Super Bowl Sacrifices: Princess Diana the White Horse and Deflategate Zurlon

Minutes after posting the previous piece on the Colts Super Bowl, a reader tipped me off that an ex-Colts running back named Zurlon Tipton has died today after accidentally shooting himself at a car dealership. Zurlon Tipton’s one and only career touchdown just happened to come during the infamous Deflategate game. His 6/28 death comes 2 months 23 days before his next birthday and 223 days before “Super Bowl Fifty One” =2023. Just with that Masonic stat it’s safe to assume this is a sacrifice for the main event, but the following double-score seals the deal: Zurlon Tipton =65/1200. Colts Super Bowl =65/1200. And of course he died at a “Car Dealership” =65.

  • Zurlon =890. Accidental Shooting =89. Rigged Pro Sports =89/98. Champions =98. The NFL season starts on 9/8, which incidentally is 19 years 8 days after Princess Diana died. That’s exactly 51 weeks until the 20th anniversary of her passing.
  • Zurlon wore number “Thirty-Seven” =990, and died 9 months 9 days after his last birthday. Thirty-Seven =84. Indianapolis Colts =84. White Horse of Kent =84. Approriately enough they moved from Baltimore in ’84, the year Prince Harry was born. Remember it was Prince Harry who created the Invictus Games, named after Invicta, the white horse of Kent. The white horse symbolism sold me successfully on the Broncos last year and we just had the Cavaliers win the NBA, another horse theme. Will we go 3-for-3 in Colts’ 33rd season in “Indianapolis” =333? While their logo is a horsehoe, the colt is often depicted white.
  • Diana the White Horse =93/192. Indianapolis Colts =93/192. Did I just crack the code to Invictus and the horse symbolism as a tribute to Princess Diana?

We’re told that Zurlon (where’d he play college with that name, Neptune?) brought his car in for servicing and while moving a bag of guns (as you do) one went off and shot him in the gut. He was originally meant to pull through just fine but something suddenly went terribly wrong at the hospital and just like that he passed away… 6 months 5 days before the anniversary of Diana’s death. Colts Super Bowl =65.


Another footballman died today, a former NFL coach and defensive coordinator. Buddy Ryan played for the NY Jets in Super Bowl III over the Colts, discussed in the previous post. BUDDY RYAN =1131. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Diana died 1 month 31 days after her birthday. James David Ryan =65. Colts Super Bowl =65.

  • Lady Diana Spencer =79. These two dudes kicked the bucket 7 months 9 days before the Super Bowl and this is the 97th season, which starts the day after 9/7. Diana died in ‘97.
  • They died 2 months 11 days before the season starts. Houston =112. Andrew Luck =112. Horseshoe =112. Rigged =112. Victory =112. The 112th day of the year leaves 254. Indianapolis Super Bowl =254.

That’s also 10 weeks 2 days and the last time Colts won the Super Bowl was 10 years 2 days before Super Bowl 51. Ex-Colts FB Zurlon Tipton =102. White Horse of Kent =102. Diana the White Horse =102. Diana died 10 months 2 days before her next birthday. White Horse of Kent =201. The Broncos won Super Bowl XXXII exactly 21 weeks after Diana died. LI =21 (Super Bowl LI). Luck’s birthday exactly 21 weeks before Super Bowl LI.

Counting the end date, these men died 10 weeks 3 day before the start of the season. White Horse =130. William the Conqueror =103 (connected to the Invicta motto). Indianapolis Indiana =103. And I don’t know about you but I can’t see that name without a glaring DIANA DIANA, par with all the ongoing royalty themes. Diana Princess of Wales =213. White Horse Rampant =213 (as Invicta is also known). Indiana =312. Super Bowl Fifty One =231. Indianapolis =123. Blue & White Horseshoe =1302. Princess Diana =132. Diana was 13,210 days old when she died.

  • Princess Di =53.  Matriarchy =116.  Super Bowl LI =53.
  • Princess Di =116.  Royalty =116.  Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl =116.
  • Horseshoe =67.  White Horse =67.  Princess of Wales =67.

Diana died exactly 1014 weeks before Super Bowl 51. Golden Horsehoe =1014 (like Colt 45). Lucky Horsehoe =1104. Buddy Ryan =114. Let’s all stay tuned and see if we can snag some more clues surrounding the 114 and the White Horse (with its connections to Crowley, as well). LeBron James =114.

DEFLATEGATE =254, in Jewish Gematria. INDIANAPOLIS SUPER BOWL =254. TWO FIVE SEVENTEEN =1254 (Date of the SB). Prince died on the day with 254 remaining. (All clues proving once again to always use JG!)  Deflategate, the infamous AFC Championship game where the cheating Patriots wasted the Colts 45-7, saw the only Indy points scored by none other than our latest victim of ritual sacrifice, Zurlon Tipton – the only six points he ever scored in the show!

