photo is loaded! “Our Lady of the Bicycle, Playing Cards, Time-Space & The Euchre Miracle” on The Open Scroll Blog is scholarly.


  4. Pinky Finger= 666 Who knew?

    The bicycle card is loaded! “Our Lady of the Bicycle, Playing Cards, Time-Space & The Euchre Miracle” is scholarly. It explains the shape of the “o” and “v” of Love City.


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