Independence Day Resurgence Tribute to King William

Queen Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and Territories Head of the Commonwealth Defender of the Faith =1120. Divinity =112. Zionist =112. Catholicism =112. Victory =112. Manipulate =112. Subliminal =112. Imagination =112. The Queen Mother’s last public appearance was on 11/22/01. World Government =2111. Mason =211. Masonic Mind Control =211, the 47th prime. Authority =47. Israel was created in ’47. Masonic =74. Roman Catholicism =74. Jewish =74. Independence Day =74, the upcoming 7/4 date of which is when Prince William turns exactly 1776 weeks old. America established in 1776, same as the Bavarian Illuminati. One World Trade Center is 1,776 feet tall. World Wrestling Federation =1776, with all the tributes to that we’ve seen lately. It’s all for the upcoming coronation of King William, I reckon.

The Queen’s full title is a holy synchronization with the Jesuit-Masonic-Zionist fronts of the Inner Circle of Programmers, with the connection to victory as we’ve seen every sports championship of the last year give tribute. The Royals won the World Series, Real Madrid won Champions League (Real = Royal), the Broncos as the White Horse of Invicta won the Super Bowl, the Jesuit University of Villanova’s won the Final Four, Englishman Danny Willett won the Masters, the Cavaliers named after King Charles’ men won the NBA, and Argentina with Lionel “Leo” Messi, the lion symbolism, is set to win the Copa America. And we certainly won’t be surprised if England, Wales or even Ireland win the European Cup.  

Independence Day Resurgence =126, 243. Forty-Fifth US President =243. Queen Hillary Clinton =243. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. Hillary was born on 10/26. The original Independence Day film will be aired at Royal Albert Hall on 22 Sept 2016 with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performing the live score. That’s 12 weeks 6 days after the new film comes out. Royal Albert Hall =162. Queen =62/26. Same-sex marriage was legalized in America on 6/26. 


So all these royalty connections are clearly setting the stage for a changing of the guard, for the Queen to pass and Prince Charles of Wales to take the throne. OR WILL IT BE WILLIAM…. Charles may very well be made to abdicate and pass the throne to Prince William. Abdicate =45/27. On the day the Cavaliers won the NBA Final and King James was crowned champion it was the 450th birthday of the historic King James, and Anton Yelchin was sacrificed at age 27. That was the 171st day of the year. Succession To The British Throne =171.

  • Abdicate =125. Divine Right =125. Abdicate The Throne =521. Fifty =521, like the Super Bowl and the alleged killed at the Orlando Nightclub. An Earthquake =521. Sandra Bullock =521, who voices the evil villain from Minions with the Orlando connection and the synch with President Hillary Clinton, along with the recent death of a former Miss USA like her role as a CIA agent in Miss Congeniality. Also in Speed, the terrorist called her Wildcat like the Villanova Wildcats.
  • Abdicate The Throne =158. Same-Sex Marriage =158. Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha =158, after whom the Royal Albert Hall is named.
  • Succession To The British Throne =2160, 135. Independence Day Resurgence =135. The Royal Albert Hall performance of Independence Day comes 2160 hours after the sequel comes out. The events that took place in the first film are referred to as the War of “Nineteen Ninety-Six” =1350. 

Independence Day 2 comes out on 6/24. Not only does that reduce to 66 but the numerology sums [6+24+20+16] =66. King =66. Charles =66. LeBron =66. Empire =66. Suicide King =66/666, which is the nickname of the King of Hearts in a deck of cards, based on the sword in the head. We’ve been seeing an awful lot of hearts lately, as I’ve been covering and this may be why. Prince William =144 and the first 144 decimal points of Pi sum to 666. His son was born on 7/22, the Pi connector to fractal time.

He would be “King William V” =61/142. President Obama =61/142. Terrorist =61/142. King William the Fifth =202. The Orlando Massacre Hoax started at 2:02 and 202 days later is 1/1/17. Invictus =117, the games of which were held in Orlando. Pittsburgh Penguins =1107, because we missed that tribute in the second paragraph. King William the Fifth =103/112. There were 103 casualties at the Orlando Massacre Hoax and the Cavaliers were victorious on their 103rd game of the year. And the 112 brings us back full circle to the Queen’s full title. Looks to this truthseeker like Ol’ Willy has this one in the bag.

UPDATE: The president in the film is the 45th and first woman president. What do ya know! Just as Hillary will be! President Elizabeth Lanford =1608/124.   Her Majesty =124. Queen Elizabeth II =168. 

6 thoughts on “Independence Day Resurgence Tribute to King William

  1. Some great connections detailed in your post. Could Monday 29 August be the date for her staged passing? That date is a bank holiday (public holiday) in the uk, so would be a day for maximum propaganda effect, as it would be on tv all day reaching more of the masses.
    From her birth 21 April 1926 to 29 August 2016 is a span of 33,003 days. We’ve seen 333 a few times as of late.
    From your trigger point of 3/27 to 8/29 is 155 days, 5 months 2 days or 223,200 minutes.
    My question would be, why all the tributes to british royalty in the US? Do these American masons swear an oath to the Queen and crown? Or is there more to the ‘special relationship’ (as stated by Thatcher), between the two countries, i’m thinking 1776?
    Btw, excellent catch on Dustin and all your other predictions. Keep up your incredible work!


    • Thanks mate! And thanks for all your excellent contributions. I really like that 8/29 date for Lizzy. That’s the 242nd day and I’ve been sitting on this shot I grabbed from Google street view directly across from the theatre where Christina Grimmie the pop star was shot; it’s a heart hidden between two bushes and the number 424. Of course together those make 666. A bunch more synchs in my draft folder that I’ll drop soon. It’s also next door to Beefy King, a burger joint with a crown sign, worth a peek.

      My take on the British tributes in the US is it’s all run by the crown, which is the same thing as the Zionist-Jesuit-Masonic fronts; it’s the programmers behind it all. Countries as corporations and the execs at an obscure HQ, stroking Siamese cats.


  2. We are approaching the end of HMQEII reign. I have always operated under the assumption that Charles will Never be King. It will go straight from QE to William. In thinking that I figured Charles & QE would die in the same tragic “accident”, but now Bro Berg mentions “abdicate”, and that makes perfect sense.

    HMQEII=61. Royalty =116. William just turned – Thirty Four =160, reminds me of this year ’16. 66 years from now William will be 100 – 33yrs from now he will be 77. Windsor =102. King Of The World =1002.

    If this event happens – William Becoming King – I expect it to happen relatively soon…like this summer, or early fall.


  3. Independence Day ships are buddhist mandelas therefore opening of second film occurs 922/923 days after Mandela funeral, William with his buddhist light sabre, last scene before the White House is destroyed in ID1 is of the photo of the president and dali lama …..


    • Damn dude that is a mind-blowing read right there. They’re totally Mandalas, blasting chakra energy. Have you read my Mandela piece?? It’s all connected to the wheels within wheels. And I gotta rewatch ID to see this Dali Lama shot. There’s that scene in House of Cards with mandalas in the White House…


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