  • Deflategate was on 1/18/15. Tipton died 1 year 5 months 10 days later, emphasis on Super Bowl 51. The big game comes 2 years 19 days after Deflategate. Jim Irsay =1219 (Colts’ owner). Prince died 291 days before “Super Bowl LI” =912. Andrew Luck born 9/12. 

Yeah, the Colts are winning the 2016 AFC Championship.

17 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sacrifices: Princess Diana the White Horse and Deflategate Zurlon

  1. I love JG! JG is really like the big brother to EG, so whenever I see the two meet up, I draw gematrical family trees in my mind.

    Colts gotta lose though right? Or will Luck prove mightier than Love?

    Not sure who Love will be, but its a good line, and afterall, I Love NY.


  2. WWEs night of champions is in Indianapolis at bankers life field house on 9-25-16
    Bankers life Fieldhouse =125
    Address is 125. s Pennsylvania
    Zurlon death to 9-25-16 =12 weeks 5 days


  3. Look at all those 65’s, like ‘Prince of Wales’ = 65. Also = 146, awful lot like the contract Luck signed today worth $140 over 6 years. His birthday is on 11/14, pretty damn close to 114. From 11/14 to the SB is 11 weeks 6 days. There’s the 116 you spoke about.
    Here’s the kicker though, Prince Charles = 68 and 131. Superbowl = 131 and guess who will be 68 years old when the Colts lift that trophy.
    Even the cavs told us the SB winner by scoring 93 in game 7.
    Indianapolis Colts = 93.


    • BOOM buddy! That’s great work right there, Colts are on fire. I’ll drop some more decode on the Luck contract ASAP. (And just so readers are clear, Wayne is saying Prince Charles’ birthday is 11/14, not Luck’s). I see that 140 mil over 6 as 146. Turkish PM “Binali Yildirim” =146 and “James David Ryan” =146. Which is the real name of Buddy Ryan who I showed was connected to the airport name as well with championship coding.


      • I’m just dropping the decode as I see it. And it looks like Colts will win the AFC. Our record is golden for who will MAKE the final but the winner is more of a gamble. Same money invests on the finalists.


      • OMG I am dying! holy crap that made my day!!!! LMFAO!!!! Not to make fun of Jake or anyone else but oh man that was funny!!!! Only cause this whole post was about the colts and then the random “So the Giants winning?” Lol holy crap wow wtf. I am not out to hurt anyone’s feelings, I hope we can laugh WITH each other and not AT each other…. Lol I am still laughing…Jake you da man! That comment came out of nowhere!! This whole post was about the Colts, I don’t see where you saw the Giants winning anywhere in this post. Also, just my two cents, if Zack says a certain team will win and Brother Berg says a different one, you should go with your own research or gut feeling or whatever you think by connecting your own dots. We are all trying to figure this out together …so Giants, Colts, Vikings, whoever … working together is the key 🙂 It is really unfair when I see people asking questions like “so who’s winning?” Nobody here is a psychic; they’re just presenting their findings.

        Anyways I am done laughing. I wanted to add that from Luck’s birthday to the Superbowl is 147 days. 147=championship, just like 57 and 131.

        Also, for the Vikings narrative, from Luck’s bday to Bridgewater’s is 59 days or 1 month 29 days. The 1 month 29 days is perfect cause it goes back to 9/12 (Luck’s bday) and the 59 days in between is perfect because Luck and Bridgewater both would be the 59th quarterback to start in a superbowl.

        Bridgewater’s bday is 11/10, which leaves 51 days to the end of the year and also was the date last year that Luck was announced to sit out with a lacerated kidney after the Broncos game in which the Colts beat the Broncos (on 11/8) for a total score that summed to 51. That game was Vernon Davis’ first game as a Bronco and it was against his brother Vontae Davis who plays for the Colts.


  4. Thanks mate love your work….just putting bets on today astros to make it world series into gaints and colts superbowl….2800-1
    Astros are abit of a gamble but


    • I still like the Astros, especially after Obama was playing golf with Astros owner in the same city where Omar Mateen worked at another golf course, the weekend before the Pulse Massacre.


      • Ive done abit of astrology work on the quarterbacks and 2 stand out! el manning is the best match for 2017 and and luck also matches…other teams with a connection is carolina..alanta falcons…new england
        giants and colts are now getting better and theres still ages away!! 🙂


      • @Jake: Eli Manning was born in a Monkey year, so not a good match for next year. Get your facts straight.


  5. Baltimore Colts played their final home game in Baltimore on December 18, 1983, against the then Houston Oilers.

    1+2+1+8+1+9+8+3 = 33
    12+18+19+83 = 132


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