Rise of the Machines: Yelchin’s Jeep Foreshadow in Terminator Salvation


Terminator Salvation, featuring Anton Yelchin, came out on 21 May 2009. That’s the day that leaves 224. Blood Sacrifices =422. That’s also 7 years 30 days before Yelchin died, crushed to death by his own Jeep. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrifice =73. Leonard Nemoy died exactly 73 weeks before the opening of Yelchin’s final film, Star Trek Beyond. [21+5+2+0+0+9] =37. Spock =37. Nemoy died 3 weeks 7 days before his 84th birthday. Terminator Salvation =84. Skynet goes live on 8/4, which, incidentally is Obama’s birthday. Obama =84. United States of America =84.

  • Salvation =113. Yelchin’s birthday is 11/3 (March 11th). Disney Ritual Sacrifice =113 (as his death caps off a week of Disney-themed psyops). Dishonest =113. Green Screen =113. Fake Reality =113. Circumventing gentiles.
  • Salvation =59. Anton Yelchin =59. Accident =59. Kill =59. Salvation =41. Death Hoax =41. Yelchin born on [3+1+1+1+9+8+9] =41. And he died on matching numerology of [6+19+16] =41. Freak =41, like the freak accident that killed him.

The obvious link here is the Rise of the Machines, as his Jeep seemingly came to life and murdered him. Rise of the Machines =177. Star Trek Beyond =177. Yelchin =77. The Powers That Be =77. Judaism =77 (Yelchin just so happens to be Jewish, just like Jesus). Jewish Empire =77. Filming of Salvation lasted 77 days.  

The first line Yelchin’s character says in the film: “Come With Me If You Want To Live” =331. Terminator =133. A reflection of the trademark line. Yelchin died at 27 years old, 133 days after Super Bowl on 2/7. Government =133. Zionists and Freemasons =1330. He died 33 days before Star Trek comes out.

  • Right after we’re introduced to his character they hide in a building with a sign reading “Red Clown” =40. Yelchin =40. McG =40, the director. Forty =84. Moments later, a vehicle chassis is dropped on a Terminator, crushing it to death. Ring a bell?
  • Yelchin’s character is a young “Kyle Reese” =42/105. Masonry =42/105. Zionism =42/105. Omar Mateen =42/105. British Royal Family =105. Time Travel =1050. The Machines =105And now we understand the coded message behind the Rise of the Machines.



Of course the vehicle they hotwire is a Jeep. When they fire it up, an Alice in Chains song plays: “Ain’t Found A Way To Kill Me Yet” =103. The 27th prime number is 103 and Yelchin died at 27 with birth numerology of [3+11+89] =103. He died on the 103rd and final game of the Cavaliers’ season and had just been cast in the upcoming Stephen King film “Mr Mercedes” =103. He died 1 month 30 days after the Queen’s birthday. 13 the number of rebellion; of the Resistance.

Alice In Chains =71. Yelchin was born on the 71st day and died on the 171st. Royal =71. Ritual Murders =71. Car Crash =71. The All-Seeing Eye =71. The Star of David =71. Alice in Chains =107. He died on “Father’s Day” =107, and indeed his character Kyle Reese is the father of John Connor. The saviour of the human race, with the JC initials. J=10 C=3. Like the aforementioned 103 coding. Now get this. From 4 August 1997, the day Skynet goes live, to the death of Anton Yelchin:

2016-06-24 (9)2016-06-24 (10).png

985 weeks. Jesus =985. The death of Anton Yelchin, whether real or faked, is a Satanic ritual murder symbolizing the death of Jesus Christ. Read my previous report on the Satanic connections to this event and remember who runs Hollywood. Remember that in the bible the Jewish leaders demanded of the Romans that Jesus be put to death. And now we know the deeper meaning behind the use of the word Salvation.

2016-06-24 (13).png

One thought on “Rise of the Machines: Yelchin’s Jeep Foreshadow in Terminator Salvation

  1. 6,894 Days
    August 1997 to June 2016

    6,894 Days = 18 Years, 10 Months, 15 Days

    6,894 Days = 165,456 Hours
    6,894 Days = 9,927,360 Minutes
    6,894 Days = 595,641,600 Seconds
    6,894 Days = 984 Weeks (plus 6 Days)


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