O-Bama’s O-Rlando Synchronicities

Two of the most incriminating moments from the Orlando Hoax: the cop laughing and winking during a sombre press conference and the crisis actors hauling people towards the club. But of course the evidence continues to mount. 10 days before the Pulse Shooting, Obama spoke about gun violence at a town hall meeting in Elkhart Indiana. When asked a question about the democrats coming for the guns, Obama makes the example of a known-ISIS sympathizer on a FBI watch list who’s still able to buy a gun and commit an attack. That’s the exact same story that was originally wheeled out with Omar Mateen.

  • Elkhart reminds of Elkhorn, the town in Nebraska where Lane Graves is from, the boy who was killed by the alligator at Disney World in the wake of the Orlando Hoax. Both towns are on the 41st parallel. LGBT =41. Mass Murder =41. Alligator =41. Lane Graves =41. 
  • Elkhart Indiana =73. Pulse =73. Esther and Orange =73. Dancefloor Massacre =73. Islamic Extremist =73. Sacrifice =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73.
  • Elkhart =224. Elkhorn Nebraksa =442. Sum those for 666.

10 days later: Lincoln dreamt of his death 10 days before he was shot; Reagan visited Ford’s Theater 10 days before he was shot; Bobbie Kennedy spoke about gun control 10 days before he was shot. Ten Days Later =144. Orlando Florida =144. Pulse Gay Club =144. Fifty Dead =144. Mark of the Beast =144. And the first 144 decimal points of Pi summing to 666.

2016-06-24.png2016-06-24 (4).png

Gematria proves the questionner at the Elkhorn town hall meeting was planted with a fake name coded to the coming psyop. Doug Rhude equals 103 and 49, like the 103 total casualties and the 49 people supposedly mass murdered by Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, with the exact same coding. Pulse Hoax =49. 

Now get this, the very next day after the Elkhorn meeting, Obama flew down to Florida for a weekend of golf. He played with Houston Astros owner Jim Crane and NBA legends Alonzo Mourning and Ray Allen at the Floridian Golf Club. Lane Graves was taken by the gator at the Grand Floridian Hotel.

  • The boy’s name rings with NLP, as in <Lay In Graves>, and the Crane symbolizes eternal youth – forever young, like the victims of Pulse. Like Grimmie and Yelchin. Ray like the sun-god, keeping with the royalty theme, the latin prefix meaning king. And Mourning, well that’s just blatant isn’t it.

But here’s the thing: Omar Mateen worked security for PGA Village Golf Course in the very same city as the Floridian Club, a place called “Port St Lucie Florida” =223. Masonic =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. World War Three =2233. What are the odds! Don’t forget Lane Graves’ parents: “Matt and Melissa Graves” =223. Electromagnetic Pulse =223. The UN declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses… 

The Pulse Massacre Hoax of 6-11 (PST) was the worst act of terrorism in America since 9-11 (PST). And the bad guy was born on 11-16. This reminds me of the last Canadian PM Stephen Harper who was voted out on 10-19, after taking office on 6-2-6 (Feb 2nd 2006), like the 6/26 date of same-sex marriage legislation in America. Harper was in office for exactly 506 weeks. President =56. Star of David =56. Royal Family =56.

Harper was also the 22nd PM. The Pulse Massacre went down at 2:02 AM with 202 days left in the year, 22 days after a Mexican gay bar shooting on the 22nd, and the day after 22-year-old Christina Grimmie was shot. Lane Graves was chomped by the gator at Seven Seas Lagoon, 22 miles from Pulse. Shanghai Disneyland Park =220/103, which opened on [6+16] =22. Master Builder Number =220.


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