Orlando’s Pulse Hoax: Setting the Stage (Gay Bar Massacres in History and Another Simpsons Predictive Program)

Lately I’ve been drawing connections between all the coding of Hearts and Love. Three years ago, the United Nations declared 2016 “International Year of Pulses” =314, 116. That’s the Pi connection for history repeating and the Pulse shooter was born on 11/16. It happened (colloquially) late night on 6/11 which is 6 months 11 days after the San Bernardino Hoax and 11 months 16 days after same-sex marriage legislation in America. LOVE WINS =119/47. All-Seeing Eye =119/47, like the convenient flower covering one eye.

  • As we can see on Google Maps, directly across the street from Orlando’s Plaza Live Theater, where Disney pop singer Christina Grimmie was shot while signing autographs, we find the Heart and 424. CIA Assassin =424. Great Singer =424. With the sum of its reflection 242 we get 666. Like 6x6x6 =216. Initial reports at Pulse said 20 dead 42 injured, for another 242. Trauma-Based Mind Control =242. 

But it really gets spooky when we run a thread from the Pulse Massacre (which happened 26 hours later and 3.5 miles away) back in time to the event that formerly held the title of deadliest attack on the American LGBT community. The Upstairs Lounge Arson Attack happened on 24 June 1973 — exactly 2242 weeks earlier. Predictive Programming =242.

(There were 320 people in Pulse.) Upstairs Lounge Arson Attack =320. And 32 people died when an unknown arsonist set a gay bar on fire in New Orleans on pride weekend, same story. Upstairs Lounge =62. Chartres Street =62. Pulse Orlando =62. Hottest Gay Bar =62. Queen =62/26. Gay Day passed on 6/26. The Orlando Massacre hoax happened 11 months 19 days after the 42nd anniversary of the Upstairs Attack. Omar Mateen =42 and episode 119 of the Simpsons had a pre-programming clue to Orlando, as we’ll see. Both 42 and 119 are the numbers of Masonic-Zionism and fingprint evidence of a Mossad operation.

  • The Fire of ’73. Pulse =73. Pulse Orlando Club =73 (its website). Esther and Orange =73 (its address). Dancefloor Massascre =73. Islamic Extremist =73. Sacrifice =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. 

On 22 May 2016, 22 days before the Pulse Shooting that started at 2:02 with 202 days left in the year, there was another mass shooting in a gay club in Veracruz Mexico. It’s said that 7 were killed and 12 injured, though authorities say the crime was territorial and not targetting the LGBT on behalf of ISIS. One of the victims,  however, was a man named Luis Calderon. I found this Mexican shooting by googling the name from a sign displayed prominently on the lawn of Orlando’s staging area for crisis actors.

Screenshot (1)

As it just so happens, Luis Calderon is also a criminal defense attorney in Orlando who was a legal analyst for the George Zimmerman Trial, itself a proven staged event. According to his website, none other than Fox News’ Sean Hannity calls him “the best defense lawyer in the country.”   lol/wtf. Zimmerman allegedly shot Trayvon Martin in 2012 on 26/2, the inversion of 6/26, the date of same-sex marriage legislation.

  • That’s exactly 224 weeks before the Pulse Hoax, very much like the aforementioned 2242 weeks since the New Orleans arson. The House of Windsor =224.
  • Luis F Calderon =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139. Other truth-seekers have exposed crisis actors playing the role of victims and family members, several with IMDB pages, including the Omar character. One of the hero cops was also called Omar, which I see as an anagram of Roma, one of the Cities of Love. Omar Mateen was in a film called Love City. All this reminds of the City of Brotherly Love, Philaldephia, where one of the victims (Patience Carter) was a new reporter.

The Orlando Hoax is predictive programmed in the Bart VS Australia episode of the Simpsons. It aired exactly 1112 weeks before the event, first blamed on ISIS then the shooter was said to be secretly a gay man. Closeted Homosexuals =1112. Occult Conspiracy =1112. Zionist =112. Deadly Rampage =112. False Flag Terror Attacks =112. Mason =211. Masonic Mind Control =211. World Government =2111. 

