Another Voice Star Gets Whacked


Alejandro Fuentes, who appeared on the Mexican version of The Voice in 2011, was shot and killed in Chicago while celebrating his 45th birthday, just ten days after the Voice’s Christina Grimmie was shot and killed in “Orlando Florida” =144. Another example of “Ten Days Later” =144. What are the frickin chances eh. Royal Sacrifice =144. And remember it was Latin Night at Pulse which happened 22 days after another gay bar massacre in “Mexico” =33. Mexican =33. Gay =33. Fags =33.

  • Alejandro Jano Fuentes =1260. Forty-Five =126, like the Pulse date 12/6 (exactly 33 weeks after Hillary’s 10/26 birthday), which came 126 days after Super Bowl and 11 months 26 days after Charleston Church. Her Majesty the Queen of England =126. And the mirror, 6/21 is Prince William’s birthday.
  • Alejandro Fuentes =1020. The Royal Family =1020. Long Live The King =1020. King William =120. Illuminati =120.
  • Fuentes =90. Grimmie died on the Queen’s 90th official birthday. Voice Singer =90. He’d just turned 45. Forty-Five =54. Fuentes =540/27. Voice =54/27. Rainbow Flag =54.

Alejandro Fuentes =170. Grimmie =170, was shot in “Florida” =170, after performing with her band “Before You Exit” =170. Which reminds me of the bathrooms at Pulse being located right next to clearly marked exit doors, yet people chose to trap themselves in the shitter. As in, don’t forget to pee before you leave. The big pink P logo of Pulse. P=96. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. British Royal Family =96. 


Here’s Grimmie and Selena Gomez, who once toured together (Selena’s father-in-law is Grimmie’s manager), in a commercial for XBox Kinect. Goodbye =518. Independent Britain =518. Domestic Terrorism =815. Adam Levine =815, her coach on the Voice who announced in the finale that regardless of the outcome he would sign Grimmie to his label, 222 Records. There were 2 months 22 days between Levine’s last birthday and Grimmie’s death (or a Masonic 223 coding).

  • She died 42 days before Selena’s 7/22 birthday. The Voice =42. Freemason =42. Satanism =42. Zionism =42. Notice that could also be code for 5/18, May 18th. This is Victoria Day, like Grimmie’s middle name. This is also the day of the year that leaves 227 days, like Selena’s 22/7 birthday. Blood sacrifice much?

Those jersey numbers also reduce to a 59. Selena Gomez =59. Kill =59. Brainwashed =59. Monarch Slave =59. And blue and white like the colours of the Orlando Magic. And check out the coded social media message from Pulse Orlando.

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