Stonewall National Monument: Historic LGBT / 322 Satanic Ritual

Stonewall National Monument =322. The number of Skull & Bones. Military-Industrial Complex =322. The ancient goddess Isis is known as the “Goddess of Health Marriage and Wisdom” =322. One of the Queen’s official titles is “Queen of the United Kingdom Canada Australia and New Zealand and Head of the Commonwealth” =322. This makes me think of the Georgia Guidestones, unveiled on 3/22 of 1980. That’s precisely 1892 weeks before the 6/24 unveiling of the “Stonewall National Monument” =1982. 

  • The Pulse Massacre Hoax came 322 days after the Baphomet statue was unveiled in Detroit on Obama’s 6th year 6th month 6th day in office.
  • And of course 223, the oft repeated inversion of that number: Masonic / The Synagogue of Satan / Global Genocide / Reptilian Bloodlines / Reoccurring Numbers / Secret Numeric Proof / Pattern Recognition. World War Three =2233.

Stonewall =121. The Confederate general Stonewall Jackson was born on 1/21. Elite World Government =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. The Synagogue of Satan =1201.

Appropriately, the monument is located in Manhattan’s “West Village” =54, 72. Rainbow Flag =54. Gay Rights =702. It was unveiled 11 months 30 days after same-sex legislation was passed in America. The Royal Family =1130. The Devil Incarnate =1130. That’s a convenient 13 days after the Pulse Massacre Hoax, which began at 2:02 with 202 days left in the year. Stonewall Riots =202, which is the 1969 event here memorialized.

The location is a gay bar called the “Stonewall Inn” =1315. British Royal Family =1315. Human Enslavement =1315. Stonewall Inn =158. Same-Sex Marriage =158. Stonewall Inn =50, like the 50 killed at Pulse and Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the legislation to formally leave the European Union. America =50, like its 50 states.

  • It’s located on Christopher Street near Christopher Park. Christopher =493. Queen of England =493. Sorceress =493. Christopher =139/67. Freemasonry =139/67.
  • Christopher Street =226. Stonewall =1226. Equal Rights Amendment =226. Closet Homosexuals =226. Androgynous Goddess =226.

Power to the people. But recognize the occult agenda that lies beneath. The androgynous goddess is Baphomet, the man with breasts and the head of a goat. The Baphomet statue at Detroit’s Church was unveiled on July 26th, which is 4 weeks 2 days before same-sex marriage lesiglation. Satanism =42. That’s also 333 days between it and the Stonewall unveiling, or half of 666. Domination =333.

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