It was S06E16, series episode no. 119 and aired on the 50th day of the year. Like the 50 killed including the shooter, “Omar Mateen” =105. Season Six Episode Sixteen =105. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. British Royal Family =105. 

  • The chalkboard gag reads “I will not hang donuts on my person” =139. Freemasonry =139. Dunkin Donuts =787, 58. Freemasonry =787, 58. Which is interesting as a Dunkin Donuts is prominently placed throughout the Orlando Hoax. clearly visible in the most played footage of crisis actors carrying supposedly wounded club-goers BACK in the direction of the club. Just like how all those people hid in unlocked bathrooms instead of ducking out the two emergency exits beside the bathrooms.
  • Donut =444. Masonic =444. Orlando Florida =144. Pulse Gay Club =144. Fifty Dead =144. The Bart VS Australia epsiode was 16-6 and “Dunkin Donuts” =166. 
  • Don’t Tread On Me =58. Freemasonry =58.  

As the Simpsons bask in luxury as a result of Bart’s prank, Homer says: “Boy, next summer can you commit some fraud in Orlando Florida?” To which Bart replies, “I’m way ahead of you Dad.”

10 thoughts on “Orlando’s Pulse Hoax: Setting the Stage (Gay Bar Massacres in History and Another Simpsons Predictive Program)

  1. makes you wonder, are we in for some Catastrophic Pulse event? Don’t forget we also have the Solar impulse 2 flight that is traveling around the AtlanticI and started its journey the day Prince died…Coronal Mass Ejection = Crown Mass Exit= British Exit =BREXIT?


    • Very nice wordplay my dude!! Super interesting… Electromagnetic Pulse =223. Earthquake and Tsunami =223. Maybe some sort of HAARP-directed energy weapon to jumpstart the Big One?


      • I think it has been a theorized by “satellite deniers” that those HAARP antenna arrays might be part of the skywave (ionospheric radio propagation) system. (From which the radio signals of satellites would actually come from. This is not the flat earth psyop stuff.)

        Mentioning this because from what I recall to have seen about Fukushima, it seemed quite compelling that the earthquake was more like magnitude 6 or so, not like the one of the largest ones ever, so if we assume they create earthquakes artificially, they might just use explosives, and the rest of the story is delivered by the media and authorities. This would implicate USGS putting out falsified numbers. Whatever, just a few elements in the Fukushima story didn’t feel exactly right.


      • Hey right on, I got a report in my draft folder on Fukushima. Could be explosions, from what I’ve read, some sort of particle beam weapon bounced off the ionosphere to a supercharge a plate to slip or spice up a hurricane makes most sense to me. Some tesla tech but who knows maybe they’re underground and sending a pulse beam upwards.

        I love how “Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami” =313/115 (as wiki calls it) is the same as “Tohoku Electromagnetic Pulse” =313/115.


  2. Personally, I hate this subject – its like Truther Crack. Obvious False Flags are a distraction to keep the community busy – busy work isn’t my thing. But I’m glad Bro Berg broke it al down in classic Extra-Capsa style. This blog entry is actually the best thing I’ve seen posted about this entire event.

    I’d send that post directly to Calderon & any survivors of the Upstairs Lounge incident.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cheers buddy, yeah I’m sure Baez & Associates are chompin at the bit to know their secret isn’t safe. Survivors on the other hand deserve the truth, unless it too was another fraudulent con-job!


  3. Solar impulse ties in with the “RA” (Egyptian sun god) to the right of “Love Wins” on the yellow stripe in the picture. RA is also the element 88, radiation. Evol wins?


  4. Will you enlighten me as to what you are deriving your calculations based on ? I am interested in trying this for myself. Thanks god the post !


    • In the “Calculate Yourself” button on the top toolbar there are links to Gematria & Date Calculators. Input your key word to find its corresponding numerical value, then search for relationships between coded words. Gematria is the secret language of language, the numerological foundation on which English is based. It works on the same principal as sacred geometry, words and numbers being unique expressions of energy and thus corresponding data in the dimensions of space and time create a harmonic effect for occult purposes. Or so it would seem.

      The rule of thumb is that the gematria of the event will correspond with the location and the people involved as well as the date numerology. Compare your findings with the sample Gematria Glossary I provide and start building your own! Looking forward to your findings and good luck!


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