The Hoax Assassination Attempt of Donald Trump

Apparently a 20-year-old British kid with autism tried to assassinate Donald Trump at a rally on Saturday (6/18) at Treasure Island Casino in Vegas. We’re told that Michael Steven Sandford {notice the V has ten letters on either side} attempted to unarm a cop with intent to kill the puppet politician. Another predictable plot development in the ongoing rigged reality tv theatre that calls itself the news.

  • Michael Steven Sandford =217, 1032. Psychological Warfare =217. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =1032. Ha, four-digit synch with Hillary eh. Walt Disney =132, for another one of those. Michael Sandford =132, and went for the gun 32 days before the second day of the Republican Convention and 3 weeks 2 days after Trump was declared as Republican nominee.
  • Michael Steven Sandford =91. Donald Trump Murdered =91. It happened 9 weeks 1 day after the Trump tombstone appeared in Central Park. Make America Great Again =91. POTUS =91. Mike Sandford =56/119, that old chestnut.

The staged assassination attempt comes 144 days before the election, so we clearly should have seen this coming. Killer =144, the number coded into all assassinations throughout history.  Hillary Rodham =144. Mezvinsky =144 (Chelsea Clinton’s husband). That’s also 20 weeks 3 days before the election and the last day of the GOP Convention in Cleveland is on the 203rd day of 2016, July 21. And what do you know, the presumptive republican presidential nominee survives an assassination attempt the day before #23 King James and the Cavaliers win the NBA Finals and the Republican National Convention is held at the Cavaliers home arena in “Ohio” =47. President =47.

  • The 144th day of the year is 5/23, and we’ve seen the number 523 synched ominously with Trump, as Zachary K Hubbard predicted a 5/23 hoax attempt. Well here it is again, he nailed the numbers: the assassination attempt comes 52 weeks 3 days after Trump announced his presidential campaign.
  • On the day of the Kalamazoo Uber shooting with the $5.23 cab fare, Trump won the South Carolina primary, the state whose birthday is 5/23, with 32.5% of the votes.

Trump clinched the Republican nomination 23 weeks 5 days before the election. 8/22 is the 235th day of the year and 228 is the age of South Carolina. United States of America =228. Death =228, 118. Presidency =118, like the election on 11/8.

And as the Illuminati Card Game depicts, the assassination card is a business man killed by a car with license plate of 235-666. Prophecy =666. Seeing as 6x6x6 =216, that could be code for May 23rd 2016, as other truth-seekers have previously suggested. The day after the attempt, actor Anton Yelchin was killed in a car collision (that report upcoming).

  • August 22nd is the 235th day of the year, and on this day in 2012, a movie came out in America called Hit and Run. It is written and directed by Dax Shepard who also stars. Hit and Run =46. Dax Shepard =46. Sacrifice =46.

Furthermore, four days before the assassination attempt, a young comedian on America’s Got Talent ‘slayed the audience’ with a joke about Trump (a story that got much play on the news). Her name was “Lori Mae Hernandez” =87/168. Enough Is Enough =87/168. 

2016-06-21 (1)

Many bloggers are again linking Trump with the Gregg Stillson character from Stephen King’s The Dead Zone, the outrageous and dangerous politician who survives an assassination attempt. As I previously broke it down, the similarities run much deeper into the subconscious channels of predictive programming. And now there’s this fact to add to our list: from the 10/21/83 release of Dead Zone to Trump’s assassination attempt is 11,930 days. President Hillary Clinton =1193. Scarlet Overkill =1193, the evil villain in Minions plotting to steal the crown from Queen Elizabeth.

  • American Israel Public Affairs Committee =1193 (AIPAC). 1193 is also the fulfilment of 193, the 44th prime. Kill =44. The attempt comes 4 months 4 days before the the second day of the Republican Convention.

The Trump tombstone appeared in Central Park 227 days before the election and 22 years 7 days after the date on the Denver Airport capstone. Reagan was shot at 2:27 and Lincoln died at 7:22. The car behind JFK in the Dealey Plaza convoy was #227, this code for Pi and history repeating through cycles of fractal time. The Dead Zone =722Donald J Trump Made America Hate Again =1722 (as the tombstone read). Treasure Island Casino =227, 110. President =110. Liar =110. Donald John Trump =1110.

And with the name of the casino we find yet another link to Disney as Treasure Island was the original name of a Disney World theme park that was shut down in ’99 and now lies abandoned and lousy with gators. Treasure Island (1950) was Disney’s first live action film, 66 years ago. Robert Louis Stevenson =89. King James =89. The Warriors scored 89 points in the final game against “Cleveland” =51. Walt Disney =51. Shanghai Disneyland just opened last week.

Trump was nearly killed on the same damn day that Hillary got a second granddaughter. Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a girl named “Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky” =260/1560. Queen =26. The President of the United States =156. And how about Mezvinsky rhyming with Monica Lewinsky. [Chelsea’s husband is a Jewish banker and their first child is named Charlotte, same as William and Kate’s second born].

  • Again, Hillary’s granddaughter was born on the same day that her presidential rival had an alleged attempt on his life. One comes in one goes out; six is nine. It reminds us of Lil Wayne and Meatloaf both collapsing on stage within hours of each other, both born on the exact same day, 9/27, also the birthday of the Jesuit Order.

And just on that note, 9/27 reduces to 99, Wayne Gretzky’s number. Meatloaf collapsed in Edmonton where the Great One still rules and Lil Wayne like Gretzky’s son-in-law, Dustin Johnson, winning the 116th US Open as the coding suggested he would. All in all t’was a great weekend for Gematria and I hope some of you cashed in on the predictions! 

UPDATE: The autistic almost assassin is from Dorking Surrey, the birthplace of “Laurence Olivier” =1227, the fulfilement of Pi, the first 144 decimal points of which sum to 666. Prince William =144. Dork =144. Trump, King of the Dorks. We’ve previously identified 7/11 as a potential target window for a psyop, and Olivier died on 7/11 of ’89. He was also born the day before 5/23. Laurence Olivier =1014. Dorking Surrey =1104, 1055. King William =1055. Royalty =551. 

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